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UK says wider National Insurance number use no longer a no-no

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Great article

Really good journalism that....

Anti-peeping-tom drone law nixed in California

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Wot no Jello

Jerry Brown article and no reference to the Dead Kennedys. Shame on you.


Eight hour cleansing to get all the 'faggots' and 'bitches' OUT of Github

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Just WOW

This isn't political correctness. It just people trying to be kind. The article makes it sound like a joke and the majority of responses make me disappointed in the lack of thought or care for others here.

If the words were antisemitic or against black people would that be ok? I'm pretty sure that if it code was found saying "n**ger" and the code was by Apple or Microsoft then there would be major storm and lots of apologies..and rightly so.

I'm white, male and heterosexual. There are pretty much no offensive words for any of those groupings that mean anything because I've never been and probably never will be stigmatized, harassed, miss opportunities because of my skin, gender or sexual orientation. I will never truly understand how it feels to be nervous of people and their reactions because of my DNA (rather than because of who I am as an individual). In fact I can believe that it's 2014 and people still don't get that this is just fuc*ing offensive shit. Bo ho. I can't just call people whatever I want cause I don't think they should be offended by it. Grow the fu*k up.

In a world where people get killed for being gay in some countries or just insulted (and occasionally beaten up) in more civilized lands I'm well chuffed that some people are putting the effort in to show that they give a shit. Whilst people have the right to be arseholes and say offensive things other people have the right to kick against the pricks.

If this is the biggest issue that freedom of speech has in the west then we are screwed.

Author Iain (M) Banks falls to cancer at 59

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Meet him once and he seemed like a really nice guy. Love his books and the kind of hope that the culture personified. Also he seemed to walk the walk and gave and got involved in some Cinderella charities (seemed to remember it was about domestic abuse and he wasn't just giving them cash and then making a big deal of it, but actually involved and not making a big deal of it). Earth is just that little bit smaller without him.