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Microsoft's Lumia 930... a real HANDFUL


our acid test is.....

Gave a trial 920 on WP8.1 Beta code to our most picky end user who's an iPhone obsessive and .....

They loved it, we're well into "when you prise it out of my cold dead fingers" territory when we talk about the trial ending.

The win was that it actually works with MS Office apps, calendars especially as they're very important in this use case, just goes to show that there's a market for Win Phone, might just be the one person though :-)

Windows 7, XP and even Vista GAIN market share again


What doesn't work on Win8?

Running windows 8 on a 4 year old laptop from pre-release versions through to 8.1 and now on a Mac Air with VMware (got it for the hardware, not the OS and found boot camp annoying) I have to say I've yet to find anything in either business or personal terms that doesn't work. Admittedly there's some aspects I like more or less than others but I've yet to use a client machine in c25 years of being in the IT game that I couldn't say that about.

Win 8 difficult to use without a touch screen? Really not in my experience, I've been into it for some time and simply haven't felt the need to fondle my OS (even on the Air), I don't see the issue.

Metro interface? I've seen some really useful and imaginative uses for it aimed at process workers, if they only need three buttons on a screen to do their job then why give then 250 and a set of menus? If you are a knowledge worker and need all that stuff then it's fine, just switch it to desktop mode by default and move on.

The focus on market share based on a number of people hitting websites is a highly spurious correlation at best as others have mentioned, the nature of the way people use IT is in a permanent state of flux but using pontificating on how we like various flavours of the OS seems a moot point, as has already been said the issue is with delivering the services people want in an easily consumable manner; my mother uses an iPad because it's easy for her to do what she needs (consume content)and she also has a PC for when she needs to create content. as/when the PC gives up the ghost I'll move her to Win 8 or 9 or whatever makes her life easier (and limits the support calls!) but I'd be amazed if she knows what an OS is let alone what one she's using.

It's a tool that does a job, pick the right one and deliver service to people in the way that best suits them, if that's fruit flavoured or wears a suit it really doesn't matter

IBM needs to sell its stuttering storage biz lines


Re: Where's the Paris Hilton angle?

I think it's a reference to IBM's notably female CEO http://www.ibm.com/ibm/ginni/

iPhone 5S, iOS 7 misery: Only JORDAN HATCH, 19, can SAVE APPLE NOW


pretty sure พวงมาลัยดอกไม้ is Thai for "Garland of Flowers


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