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'Unfixable' boot ROM security flaw in millions of Intel chips could spell 'utter chaos' for DRM, file encryption, etc


Re: A backdoor ?

Could be the Muslims Or The Gays, using this back door to Cause Floods and Destroy Western Civilization.

Auf wiedersehen, pet: UK Deutsche Bank contractors plan to leave rather than take 25% pay cut for IR35 – report


Simply jealous

People only want democracy because they're jealous of the dictator. If you work hard, torture and kill a lot of dissidents, then one day, you too can become a dictator.


Re: Alternatively

Trumpcare to the rescue. We have the best care. Smart people. Smart doctors. The nurses are really smart, too, and good looking. You can't go wrong with Trumpcare. Ditch your socialism and sign up now at the unbeatable price of 999.99 per month.

Why is a 22GB database containing 56 million US folks' personal details sitting on the open internet using a Chinese IP address? Seriously, why?



If this isn't fixed soon, China will use it to get the UK to secede from the EU, or worse. They might try to get an Orange Goblin elected president of the USA.

Neuroscientist used brainhack. It's super effective! Oh, and disturbingly easy



When people wake up in the morning, the implant will fill them with euphoria if, and only if, they skip eggs, bacon and bangers, do their morning exercise and perform all those other morning chores.

If they don't they will feel sad, depressed, heartbroken, worse and worse until they're withdrawing from heroin.

Get up, take out the trash, and you'll feel like you're on E for the first time in your life.

Fix the washing machine, and watching it run will give you an orgasm. Yes, literally.

Ask for a raise, and you'll feel like you're committing treason.

Pay your bills. Consume. Obey. And be happy.

What do you need a family for? You're absolutely ecstatic here in the container with your brethren.

Rust in peace: Memory bugs in C and C++ code cause security issues so Microsoft is considering alternatives once again


Re: Eh? Assembler OS?

Cool. Will it run on my ESP32? Um .. no. What a bloatware.

Bad news. Asteroid 1999 KW4 flew by, did not hit Earth killing us all. Good news: Another one, Didymos, is on the way


Re: Mitigate?

No worries. I'm sure President Trump will mitigate the catastrophe by throwing out paper towels the way he did in Puerto Rico.


Re: That is damn close

What are you so worried about? 5.2mm off target is still a 'miss'.


Re: Up with this sort of thing!

Not brain surgery? Does that mean Ben Carson won't be part of the team?

Defense against the Darknet, or how to accessorize to defeat video surveillance


Re: Defense against the Darknet

Um ... New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the US are not the only English-speaking nations in the world.


Perhaps the system thinks that American tourists in Aloha shirts can't be classified as 'people'.

That long-awaited Mark Zuckerberg response: Everything's fine! Mostly fixed! Facebook's great! All good in the hoodie!


Re: How's that 'Presidential Run' looking now Zuckky?

Now that Charles Manson is dead, and Anders Behring Breivik has yet to become a cherished Immigrant from Norway, it's looking good.

Fascistbook would become the new Fox News, and new countries could be invaded on a daily basis.

No questions answered.

2 + 2 = 4, er, 4.1, no, 4.3... Nvidia's Titan V GPUs spit out 'wrong answers' in scientific simulations


Re: Maybe the reason for the error is a bit more sinister.

Bug fix in 2018:

Gaming card with bug UltimgateGamingExperience € 2000.-

Gaming card without bug TooGoodForGaming® € 4000.-

Our new card contains the TooGoodForGaming® technology

Everybody wants it.


Re: Space opera

Kurt Vonnegut, actually.

Yes, Assange, we'll still nick you for skipping bail, rules court


Re: Schrödinger's Embassy

One more:

If he walks out, is arrested and jailed for jumping bail, a subsequent extradition request is submitted, he ends up in the USA and gets executed, he's dead.

Massive US military social media spying archive left wide open in AWS S3 buckets


Don't mention pizzas. That can get you shot.

Cloudflare: We dumped Daily Stormer not because they're Nazis but because they said we love Nazis


Re: I think..

Condoning the murder of innocent people is central to being a Nazi. Take that away, and there's not much left.

DJI strips out code badness, reveals some GPL odds 'n sods


A long time ago, at Peenemünde, there was a guy called Werner von Braun.

When they told him

With an RC aircraft, you can't just pack it anywhere with explosives or it will be uncontrollable, and even if you do manage to keep the center of gravity correct you will not be able to put much explosive on it.

... he chuckled.

Google's macho memo man fired, say reports


Re: Feel Good

It was a business decision. Right-wingers are notoriously stupid. They give the company a bad rep, which in turn affects share prices.


.... and since right-wingers are notoriously stupid, this was a discrimination by ability.

Google doesn't want to be seen as a bunch of idiots.

DNS devastation: Top websites whacked offline as Dyn dies again


It's mainly an attack on port 53, right?

What if DNS servers were able to agree on a different, free port as part of the protocol? There would be no telling which port would be used, and an attacker would have to scan 65535 port to find it, right?

Any client scanning all ports would be easy to identify.

(This was a brain fart from someone who can hardly configure a Cisco router.)

Imprisoned Norwegian mass murderer says PlayStation 2 is 'KILLING HIM'


Re: Send him to Texas

Breivik shot a lot of 'commie bastards'. By the sound of it, if he ever went to Texas, he'd be Governor.


Re: Litigation

I'm sure Breivik would hire you as a consultant :)


Re: If they were serious about punishment

100% wrong. Prison has four aims: I love this, but feel the need to explain.

1. punish the offender

The purpose of this is to make him hate us. If he didn't hate us before, we must make sure that he does. This is important to point 4 below.

2. keep the offender out of society so they can't reoffend

This one has a side effect - it protects us.

3. deter other members of society from committing similar offences

In other words, scare us so bad, only psychopathic miurderer and criminals will ever commit crimes.

4. rehabilitate the offender

See point one. We need criminals, we need them to apply peer pressure to one another, use their cognitive dissonance to rationalize their crimes, so they can commit better ones when they get out.

Punishment has been used for 30.000 years. It's a proven solution.

IT bloke publishes comprehensive maps of CALL CENTRE menu HELL



Maybe try parsing spoken language again? They must have forgotten about the last time by now and hardware had become more powerful since the 1990's.

It should be possible for a robot to be able to respond to keywords in a sentence and prune the menu tree accordingly ... but the first to simulate a semi-intelligent conversation will earn more than a round at the pub ...