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We lose money on repairs, sobs penniless Apple, even though we charge y'all a fortune


I don't get it. What's the issue, there are plenty of alternatives to Apple products.

I have never owned an apple product. Yet I have been computing since Commodore Pet, and using cell phones since Philips Philips, PRC30E I think, 1988 (still got it somewhere)

If you don't like the way Apple wrings money out of you, don't by their products.

Britain's on the brink of a small-scale nuclear reactor revolution


Re: Underground

"On the ring of fire, you take your chances. In Norfolk, I think you might be a bit safer..."

Build like there will be a super landslide in Norway, and not repeat the lazy assumptions made at Fukushima

Samsung Galaxy S8+: Seriously. What were they thinking?


Re: £800

"Rephrase your question to be about cars. I still won't be able to give you a good answer apart from "that's how markets work"."

I think cars are similar to, but different from phones, in one important way.

People will see that expensive car parked in your driveway. They will see you driving it, parking it up, using it. It's a signal of fitness. Feathers on a bird of paradise. Those antlers you mentioned. The bower birds nest. And the message is simple. "I can afford to waste resources on this, so I must be well capable of providing you with security, and even an £1,200 phone."


Re: £800

"but can someone explain why anyone would pay £800 for a phone?"

Effective marketing.

They see a 'shiny shiny new phone, and only £48 a month'. And are thus seduced into parting a pile of money, that their 'rational' side would normally balk at.

Also known as Man Maths. Which is a bit of a misnomer as it applies equally to both sexes


Re: Biometric balls

Down trousers. A deterrent to theft as well

Take a sneak peek at Google's Android replacement, Fuchsia


Re: Old joke

I've always enjoyed the Italian pronunciation 'Fuxia'

Prisoners built two PCs from parts, hid them in ceiling, connected to the state's network and did cybershenanigans


Re: Hats off to them...

"What a bored prisoner can't do when motivated by pure boredom"

Absolutely anything. WW2 prisoners in Colditz cut through the iron window bars, with razor blades FFS


Re: Hats off to them...

Crazy Operations Guy

You are, of course, a genius. Which explains the arrogance, perhaps

Boeing 737 turns 50


Re: Clever design

It's a known issue, and resulted in the fitting of a parachute in the tail. The idea being that in a nose up stall the parachute could be deployed to drag the tail up (point the nose down) and restore airflow to the front wings

That's cold: This is how our boss told us our jobs are at risk, staffers claim


The three year plan is .. Three years in which to plan the 'Five year plan'

Seriously though. Take the hint and get out now. Work for an arsehole, you get shat on

Londoner jailed after refusing to unlock his mobile phones


Re: Hmm

There's lies, damn lies, and then statistics.

Then there's Man-Maths

And finally, The gun lovin lobby.

Thank you for your perfect illustration of all the above, plus some fantastic inventions of your own

Tesla books over $8bn in overnight sales claims Elon Musk


Re: Great looking but...

So what. There's plenty enough people with parking to keep Tesla busy for years

How El Reg predicted Google's sweetheart tax deal ... in 2013


Re: Corporation tax

A corporation can 'live' in a tax haven. Not many shareholders can. Profit has to eventually find its way back to the shareholders, so taxing the shareholders in their country of residence is the most effective way of taxing company profits.

Yes, I know some super-rich people will still manage to dodge this. You can't shut every single door. Just let them build their super yachts, have multiple homes and vanity projects. These things, at least, employ normal people.

As it stands corporation tax is a bit of a botch and in the end it is, as always, us that pay it.

Trump's new thought bubble: Make Apple manufacture in the USA


The Great Wall of Trump

Manufacture whatever you like wherever you like. The test comes when you sell that product in the market, and have to compete against whoever is manufacturing the same thing, perhaps better elsewhere and for less.

I don't get him. Is Trump really this thick. Or is he unsubtly pandering to the somewhat poorly educated in the hope that his shakey campaign will gather sufficient momentum to plonk him into the Oval oriface

We suck? No, James Dyson. It is you who suck – Bosch and Siemens


There's a reason why almost the only vacuum you'l trip over in a hotel corridor is a Henry. I have one at work, it replaced the noisy unreliable Dyson

Our home Miele outperforms the two preceding Dyson's in every way, and it's so quiet too


Re: Bah!

Before you go cordless, check out Gtech (a genuine British company, for what its worth). I have one, it works great and significantly cheaper than the Dyson.

Lotus F1: 38°C? Sand in your Vblocks? Must be building a data center in Bahrain again


Re: He's crashed, he's crashed...

I'm guessing that you don't follow F1, as you've misspelled Maldonado

Android in user-chosen lockscreen patterns are grimly predictable SHOCKER


Re: Use for NFC?

"Smart lock should never unlock. Instead it should merely prevent the phone from relocking (after being unlocked manually)."

Um, that's exactly how Smartlock works on my One+ running stock Lollipop

Sony PC owners to get Windows 10 upgrade as early Christmas present


Vaio Duo

Working fine with Win 10.... so far

Ballmer's billion-dollar blunders: When he gambled Microsoft's money and lost


Re: Hmmm

Microsoft didn't buy the brand, just the phone building business. And Nokia are now doing very nicely thanks to Ballmer


Cops turn Download Festival into an ORWELLIAN SPY PARADISE


Re: they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark

That would be amazing. Truly truly amazing. But a quick check through the EAN13 barcodes that I use and not a '6' is to be seen. Nice idea though, very dramatic!

Elon Musk's $4.9bn taxpayer windfall revealed


Re: Comparing with a 'competitive' project

I spent a very enjoyable Sunday last weekend experiencing a couple of Tesla cars, and

unlike a one off project car, his efforts are showing the way ahead


Re: Comparing with a 'competitive' project

competent government department

ROFL. I love an oxymoron

Round Two in Sky vs Skype trademark scrap goes to Murdoch's men


Re: Rename?

