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Sir Clive Sinclair dragged into ZX Spectrum reboot battle


"descended into a horrible, stinking mess that sullies the Spectrum legacy. " -Excuse me: had you actually been alive, and bought ANYTHING during the sinclair research days, you'd know this is simply the continuance of that legacy: Amplifiers with instructions which didn't tell you to ground the op-amp and blew up on construction. Late delivery nightmares. Overstated performance claims.

It even made 'not the nine o-clock news' -The sinclair digital penis: 1 inch high and takes 28 days to come'

A modest proposal: dump the NBN mess on Telstra


Re: How has NZ beaten Australia?

NZ used a different financial model: the UFB is deployed by a crown enterprise which raises the capital to deploy a region off the back of getting enough commitment in that region to replace the pot of money used to dig the next set of trenches.

The model is slow, but self-sustaining. And they get glass to the door. Its not without its problems, ask anyone in the industry in NZ if they are entirely happy, but if you ask if they'd like the Aus model, the answer is a wry smile and no. They're not stupid.

Australia's new year tech headlines … for 2015!



Draw a 250m circle around the Australian exchange and then count the customers who lie outside that distance.

Now draw a plausible FTTN deployment predicated on the 500m distance for the proprietary Alcatel Vectoring model, and draw the 250m circle again, and look at the customer count who is outside the V.fast distance.

Now count how many extra head-end cabinets with fans, and powerdrain you need to get the customers inside the 250m distance.

DOCSIS 3.1 has more chance. there are enough people close to the ribbon that can work. Its not zero capital investment, and it means re-regulating the layer-2 as a competitive entry platform because otherwise you just gave a shitload of money to rupert.

Who did Apple LIE TO: Australia or America?


should be infuriating.. is infuriating

for the last year the AUD was > USD. did the price drop below $1k? Did it hell.

Not 'should be' -IS INFURIATING

Australia's de-facto net filter has ZERO regulation


313 and secrecy..

Some people have a problem that s313 requests relating to pornsites came with a requirement not to say what URL was blocked. Since this is an attempt to stop people finding content they want, the blacklist was the booklist of choice for the cogniscenti. Clearly, blocking the blocklist makes (twisted) sense in that game.

Arguably also true for bomb recipes.

But the non-porn non-bomb related s313 requests don't come with the same consequences. In fact, quite the contrary: open government demands we know exactly what we're not allowed to see, and why.

So I hope the policy twonks don't assume s313 == automatically not told. If its not related to specific, and understood risks, we should know whats being blocked.

If nothing else, it might stop unrelated third party damage from spreading..



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