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Sounds a really nice place to live!

Love the quote.

And it would appear that the community of Pine Hills, where the bin blast incident took place, uses sturdy garbage trucks, well able to stand up to such everyday Florida hazards as explosions or gunfire.


MS drops drive pooling from Windows Home Server

Dave Bareham

As a WHS user

I have an HP WHS for just over 2 years now. The original hardware design was (IMO) limited because it only had 512MB but apart from that I really like the hardware and the O/S. To me the DE isn't that much of a big deal. I love the fact that it does automatic backups of the Laptops, Media Streaming, Automatic sync of my photos to about 3 other places. Maybe it's just because we have been flooded that the backup features are more important to me than the DE.

Virgin signals start of telegraph pole broadband test

Dave Bareham
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Woolhampton has a lot going for it...

...Crap mobile phone signal and a good burger van in the laybye.

Perfect combination for an extended lunch hour!

Paris - because she loves a good munch

PS3 phone out next month

Dave Bareham

@ Thomas Bottrill

Thomas, like you I have all of my media on a server. In the lounge I use the PS3 as a media client.

In the past, when I have been working away the remote play feature of the PS3/PSP has allowed me to view pictures on the Home Server via the PS3. I havent used the facility much but it was useful at the time.

If there was a "Remote Player" plug in for the BB storm I would use that alot more.

Cobol hits fifty

Dave Bareham

And I remember,,,

,,,,getting 100's of errors just because I could never spell "Environment Division" correctly!

What if computers went back to the '70s too?

Dave Bareham

About 10 years...

...after I started working on Burroughs mainframes a PC appeared on someones desk at work,

To this day I can remember thinking this means trouble..and in the days before IP networks were common you needed a different cable hanging out of the back of the PC to talk to each mainframe...I think they called it progress!

California teen offers GPS challenge to speeding rap

Dave Bareham

One thing I've wondered about GPS speed calculation..

..is it take in to effect changing altitude? For example, Consider two roads parallel to each other but one of them has an incline. If two cars travelled at the same speed along both roads would their GPS readings be the same?

Just a thought!

Wii propels Nintendo sales to record heights

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Well done Nintendo

I'm pleased to see the Wii is doing well. We have had one for a few months now and it has been a suprising hit with all age groups. In fact for my wifes 40th we had a "Wii bowling tournament" which resulted in at least 3 families attempting to buy one!

We also have an Xbox Elite and PS3. The xbox elite, which was a replacement for the flood damaged Xbox 360, was bought for the games which I like to play on Xbox live and also for connection to the vista PC's. Our original Xbox 360 had an HD DVD drive and I had planned to go down that route. We have now defected to BluRay because (1) The choice of available material is better suited for our tastes and (2) The Xbox elite is so noisy! We also use the PS3 to view still photos and other stuff.

In terms of games, the Wii is the most played console in our house is the Wii. I'm just waiting for Nintendo to release an "ironing mama" game as I'm sure the wife would excel at that!

Police hunt renegade cow sex youth

Dave Bareham

Loved it..

I wonder if the offender has tried this trick with the concrete cows in Milton Keynes (if they are still there)...

May have taught him a lesson had he done so...


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