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Automated Weather Source didn't see this cloud coming: Amazon snatches up AWS.com


Re: hmm

Yeah, I hope it isn't another iTunes.co.uk

Western Digital wonders why enterprise isn't keen on its solid-state drives


Supplier markup on new hardware

Every time I've looked recently at new hardware from Dell etc. The markup when buying SSDs with a server is about double vs spinning rust. No wonder they aren't selling as well to small business clients

HPE coughed up source code for Pentagon's IT defenses to ... Russia


Re: Did I understand this right?

I don't see the point of the examination at all. It could have been done by a competent reviewer, but there's nothing to say that this code is what makes the final executable. If the code never left the building then they can't prove back-doors haven't been added after the review...

What is this bullsh*t, Google? Nexus phones starved of security fixes after just three years


That's fucking ridiculous considering how long most people keep a device for. My sons nexus 7 2013 is bits fit for the bin? He's only had it 2 years (bought new). I was a huge fan of Android when it came out but this really pissess me off

Graphic designs: Six speedy 17-inch gaming laptops


Re: Resolution?

I've been waiting for 3K screens for well over a year but there dont appear to be any panels available yet. Annoying as the 15" versions all have 3K and 4K options

Seagate brings out 6TB HDD, did not need NO STEENKIN' shingles


Re: This is all very nice but...

Then 6, or 8 2.5" spindles (depending on overlap and length) in a 5.25" chassis? Probably have stinking reliability but could be great while it lasted :)

Google's new Glass: Now with audio connection INSIDE the SKULL


Re: One thing puzzles me.

Yes it's the dominant eye, same for flight huds. No use for weirdos like me who have a stronger left eye. That would give me a serious headache


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