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Ukrainian eBay scam turns Down Syndrome man into cash machine

Lee Staniforth

Re: An easy e-bay rule/message for auctions closing over £x

... then you'd see the scams change the price of the item to just under the threshold.

You *cannot* code around stupidity/common sense.

E-borders kills off UK-Ireland passport free travel

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Bertie Ahern

Call me Mr Pedantic if you will, but Bertie Ahern isn't the 'Irish Prime Minister', but rather the Irish Taoiseach. It's just annoying that a lot of British press uses the wrong term.

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Does this extend to the Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, etc and Gibraltar?

Google phone, Google phone OS, Google apps – or just Google Ads

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@Charlie Clark

Actually, ICSTIS has rebranded itself to (wait for it) 'PhonePayPlus'...

The reason being that they thought ICSTIS sounded a bit like a disease!

Hey car thief! Gonna shut you down

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Re: ""Stolen car impossible to start" "

Andrew Bolton:

"I remember seeing something similar in a car TV program years ago - evolution of tracker type system, but operator could actually talk to the thief, and even lock them in the car after stopping it. Which I thought was quite cool :)"

I also remember a tv program recently that tricked crims into doing crimes. There was a car left for a couple of thieves to nick, but it had been modified to lock the doors and then spray cream all over the criminals. All the fun was captured on camera!Can't wait for this to be an optional extra!

So, what's the first rule of Reg Club?

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Sorry, Calum, I just can't take you seriously!

Note to despots: You can't kill the internet

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Isn't this one of the reasons the UN was created for?

It cannot be right that Russia and China have blocked the resolution to do something about this (though the something might only have been to say "Stop doing this"). "Internal issue only" - pah!

I find it amazing that we (UK) can go to war on a dubious reason, but we fail to do anything about these atrocities!

New euro coin stuffs Turkey

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Nice to see the rudeness provided by Norway, Sweden and Finland is still there (:-)

Phishers bait hook with Verified by Visa scam

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... and this site is certainly taking a while to load (3.30pm) - almost as though it's on a noddy windows server, rather than a decent cluster...

TrafficMaster sells clients' location info to UK.gov

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"Drivers can call in to TrafficMaster and ask for a route plan from the call centre"

Blimey - a bit annoying having to drive to the TrafficMaster call centre first before going to your own destination...

DHS working on pocket puke-ray

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Brain fart

Why did I read that as "NHS working on pocket puke-ray"? Every nurse could do with one for unruly patients!

CIOs pooh-pooh the iPhone

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Re: "These CIOs don't seem very technical"

Yes, but nobody got fired for recommending Microsoft, as the adage goes.

Laser-sight gun grip targets Wii gamers

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Life Like

Hope the police aren't outside the home at the time someone's playing with one of these... They might get the wrong idea and send in the SWAT team!

Brainless civil servant amazes doctors

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Pictures! I need pictures!


NASA preps robots for future fake moon landings

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"Turtles all the way down"

Damn! WaveyDavey beat me to it!

(Note, not an exact quote here)

"So, what you're saying, right, is that it's a disc. Underneath that are 4 elephants. The 4 elephants stand on a turtle. What does the turtle stand on?"

"Another turtle."

"And what does that stand on?"

"It's turtles all the way down."

The IBM ThinkPad: 15 years old today

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I remember referring to the Thinkpad as a Stinkpad... Not in a nasty way, though...

Buffy and Neighbours thesps join Torchwood

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@Matt Owen

Ummm... pray tell what you'd expect under the 'Entertainment' section, Matt? iPhones on telly?

Privacy core to ID success, ICO warns

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Looks like you answered your own question there, Greg!

US nutter counts to one million on net

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Why's he got what looks to be Vodka in his freezer?

Ghostly plastic bathtoy flotilla nears Cornish coast

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80s Band Name

... rather like "Tonto's Expanding Headband"?

Rufus fights back

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Re: RoTW

I thought that might stand for "Rise of the Workers" or something till I actually looked...

TV ads too loud, industry watchdog says

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Hard Disk Recorder

I no longer suffer from this, as I use a hard disk recorder, which includes a handy 'skip adverts' button.

(I know this isn't a long-term viable solution due to advertisers paying for the programes on the commercial channels)

Microsoft waves in Minority Report-style computing era

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I know when I'm upset, I give the keyboard a good whack! Not sure I'd fancy doing that on this surface...

Lee Staniforth

"In every pub"?

... and instead of "a computer in every home", a surface table in every pub/hotel?

Pay-as-you-drive roads coming to the UK

Lee Staniforth

Controversial view?

Has the London congestion scheme proved successful? I can't comment,as I don't live there. If it has, then why not roll it out to the rest of the UK? Congestion IS a problem. The current method (tax on fuel) doesn't seem to work (and look at what happened a few years' ago), and extra road building is NOT the answer (within a short period the extra space fills up).

I'm a motorist myself, and drive roughly 12k miles a year. I can't think of an alternative. In principle I would be for this idea of Pay as You Go.

What I would be more interested in, is the method used for charging. Let's forget about a GPS-based system, and look to alternatives. What's the method used in London? Number plate recognition (reasonably well-proven)? Or something else. It's new technologies on a national scale that the Government aren't good at producing.

Lee, Manchester

NASA blows whistle on Antarctic Y2K (+5) meltdown

Lee Staniforth

Re: More FUD

I just couldn't remember what FUD stood for, so hopped over to Wikipedia. It does give the correct meaning: "Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt", but it's the other meanings that worry me. They must be very confused in Scotland!

US states press MySpace to give up sex offender data

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Fundamental Liberty

... which is often misquoted as "Presumed innocent UNTIL proven guilty"

NASA to go into the space business?

Lee Staniforth


And who, pray, do they believe will see these adverts? The mind boggles; it really does!

DoubleClick redefines the rainbow paradigm

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Edmund: Percy, what is that on the front of your tunic?

Percy: Ah! 'tis a brooch, My Lord -- a brooch cunningly fashioned from pure green.

Musteline menace tests Sheffield steel

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Re: badgers schmadgers



US nailguns itself towards extinction

Lee Staniforth


Not DIY itself, but nailguns - they're the disease(!)

Liverpool Victoria blows £2m to become LV=

Lee Staniforth


>Is no-one going to learn from Consignia?



Naomi Campbell says sorry for mobile assault

Lee Staniforth


Well, it *used* to stand for When Supermodels Attack, but sneaky Lester has just changed it, according to the abbr tag (Move your mouse over 'WSA', and a handy little popup will display the meaning - assuming your browser supports abbreviations)


Chinese develop remote-controlled pigeons

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Uh oh...

I bet Dastardly and Muttley are REALLY furious about this!


US drones to pack crowd controlling strobe beam

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Can't we just sit down and work this out without resorting to a riot?

Do we really need a daily shower or bath to stay healthy?

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Last word on 'different then/than'

(Well, I can hope it's the last word, eh!)

The way I interpreted the statement 'Standards [...] were different then' was that Stephen was saying 'in the past, standards were different' rather than a qualitative statement. In other words, his original sentence was correct.


Are there secrets to life-long brain power?

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Simple Advice

Healthy body = healthy mind.

Is it true that a woman's breasts can grow enormously overnight?

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Bloody typical! The previous posters all add comments along the lines of "Oo-er! F'nar, f'nar!" I bet it was pretty painful (and bloody embarrassing) for the woman.