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Big Data is bovine excrement says Obama's Big Data man


you're so old!

wow you're so old! you clearly don't know how to use the cispa (and protectip, and sopa) checkboxes on facebook that exempt your personal information from government spying! too bad you're too old to be familiar with those privacy controls! i was using privacy controls in the womb, and will always know how to use them extremely well because facebook and google have never, at great expense, colluded to extract more pii than i intended to give and then sell that pii off to anyone who wanted it! i'm so glad that i am so much younger than you. what is probably best about my youth, oldster, second to the fact that it imbues me with innate technological prowess, is the fact that I will almost certainly never grow any older, and I will remain exactly this superiorly young, and possibly even get younger, and therefor even more adept at using privacy controls!


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