Ooo That explains why the renamed Skydrive. I thought it was corporate arseing about but upon reflection perhaps they had a reason. Dur

Author fined $500k in first US spyware conviction


I feel better knowing that I can only be spied on by 'legal' spyware

Want a more fuel efficient car? Then redesign it – here's how


Re: potholes

Better explanation would be a chronic lack of funds. Weather conditions (freezing-melting-freezing cycles) don't exactly help either.

Yes the UK is the only country to suffer from freezing-melting-freezing, Hey ho, any excuse. Our government seem to have the funds for £20 billion blown in Afghanistan.


Re: Replace anything with "Lucas" written on it

Top dressing roads with grit ruins our environment, by not only increasing in-car noise, but more importantly, by increasing the volume of noise enjoyed by everyone living nearby


Re: Cruise control

Nope. the motorways would flow much more efficiently without the middle lane ers, jumpy brake users, and twats in cars doing less that the 56mph that trucks are limited to


Re: Cruise control

This 'not being able to outperform ABS in snow' is puzzeling me.

Time was that Audi fitted an ABS off button, specifically for use in snow. The thinking being that locked wheels will collect the snow in a wedge in front of the wheel, thereby slowing you down.


Re: Cruise control

Drivers like this, who don't maintain a reasonably consistent speed on motorways, are a danger


Re: Cruise control back in the 80s

You don't need to wait for flush windows, just look at pretty much any car out there


Re: Home mechanics...

Re: Home mechanics...

I had my 1998 Berlingo (1.4i) in for an engine replacement...

(My fault, sloppy maintenance)

I think I prefer to do the work myself from now...

Have you read your post?

Apple iPhone 6: Looking good, slim. AW... your battery died


Re: How much?@AC

But I don't have to sell anything to save my £$275

iPhone 6: Advanced features? Pah! Nexus 4 had most of them in 2012


"Many Apple using friends liked the fact that their 3 / 4 was the size it was and did not like the idea of my jumbo 5" phone, and I now have to wonder what their next phone is actually going to be if their only Apple choices are now that size or larger."

I'm betting they'll stick with Apple and suddenly love those big screens. Now that the fruit tree has told them that they're OK.

Jony Ive: Apple iWatch will SCREW UP Switzerland's economy


Re: Switzerland still has plenty of other industries...

Seiko also make mechanical watches. I have a self winder, costs under £70 and keeps good time.

I enjoy the fact that its not electrickery. Its timeless (Unh?).

Fiat Panda Cross: 'Interesting-looking' Multipla spawn hits UK


Its different and that alone ups its appeal for me.

I'm now into my 5th 4x4 and I've rarely taken one off road, but once in a rare while I find reason to be thankful :)

I see them as peace of mind, and safer.

The previous 4x4 Pandas have always had strong enthusiast support, and I reckon this one will be no different. Gets my vote

Amazon says Hachette should lower ebook prices, pay authors more


I love the freedom of finding my books online, paper and electronic, And Amazon is currently ahead of the game in this. Fair enough, they saw the way and invested.

The publishers exercised buy up & cartel = monopoly. Then, of course, screwed the authors and everyone else to maximise their profits. Happily tech and Amazon have rendered their business model redundant.

Amazon will try and emulate with their own monopoly, its the way things are. but they're unlikely to achieve the stranglehold that their resentful successors enjoyed

Robot cars to hit Blighty in 2015


Re: Did they try that test where...

Hopefully, crush you to a pancake


Re: Will your car kill you to save another?

You are, of course, blessed with great reflexes, and saintliness. Oh and a lack of understanding of technology.

The oncoming car will be aware of your situation long before seeing your watery ballet, and have taken appropriate action


Re: Here's a thought.

Strewth. It'll know your a bank robber when it sees your bag of swag and stripy pullover, and then simply lock you out. Give the tech some credit will you


Re: @AceRimmer - Will these night time trucking lorries

The top speed of lorries is limited by a speed limiter. They are not flat out, hence no effect from slipstream or bow waves.

The slooooow overtakings are the result of speed limiter discrepancies... and the odd c*nt of a driver;)


Hahaha Self driving London Busses. C'mon that'l be the day. Just look at the tube. It's a simple system to automate. In fact some of it is automated, but they still have to have drivers. Thank you, trades unions

HP, Microsoft prove it again: Big Business doesn't create jobs


Re: Not that Mr. Worstall

I just can't get my head around growth being indistinguishable from inflation.

I see growth as each individual is getting more from whatever they do. And that, to me, looks very like deflation.


Re: I don't know why all the red tape is needed.

Evidently you've never run an SME, so I'll excuse the bollocks you've written, but not the taint of jealousy that comes over with it

Myspace: Where are you going? We still have all your HUMILIATING PICS


Let's lighten up.

We've all done smart stuff and stupid stuff. Why hide the past, its what makes us who we are today. No amount of editing will change who you are. Live with it, celebrate it, and learn from it.

For myself, I never used MySpace and I kind of regret not having that window to the younger me

Microsoft: The MORE Surfaces it sells, the MORE money it loses


Would not want to be working for them

He uses the words 'Execute' and 'Execution' an alarming lot

TV sales PLUMMET. But no one's prepared to say what we all know


"Aim a solar cell at a lit up window and hook it to your scope: guess what?"

1: Works better with a reflected laser (that's what spooks use)

2: Doesn't work so well on clean windows (they reflect less)

3: Doesn't work very well at all on double glazing.

Crikey! Hope youre not a neighbour


Re: @ Truth4u

Made in China does not necessarily = poor quality or 1000% markup. Loose the chip



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