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MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF CARS: SpaceX parks a Tesla in orbit (just don't mention the barge)


Real Vision, Real Engineering

i literally sat on the edge of my seat from T- 2:00 to when the two boosters landed. As an engineer that works on meaningless and uninspiring projects, its this kind of stuff that keeps me going!

Microsoft won't back down from Windows 10 nagware 'trick'


Re: N.W.O.

it is worth the effort (leaving Windows behind that is, I am not ready for the hassle of leaving Google just yet). I have switched pretty much completely to Linux Mint, I keep Windows 7 for playing some games and for some Windows only CAD software that I use.

I always dabbled with Linux on and off over the years but this Windows 10 nonsense is what has finally pushed me to (almost) completely switch. Nice work Microsoft Marketing Droids!

Apple slips out security patches while world goes gaga over watches


Supersized Update?

Wow, the 8.2 update is a 565 MB download. It would be nice if you could opt out of the Healthcare and iWatch stuff which I will never use. Oh wait, this is Apple.

NEW Raspberry Pi B+, NOW with - count them - FOUR USB ports


Re: Composite Output

ah ha, its very satisfying when one of those old cables (that I have been told to get rid of on more than one occasion) can have a new lease of life. like for example a SCART (worst AV connector ever...) cable that found a new home by connecting a very old TV to a DVB-T box.

'Disruptive innovation' is nonsense? Not ALWAYS, actually


Agreed, i always assumed that future automated cars would by default gather information from their surroundings and feed it back to a central system for various purposes e.g. updating maps, real time traffic reports, spying on your driving habits etc. etc.

SmartTV, dumb vuln: Philips hard-codes Miracast passwords


Autoplay video with sound? nice.....

Snowden latest: NSA stalks the human race using Google, ad cookies


Re: Snowden suffers from the ASSange syndrome

hmm, i don't think so. Snowden has made info available that exposes the reality of total surveilance. Something that many suspected was happening but one could not be quite sure it was technically possible (think of the enormous amounts of data that are being slurped and sifted everyday).

Snowden is in my opinion a hero and I hope that he survives to a ripe old age.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active: The mobe for CHUCK NORRIS TYPES


On the short list

The S4 Active has definitely made it on the short list for my next phone...

BOFH: Don't be afraid - we won't hurt your delicate, flimsy inkjet printer


Re: What was that plotter...

It was called LOGO (i think). It was supposed to be an educational tool to learn programming. Some form of BASIC i think. I remember seeing it on Blue Peter following a strip of black tape on the floor. Exciting stuff at the time.

Asus FonePad: You may feel a bit of a spanner


i wish this had been around 4 months ago before I bought my Nexus 7. My Galaxy S Plus is getting a bit long in tooth (even after a revitalising rooting and installing SmoothieJB custom ROM) and needs replacing. But I don't want to replace the Nexus 7 which is a great piece of kit. Downside on this Fonepad is the lack of a camera which means for many people it can't replace their existing smartphone.

LinkedIn snarfing contacts from Exchange


LinkedIn getting more and more intrusive

I am getting more and more put off by LinkedIns persistent attempts to scour my contacts. Was genuinely shocked when I saw them asking for my work Outlook account details. I work for a MegaCorp and I just know that loads of MarketingDroids will be merrily plugging in their details.....It is a major security FAIL in the making.