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Reg lecture exposes the radicals intent on remaking your society


Access by the Colonies

Please stream this...I'll be up to watch it.

US regulator looks at Internet of Things regulation, looks away


One most often learns by doing. And one usually does one's best under adversity. And paradoxically, one manages to do fairly well even when he doesn't know what he's doing. Which is why he will get where he's going.

Rap for chat app chaps: Snap's shares are a joke – and a crap one at that


Buy low, sell high.

And dump SNAP

Apple, Google should give FBI every last drop of user information, says ex-HP CEO and wannabe US prez Carly Fiorina



There's another one I have to scratch off my list.

FTC: All-powerful Google ABUSED rivals. So we did NOTHING

Big Brother


Here in the U. S. the rule of law is no longer the norm. It is now politicians who rule, which is great If you have the cash to buy your own.

A Brit in California moves to the Lone Star State – just swerve the TexMex grub


Welcome to Texas. You are obviously Texas material, even with that taint of liberalism. Might you ask yourself why there is no Texas income tax? After all it's liberals, not Texans, who just love spending other peoples money.

We live in Midland, on the high dessert plains, where you can watch a G5 landing next to an oil well where a horse wearing a Texas double rig is tied to it. When we tire of the open vista, we go to our lake house in Kingsland in the Texas hill country, where the Colorado and the Lano rivers converge into Lake LBJ, about 50 miles northwest of Austin. It's only 266 miles (428 kilometers).

Again, welcome.


Re: Cowboys

The Texas saddle to which you refer is called a double rig or Texas rig; i.e., it evolved after many cowboys were killed by roping wild longhorn steers, expecting one cinch to hold the saddle in place. Single rig saddles could not hold a wild longhorn steer. With a double rig he might pull your horse over, but he won't turn your saddle sideways or run away with it. The second (back cinch) was cinched loose when not working longhorns.

Boffins develop 'practically free' sulphur-powered batteries


Re: excellent

Now that's funny!