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Microsoft: You don't want to use Edge? Are you sure? Really sure?


Not just Edge

Has anybody noticed that, for members of the peanut gallery, Windows 10 does not allow ANY app which was NOT purchased and downloaded from micros*&%t's app store to be set as default app for file extension X. So, as instance, ops has been using a very nice epub reader called Calibre' FOR YEARS. Apparently however Calibre' has not sucked d*&k hard enough to get into microx&(%^&*t's sanctum so no default app status for poor old Calibre'.

Want a better password? Pretend you eat kale. We won't tell anyone


hmmm ...

Here I was thinking that the algorithm published by The Intercept was sufficiently robust.

Snowden: NBN leaker raids a 'misuse' of Australian Federal Police


Dear Mr Snowden

We know. Despite very public and very vocal opposition we the .au population were and are incapable of rescinding, amending or establishing checks to this legislation. Noting the total non existence of whistle blowers (said activity being totally illegal) in .au one could reasonable argue that the very limited exemptions carved out by and for the MSM are totally meaningless. Given the understandable lack of data one can only hypothesize that our 'representatives' have been totally corrupted by and for the '1%' in an ultimately doomed effort to maintain the subjugation of increasingly restive populations.

NASA flashes cash at advanced aerospace concepts


Re: Tensegrity "shield"

Thank you cray74 for your response but the referenced approach appears quite different. A tensegrity mesh as hypothesised would generate and contain the desired electromagnetic field within it's volume. Perhaps one could arrange an outer mesh to extract work and generate power from the passage of charged particles through it's volume while an inner mesh could then block the consequently less energetic charged particles.


Tensegrity "shield"

Given the apparent ubiquity of tensegrity structures in nature I have long wondered whether passing an A.C. current through an appropriately tuned/dimensioned mesh might produce an electromagnetic field capable of economically and effectively shielding spacecraft from ionized particles.

Proxyham Wi-Fi relay SUPPRESSED. CONSPIRACY, yowl tinfoilers


Meh .. ?

Legal issues seem to have a mysterious tendency to evaporate in the presence of TLA's.Sounds like some wonk in some TLA thought that ProxyHam had a really good idea and that they simply had to have the technology for their own exclusive use. Would the pi be useful as a dedicated cryptographic or DSP scrambling engine? Your taxpayer dollars at work.

Word to your mother: Office 2016 preview flung at world + dog



So everybody in a collaborative work group is going to have any number of Skype video channels active and chewing up bandwidth ? Quick, somebody tell Malcolm that his pathetic little tin can and string NBN is about to meltdown.

Wind turbine blown away by control system vulnerability



AFAIK homeland (heimat) security types have been bitching about ubiquitous system wide vulnerabilities present in every industrial systems for years. To no effect. I believe that this "expose" is simply propaganda designed specifically to denigrate the possibility of renewable energy. No further correspondence will be entered into. Have a good day y'all.

Australia threatens to pull buckets of astronomy funding


Thugs and Bullies ...

... threaten violence if they do not get their way. It really is past time that the "nerds and geeks" stood up and defended themselves. Perhaps if researchers and engineers in critical areas withdrew their labor, oh no's ???

Microsoft cracks personalisation without prying


Re: Before the usual MS bashing....

While you're at it you may as well take on the finance sector and advocate the adoption of a proper micro-payment scheme that allows content providers to self fund without selling their/your soul to the corpratz advertising Capos or their bottom lines to the Banksters.

Telstra goes for Chinese takeaway with Pacnet buy


My what Big Ears you have Telstra. All the better to hear you with dear.

2,285,295 Aussie logins nabbed in Russian password haul


Re: Why not name and shame?

Corpratz have been fighting breech disclosure legislation tooth and nail for many many years now.

AMD's first 64-bit ARM cores star in ... Heatless in Seattle*


Innovation plus !!!

Disturbing to see that none of the professionals here see fit to comment on what this commentard see's as the most innovative feature. On chip hardware accelerated cryptographic functions which should empower widespread adoption of ipsec, dnssec and https. Wheeee ... hardware accelerated encrypted tcp\ip stack anybody ??? But then again IT engineers really don't give a ratz azz that government and corpratz criminals demand access to all of your bases and dpi all your metadata now do they.

Ecuador follows Bitcoin ban with digi-currency proposal



Perhaps they'll license David Chaum's DigiCash technology.

