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MYSTERY Nokia image-mangling mobe spotted in public


Re: @Aoyagi Aichou

Bit of a hater? lol

You know that imaging on the Lumia 920 is greatly improved with the latest update that's coming (Lumia Amber)? And you do know that from it's original release it's had updates that have greatly improved it's capability? You sound like one of these bleaters who keep repeated the same tired lines that were only appropriate at the device launch, and not to images taken with the latest software/OS updates installed.


Re: Finally!

Exactly! WP8 will allow for some level customization from an OEM (software/app based primarily) but MSFT will make sure there's adequate hardware guidelines to maintain device performance - so hopefully meaning it'll sidestep the Android issue of low-powered cheap devices that run abysmally.

I think it was with the Samsung Focus lineup that Samsung decided part way through production to change the processor from what Microsoft said they should use to one of their own undeclared choosing, which led to people having bricked/broken devices when an OS update was rolled out and Samsung's underhandness caused a lot of bad feeling towards the OS because of the hardware/software incompatability. It makes sense to have preferred processors for the OS to run on rather than living in the highly fragmented Android world where you have a smorgasboard of chip architectures that ened to have support maintained to handle the Android updates - I'm guessing this has a big factor to play in people running old Androids that never have a hope in hell of having an approved update pushed out to old devices.