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Cameras for hacks: Idiot-proof suggestions invited


Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 or Low-End DSLR

It might not be the most knock proof of things but I like the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, having Android and Wifi means that if you need to get the image out to editors, etc. quickly it's a doddle on the free wireless in McDonalds (I'm sure they don't pay you lot enough for a Starbucks). At £330 they're not cheap but they're bloody good.

That said, I'm an SLR guy myself and you can't beat that level of quality. If you're willing to stretch I'd say a 100D is good (£400 with toilet lens, £480 with less toilet lens), if you have hipster tendencies try the Fuji X20, it's quite tasty for £350.

Raspberry Pi DUMBS DOWN to target world+dog


Obviously a good thing

The goal of the Pi is to get more people (and hopefully younger people) programming and watching them fall at the first hurdle seems pointless to me, it's just soul destroying and with the low cost of the Pi will cause them to be abandoned very quickly. In this instance the Pi, and Linux are just a means to an end so lets get people into the OS and writing software as quickly as we can.


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