Lower prices are BAD FOR CONSUMERS, says Turnbull


Starve the beast

Divestment Now !

Telstra to KILL 2G network by end of 2016


Ve haf vays of making you our spy

In news just to hand the government has passed legislation requiring all good citizens to carry government data harvesting terminals at all times. For their own safety and the greater good only of course.

Snowden wants YOU – yes, YOU – to build spy-busting tech


Not going to happen !!!

I applaud and vigorously support Mr. Snowden's suggestion that our rights MUST (my emphasis) be encoded into the programs and PROTOCOLS on which we rely every day. I seriously and sincerely doubt however that anyone, let alone the entrenched interests who construct and maintain the Internet, will in any way be moved to action.

As instance I cite the farce that is known as email. Architectural and design decision were made which did not consider the mass adoption of email by billions. Nor were the possibilities of incompetent, untrusted and malevolent actors considered. As a small illustrative example. Why, aside from the godlike feeling of absolute power conferred, do these servers allow sysadmins (or anybody who has hacked their account) to view or search the CONTENT of emails. The mail server programs implementing these flawed protocols were and continue to be kludges requiring near genius levels of competence to correctly configure and maintain. These, I believe, are the privacy busting facts to which Mr Snowden alludes and refers.

These flaws were and are directly responsible for the tsunami of email spam and malware which began all of twenty years ago. The response was NOT to realize that the protocols were flawed and that serious refactoring was required. Instead castles of sand were built on top of quicksand. Heuristic Bayesian spam filters I'm looking at you here. This non response has directly enabled hundreds (if not perhaps thousands) of millions of dollars worth of damage and computer fraud yet still the protocols and programs were and still are not redesigned !!!

One could go on and on with similar critiques of virtually every piece of tcp/ip's fundamental infrastructure.

If such serious monetary damage cannot impel substantive action this poster asserts that it is difficulty to imagine Mr Snowden's totally laudable revelations and prescriptions having any effect whatsoever.

Australia gets spooks' charter, new leak penalties


Just thought I'd say ...

I know it's not computer related but ...

The Guardian reports that "Special intelligence operations are a new type of covert operation in which intelligence officers receive immunity from liability or prosecution where they may need to engage in conduct that would be otherwise unlawful."

How is it possible for a government to pass a law that exempts it's agents from the law !!!!!

Data retention saves Australia from TERROR says Labor MP


Re: In a surprise move!

Fluffy Bunny lies, libels and calls calumny with absolutely no supporting evidence. Indeed, examination of Green Party policy and transcripts of parliamentary debate and committee proceedings absolutely contradict Fluffy Bunnies ludicrous libel. On more evidence than Fluffy Bunny relies I assert that Our Lord Abbott, Master Shorten and Fluffy Bunny are enemies of Democracy in the pay of our Transnational Corpratz OverLords (google TPP and TISA) and their hired henchlings at ASIO/ASIS/NSA/GCHQ/CSIS/NZSIS.

Oh, and an apology to GrumpyOldBloke for an inadvertent downvote.

Silent Circle takes on Skype, Viber, mobile telcos with crypto-VoIP



No .au. Hello ASIO/ASIS/FiveEyes/Laberals.

CSIRO claims milestone in solar-powered steam turbines


Re: They must be stopped!

According to the CSIRO link embedded in the article

"The $5.68 million research program is supported by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and is part of a broader collaboration with Abengoa Solar, the largest supplier of solar thermal electricity in the world."

According to http://www.abc.net.au/lateline/content/2014/s4005586.htm ARENA has been defunded.

Keep up please.

We expect that Dr Alex Wonhas as cited in http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/n/2014/0603/c202936-8736297.html as the reigning CSIRO Energy Director will be submitting his resume and seeking employment in Beijing

TrueCrypt turmoil latest: Bruce Schneier reveals what he'll use instead



Thinking that Symantec's PGP is a viable replacement ignores the inconvenient fact that, in Australia, Symantec WILL NOT SELL TO END USERS. You MUST PROVE that you are a BUSINESS and purchase a minimum of five copies. I know, I tried.

Boffins suggest storage be baked into mobile base stations


Ah well ...

Is this another application for the original NBN FTTH that flew right over the heads of Telstra, Optus, Vodaphone, Malcolm and the Wabbot et. al. ????

