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Vultures circle to feast on carcass of free remote desktop service LogMeIn

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Re: ssh -X ?


Ten serious sci-fi films for the sentient fan

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Harrison Bergeron

Dear All,

1. I know it was made-for-TV.

2. I don't care.

Harrison Bergeron is 1984 in colour, with sci-fi.

Watch it. Love it. Put it in every top 10 it can fit.

Facebook planking game claims its first victim

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What a bunch of plonkers!

Reg reader lost for words over blank HP keyboard

Mike Peachey



Facebook closes today ... NOT!

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How exactly is this news? These things constantly encircle facebook, hotmail and all other kinds of free online services.

Becks offloads Posh Porsche on eBay

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Since when did random POS 911 Turbos get classified as supercars?!

Green light for spooks' net snoop plan

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End. To. End. Encryption.

The Storage love-in

Mike Peachey


4 minutes for, how much budget do you have and what decisions do you make?

Mandy quango says Apple, Amazon are too obscure

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Am I still here?

I am still on the el reg site, right? Just I could have sworn it looks more like TheDailyWTF!

Windows Phone 7 Series website collapses under weight of traffic

Mike Peachey

Because it's running Windows of course..

Perhaps if they weren't serving the site from a Windows server it might have stayed up a little longer..

Vodafone and T-Mobile: 1800MHz bad, 900MHz good

Mike Peachey

T-Mobile Coverage

I have literally just had to switch back to Vodafone from T-Mobile for one reason and one reason alone. T-Mobile coverage around here just isn't sufficient.

(Scale = 0-5)

At Home (Built-up area) - V:5, T:3

At Work (Central Sheffield) - V:5, T:4

At local rural Royal Mail office - V:5, T:0

At new home in rural village not far from large town - V:5, T:1

At relative's home in Lincoln centre: V:3, T:0

These locations span South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire and in ALL cases, T-Mobile has between 0 and sufficient signal, Vodafone has from sufficient to perfect.

For me it's a no brainer. I went to T-Mobile initially because Vodafone wouldn't let me change package and keep my number, but they'd let me port it out to another network and T-Mobile was the best choice at the time financially, but since I'm moving house and there is *0* T-Mobile signal, it's back to Vodafone where I know I will get signal wherever I need it.

Masked passwords must go

Mike Peachey

Security Fail

I always though Nielsen was a bit of a moron. Now it has been made clear.

I am an office Sys Admin. I have the admin passwords. I need to keep those admin passwords from those that would abuse them.

When I have people in my office demanding that I fix the file server, I do not want the moron standing behind me to know how to get in to the file server with root privileges. It is as simple as that.

If we are to make any change it should be to drop stars and blobs for no echo. But that would just make it harder for users and therefore harder on me.

Nokia N97 touchscreen webphone demo'd

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"Full" QWERTY keyboard?

I think not!

We're going to have to start implementing advertising standards rules on just what counts as a "full" qwerty keyboard.

As far as I am concerned, if there's no "\", no "|" and no "PgUp"/"PgDown" it's nowhere near "full". I can live without PgUp, but unless there's a simple "/" and "\", it's worthless.

Brand new Star Trek prequel pics and trailer

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Gene Roddenbery is spinning in his grave

Gene Roddenbery must be spinning in his grave. I have had trouble believing just how soon after his death that Rick Berman allowed Gene's vision to be so utterly betrayed, first with crap like Nemesis and then with this piece of awful box-office begging.

I truly resent Rick for what he has done. He may be god-awful, but at least J J Abrams has the excuse of not having seen Star Trek before starting to direct its films.

Burn Rick, Burn!

Scientists ponder future Moon mission activities

Mike Peachey

We have no choice

The bottom line is that the human race has no choice but to colonise. Unless you can think of a decent method for population reduction or at LEAST population growth halting, we have, say, 10,000 years before there's just no more room, and probably only 2,000 years before there's no more earth-bound resources.

I know that many people just can't get a grip on this because they're too concerned with the here and now, but let me ask you this.. if the purpose of our species existing isn't to expand, grow and propagate.. what IS our purpose?

I would like to see a human colony living on Mars in my lifetime

Web'n'Walk falls over

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Lying much?

Are they kidding?

I'm in Sheffield and it was not working ALL DAY yesterday.

I should clarify, the 3/3.5G connection was working but their transparent proxy just kept spitting out 502 errors so I couldn't use the damn browser. As of very soon I'll set up ACLd squid at home on some bizarre port and hopefully avoid this in future.

Bloke crams 13 into Volvo S70

Mike Peachey
IT Angle

Pff.. only 12 and mostly children?

That's nothing! They're mostly children!

I once had 9 fully grown adults in a Volvo 440 :-)

Me driving, two in the passenger seat, 5 in the back and one in the boot.

Submarine cable cut torpedoes Middle East access

Mike Peachey

Spam Levels Drop for First Time in Ages

Keep a watch on global spam records today - it's bound to be the largest drop in global spam transmission since the Chinese got cut off.

Online sellers warned on UK cheque clearance changes

Mike Peachey

@ Gavn Taylr

Mis-spellings aside - there's still absolutely no reason why the process cannot be shortened. Submit / Scan / Transmit / Auth / Confirm. There's about as much reason for delaying the process 4 days as there would be having to request ATM cash 4 days in advance just because you're in a different country.

Excuse the rather random comparison, but I can't come up with anything better in 30 seconds.

Mike Peachey

Wow - they've finally changed the cheque clearance time

After years an years of banging on at the powers that be about how ridiculous it is that a cheque should take so long to process in the current climate of communications technology, they've finally listened and changed the process to make it take.... LONGER?!


Not only have they made it take even longer than the unnecessary amount of time it used to take, they've added a layer of uncertainty as to when the funds are actually transferred.

Are the Axis of Evil Comedy tour right? Have terrorists spiked the water supply with heroin?

Simon Pegg to play Scotty

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It doesn't matter

The content will be poor Hollywood tripe anyway as they no longer seem interested in what Gene Rodenberry wanted, only pulling in new punters.

Plus, what's it going to take before they continue on with the 24th Century?

BT offers £1K for Wi-Fi application

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One Word....


Currency launched to cover the cosmos

Mike Peachey

No Currency in Star Trek?

Dare I mention Gold-Pressed Latinum?

BOFH: A question of urgency

Mike Peachey

SNMP Coffee

It's been a while since I wet myself while reading BOFH, but I did today.

/me takes a PO to finance for an SNMP capable coffee machine.....

Oracle sends bloke cardboard laptop

Mike Peachey

Obvious Answer / Not So Obvious Answer..

The obvious answer would have to be that Oracle are coming out with some brand new special drive encryption or BIOS protection or some other rubbish that no-one will ever bother to turn on and they feel that they need to get this information into the marketplace in true Gabbo! style: "Oracle's a baaad widdle boy!".

Alternatively, they just like screwing around with dedicated customers and have recruited Derren Brown to come up with strange and wonderful techniques for hypnotising and brainwashing them via confusion and emotional pain into believing that Oracle is truly the one and that, no matter how much they practise sadomasochism with their customers, no-one should ever look anywhere else for their technological needs.

Or perhaps someone was feeling whimsical on their last day as Supervisor of Marketing at Oracle.


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