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Brit boffins brew up blight-resistant FRANKENSPUD


Whilst I enjoyed the science behind this...

The only thing I really need to know and care about, is do they taste good as chips ;)

HP wants HUNDREDS of hapless staffers OUT by April - trade union


Get out, get out now...

If I could give any advise to HP staff, it would be get out, take the money, never look back!

Jean Michel Jarre: Je voudrais un MUSIC TAX sur VOTRE MOBE


Jean Michel Who???

I have heard the name, but can't think of anything he's done, which is probably a good job, otherwise he might claim my mind is infringing his copyright!

Probably fallen on hard times, and can't afford to fill up the Bentley!

HP UK: meeting unions over staff redundancy plans

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makes me laugh...

Makes me laugh that HP can post profits and directors wages/bonus/stock options etc, but still find a need to make so many people redundant!

Of course I understand the need to 'trim the fat' and save money, but surely the satisfaction of your customers is paramount? After all without them you wouldn't make anything!

To say, from first hand experience, that customers are unsatisfied with HPs "service" is an understatement. Maybe Meg should get off her perch once in a while and actually find out what can be done to improve things!

The internet is 'a gift from God' says Pope Francis


Is the Pope saying...

That Tim Berners-Lee is God? All hail TBL :)

HP: This Xmas, get the SACK... and not the one filled with presents


Good news, bad news scenario?

Ironically, after not getting a payrise/cost of living increase for the past couple of years my (former) HP colleagues were given the news that they would be getting one this year, back dated to April to boot! A day of feeling good about working for HP ensued, that lasted all of about 24 hours before they received the email saying that a good majority of them may not have a job in the new year!

"Merry Christmas, f**k you very much, HP x"

We'll predict your EVERY MOVE! Facebook's new AI brain talks to El Reg

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Whats the point?

So apart from making them more money, and bombarding us with 'possibly' more 'relevant' advertising than usual, what's the point?

Shouldn't time/money be spent on advancing things that will actually benefit the future of society/mankind? Although that wouldn't be profitable to shareholders, so probably not worth their effort!

HP redundancies all about getting 'cheaper, lower skilled' bods


Reading the above comments...

Makes me wonder how many of you work/ed for a well known UK energy supplier, as this all sounds very familiar?

I jumped ship due to customer service taking a nose-dive, and being powerless to do anything about it... The less than competent management reluctant to do anything to improve the situation, as long as all tallies up on their weekly "excuse report" as to why the don't meet targets/satisfaction levels, all is well...


HP: Yes, we plan to axe another 7,100 European staffers


It was all going so well...

Working for E.ON for 10 or so years and all was going well, then news of the appointment of some former HP stooge into the E.ON ranks broke out. Within months, Aschenbrenner had decided that E.ON needed to outsource its I.T... then who should be awarded the contract for infrastructure and end user computing but Aschenbrenners former cohorts! Coincidence? or just good business sense?

A couple of years suffering with substandard IT, the air among the people of E.ON is rife with the annoyance of the poor service and hidden charges provided by HP, and with the reduction of staff, and offshoring work to those who fail to fully grasp the English language is sure to make things worse.

I parted HP's company 3 months ago, took the redundancy and ran, seriously the best decision I have ever made! I just feel for my former colleagues and friends in Enterprise Services, who still have the misfortune of being in HPs employ! (albeit not for much longer)...

Who should play the next Doctor? Nominations needed!


I thought about Ryan Cartwright, the lad from Brum who played Gary in Alphas, but as suggested in other posts, either Jonny Lee Miller or Richard Ayoade would be good ideas too!