VMware flicks switch on Euro hybrid cloud



How much did NSA pay to put a backdoor in RSA crypto? Try $10m – report


Customers ???

In .au EMC/RSA does not sell encryption products to individual mug punters like you and I. It only sells to corpratz. Well that's O.K. then innit !!!

Don't listen to Snowden ... Intel: We've switched on CPU crypto for Hadoop


... and the rest of us ?

Leaving aside the question of NSA subversion ... let alone metadata security, I believe that market demand for hardware encryption by ordinary users for simple things like HTTPS, PGP, TOR and whatever future encrypted security measures are devised, is the next big thing. Yet Intel et al in their infinite wisdom consider these facilities are only to be provided to keep our corpratz overlords safe.

Google's patent chief slammed the US patent office – now she's the agency's acting director


Backlog ?

Nobody asks the question. Why is there a backlog ??? Perhaps it's because the patents office hasn't been allocated the resources to do it's job ??? Amerikan antipathy to government is a well established majority opinion formulated as "starve the beast then drown it in the bathtub". Unless of course it's the NSA conducting "Total Information Awareness" or the Department of "Defense" conducting endless foreign wars of aggression !!!

Lantern lights the way to web freedom for Great Firewall prisoners


Honeypot ?

Sounds to me like a honeypot which will allow the NSA to identify, support and subvert dissidents.

Australian political games could see full TPPA treaty revealed


Minor Party ?

Go the Greens !

Cloud, virtualisation and big data added to TAFE curriculum


Meh ...

Why bother. It seems clear that .au refuses to employ local IT workers no matter how well trained and that those roles that do exist are outsourced to exploited third world sweatshops as soon as feasible. What rationale is there to pay thousands of dollars for soon to be privatized and increasingly sub standard TAFE helldesk training when there is no industry demand which cannot be satisfied with a 457 visa at half the price. TAFE would be better served by opening campuses in Malaysia, India, Indonesia, The Philippines, anywhere that's not .au. Any existing IT workers who dream of employment should bow to the great god of market conditions, join the great .au brain drain and emigrate.

Feds smash internet drug bazaar Silk Road, say they'll KEELHAUL 'Dread Pirate Roberts'


So I suppose that ...

... the remaining TOR traffic just got a whole lot more legitimate.

US House Republicans: 'End net neutrality or no debt ceiling deal' – report


Merkin pollies are insane

We have to start routing around this damage/insanity. It's time to follow Brazil's lead and start building non Merkin cables, routings and services.

Java updates too much of a bother? Maybe online banking's just not for you


Re: Anyone who /still/ has a Java browser plugin version earlier than 1.7 registered is retarded.

A minor correction. The 64 bit version of Java has never had an automatic updater to notify the user of available upgrades. Users have to manually download and install the update. Simple but Tedious I'm shure and apparently too much for most. Another Oracle FAIL.

AMD's beating HEART of Internet of Things: 64-bit ARMs head for gadgets


Hardware encryption

I note that the Hierofalcon and some of the Avoton Atom SoC have hardware encryption co-processors. Given that, post Snowdon, many many ordinary and corporate consumers will be switching to https and using Tor and ciphers much more regularly are there any plans to release hardware encryption to other market segments additional to the microserver market ? I think there's a real opportunity for pc and laptop makers here. Additionally, would anybody care to speculate as to the possibility that the NSA may have leaned on Intel and AMD in an effort to compromise these co-processors ?

Turnbull floats e-vote, compulsory ID


undemocratic swill

This thought bubble is straight out of the American Republicans playbook. As in America there is no problem with vote fraud but lets disenfranchise the homeless unemployed Labour voters who have no photo I.D.'s just because we can. Using the American example Voting Machines are totally corruptible using completely unauditable closed source corpratz devices to transparently rig the electoral process. While we're at it lets get rid of compulsory voting as well why don't we. Australia clearly doesn't know what they've let themselves in for because these aristo's refused to discus any substantive policies or costings.

Wikileaks Party scrambles to explain election decisions


wikileaks FAIL

Many many people vote "above the line" on senate ballots. Such votes follow the nominated party's preferences. By preferencing far right parties the wikileaks idiots have shown their true colours.

