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Conservapedia too pinko? Try Metapedia

Adrian Waterworth


...this one merits a mention because it styles itself as "The Alternative Encyclopaedia" and would appear to be attempting to present itself as some kind of serious reference site (for those gullible enough to take any wiki article, or indeed any other web item, without the appropriate dose of salt).

Under those circumstances, this one arguably becomes more of an issue than a.n.other looney-tunes site that wears its political bias rather more openly on its sleeve. Not that there's anything wrong with political bias per se - that's where the whole free speech things comes in - just that such political bias should at least be obvious or easily deduced.

Something like that anyway.

Tories offer record industry cash for righteousness

Adrian Waterworth

Copyright and copywrongs.

I don't know about copyright extensions, but I do think that someone needs to harmonize and rationalize the whole copyright system. There are the differences between copyright terms, depending not only upon which country you're in, but also upon the type of copyrighted work. And then there's the whole issue of artists having to relinquish some or all of their copyrights to the music/entertainment industry (or whoever) in order to get their work out there in the first place. And, of course, the occasional shady practices of record companies, agents, managers, etc. It's just one big crock of poo and a cash cow for IP lawyers (and the music industry of course...)

Basically, the whole thing needs a damn good clean out. And this typically stupid bit of political tomfoolery isn't anything of the sort.

Oh well, clueless politician comes up with utterly dumbass idea...pictures at 11.


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