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Stephen Hawking nixes Intel voice upgrade plan

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Re: Wasn't it DECtalk?

You are right, I think it is DECTalk.

I used to work fort a british firm making communication aids, we moved to HQ acapela voices, but we had old units with DECTalk in the past (before they shifted to being add in cards), and people with those wanted the old style ones still, it is thier identity.

Rogue Nokia splinter cell drops its Jolla phone A-BOMB


Maybe its improved...

I went to a bunch of talks about Sailfish and Mer at FOSDEM this year and wasnt too impressed.

Thier "SDK" was doing all sorts of total nonsense like having thier emulator, inside a linux virtualbox, speak to a qt creator plugin, on the windows host, via a shared folder. WHY. Of course this totally robust creation failed, the emulator was slow, the SDKs autocomplete and designer didnt work, and thier dev was unable to actually demo anything.

Maybe its improved... They guys did seem enthusiastic and I could tell they did actually want this to succeed, as as a QT developer I wouldalso love to see it being used more for precicely this.

Still buying CDs?


Quality online isnt as good

I still buy CDs regularly , and rip to FLAC for my phone.

At home I still listen on my Hi-Fi using the player, though.

Quality online isnt as good. I would probably more more music online if they werent terrible 128kbps MP3s...

Which degree...?


Applied Computing

I suck at maths so I did a degree in Applied Computing (At Dundee) and it was awesome. Lots of hands on, still a good theory grounding, team projects, dev/ops stuff. Helped me hit the ground running. I can agree with the bloke who said not to do security or forensics, everyone who did that I know is unemployed.