Facebook's request to the flash industry: 'Make the worst flash possible'


Surely WORN could save the N.S.A.'s Utah et al data barns heaps of dark money.

US taxmen told to hush up shadowy drug squad unit laundering NSA intel


And not a single corpratz banker responsible for trillions of dollars worth of outright GFC fraud ever goes to jail. After all, who knew. N.S.A./G.C.H.Q./B.N.D. have the evidence.

US feds: 'Let's make streaming copyrighted content a FELONY'


"Content" ???

Living in orbit around Barnards Star I've got absolutely no idea what the fuss is all about. Really, why does anybody bother to watch let alone pirate ultra violent propaganda about pathological psychological cripples operating in totally unreal amoral inhuman societies ?

Keep calm and carry on spying on Americans, US politicos tell NSA


has a D notice been issued in .au

Note that in all this not even a mention of Australia's role in the matter. As one of the "Five Eyes" .au is one of the most "privileged" counties in the world. Note that New Zealand has just passed legislation legalising it's role. Given the shenanigans of the other "eyes" of Sauron (GCHQ) I wonder how our Asian neighbours will react when they realise that the "Deputy Sheriff" is listening and passing on their commercial in confidences and negotiating positions to Big Brother.

Nvidia chases defense, intelligence ISVs with GPUs


Doesn't/shouldn't this remind us of how IBM provided infrastructure in WW2 that facilitated the holocaust ?

SkyDrive on par with C: Drive in Windows 8.1


FWLIW after thirty years since starting with ms-dos I'm finally out of here, going back in time to a CLI, booted my first linux up yesterday. If Microsoft doesn't want to do computers then I'm not going to do Microsoft.

Oz Green's plans exempt some phone metadata from warrants


Re: Privacy and common sense

Straw Man please do get yourself tested.


As a long term member of the "Five Eyes" coalition of intelligence services the Australian administrations of both the Labour and Coalition political parties have clearly subscribed to the policy of data retention. That the Attorney General's Department has gone to the lengths of drafting model legislation clearly implies the need of legal justification of existing unacknowledged practices. Greens Senator Ludlam is the only elected politician daring to publicly investigate and address these issues.

Hack biz rivals or hire cyber-warriors and we'll shut you down, warns EU


Good Idea or the Goose calling the Gander black

I presume that these laws are meant to deter corporates and lords of the realm from hiring private investigators for a spot of industrial espionage or blackmail of inconvenient persons a la the SOCA footnote to the Leveson Inquiry ?



Gotcha: Oz Greens squeeze web snoop law confession


Re: Democracy, Transparency and Freedom of Information.

Re: Democracy, Transparency and Freedom of Information.

Staying off topic ...

"Carbon tax, large scale and small scale renewable energy targets, clean energy finance corporation...

The list of FEDERAL costs imposed on electricity generation because of the Greens goes on."

Carbon Tax ... see previous post.

RET ... see https://theconversation.com/in-defence-of-renewable-energy-targets-8721

" ... The estimate is that the LRET adds around $32 per year per average customer: it’s around 1-2% of the total yearly electricity bill. The cost of the SRET is higher, at $64 per year, but this will come down as the controversial solar credits scheme is phased out."

A small price to pay considering the tens of thousands of Australians who are voting with their wallets and also signing up for the even more expensive Green Energy schemes

Clean Energy Finance Corporation ... see https://theconversation.com/the-clean-energy-finance-corporation-the-purpose-and-the-hypocrisy-of-industry-6625 and https://theconversation.com/can-we-do-without-a-clean-energy-finance-bank-15474

Self funding (all monies lent returned to the taxpayer) independent commercial institution lending at the long term bond rate ... cheaper than any other source of finance.


Re: Democracy, Transparency and Freedom of Information.

staying off topic ...

"15% of an average household bill actually, plus the renewable energy targets which pushes the federal green schemes over 20% - that's significant any way you cut it."

and your figures comes from where ? In any case this is still less expensive than the cost of a new T.V. and surely a reasonable contribution/obligation to ask of citizens facing, as KRudd has put it, "the greatest moral, economic and social challenge of our time" ?


Re: Democracy, Transparency and Freedom of Information.

sigh ... not to stay off topic but according to https://theconversation.com/fact-check-will-scrapping-the-carbon-price-lower-electricity-prices-14408 the carbon tax amounts to, at most, 10% of cost increases.