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Watch: SpaceX Dragon capsule breathes fire during crucial hover test

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The article states that the heat shield is ejected prior to engine burn. How does this stack up with resuability? It was my understanding that the heat shield was part of the capsule structure and was resueable?

How business is taking the space race to new frontiers

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Totally agree. The dv of the new shepard rocket upon separation was almost zero. This makes huge difference in terms of controlled decent, re-entry into the atmosphere and drift from the touch down target. I mean, how far were they from the launch pad when they began decent?

It's a good proof of concept but is so far from an orbital launch comparison it's like comparing golf buggies to the Model S.

Elon Musk: Wanna see a multimillion-dollar rocket EXPLODE? WATCH THIS

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I recall Musk stating that a fly back to the cape is very fuel heavy and the sea barge is the way to go for the foreseeable future unless the payload is very small. By the time of 1st stage separation they are over 220km downrange with ~4.5 mach worth of velocity. This would have to be eliminated, the stage turned around, fly back to the cape and have enough fuel to land. Very high fuel penalty even though its not a 1:1 ratio of payload to fuel on the first stage.

Game of Thrones man stars in sci-fi bit on comet-catcher Rosetta

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Location of the shoot was Iceland not Ireland.

Superb graphics.

I'll show you the D next week – billionaire space baron Elon Musk

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Or it could be something simpler

Maybe its just the 4x4 drive. The model S is set up to accommodate additional front wheel drive leccy motors.

SpaceX FINALLY lobs six sats into orbit (don't mention the landing)

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Softer landing

Instead of the "come to a complete stop" approach, they leave a small amount of vertical velocity so the stage enters the water. This would give it some stability so it's less belly flop and more drunken fall.

Elon Musk: Just watch me – I'll put HUMAN BOOTS on Mars by 2026

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Re: Prediction

In the last year Mr. Musk has:

- Sent his in house designed space ship to the ISS, twice;

- Announced plans for a gigafactory for Li batteries;

- Completed a trans continent charging infrastructure for his electric cars (which isfree to use);

- Soft landed, for the first time a first stage rocket booster;

- Unveiled a reusable, crewed, powered landing space craft;

- Announced plans for the worlds largest solar panel factory.

So if he thinks they can land people on mars in 10-12 years it would be a fool who would bet against it.

Look inside ELON MUSK'S CAR! Tesla S wundervehicle has voom

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Superchargers Free!

Superchargers Free! Only on the 85kwh battery editions, otherwise its £2300. You'd get a lot of home charging for that.

French youth faces court for illegal drone flight

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British Law

What is the law in Britan regarding the use of these vehicles?

Agree with comments above, never considered visiting Nancy until seeing that video

LOHAN ideas..

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For the emergency release button which will cause LOHAN to drop to the ground in an undignified manner may I suggest a suitable self destructing acronym.

The Red Emergency Initiate Decent button or REID button.

ULTIMATE cuppa contenders prepare to go mug-to-mug

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12 Contenders - No, No only 11

I have it on very good authority (insider info) that the variations of twinnings "black" tea is really just marketing. Everyday, english breakfast etc are all the same, just in a different box.

I was tortured on whether to post this or not (probably the same level of mental angst Darwin suffered before his publication of that much disputed book about stuff) as it would have been a nice "control".

Unfortunately my smug-know-it-all alter ego got the better of me.

Boffins want toilets to become POWER PLANTS

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Re: Giant piles of steaming.....

Old Lady nature is pretty efficient at extracting energy from food so the amout of extra energy you can generate from waste is limited. Might be better to collect food waste and use that instead.

Or am not being as forward thinking as these researchers?

Stand by for PURPLE KETCHUP as boffins breed SUPER TOMATOES

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Tomatoes in the fridge - Nooooo!

Don't every keep your tomatoes in the fridge.

They'll end up tasting like chicken.