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Microsoft's cash-leaking Nokia phones rip off patents, face import ban

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Re: RyokuMas

"But in my experience as a hobbyist game developer, what Android has a lot more of is poorly-made clones "

Whereas your app is.....................a poorly made clone................. of Choplifter..............:S

"And I'm afraid your response to that reads like that of someone who cannot accept that someone else's experiences do not marry up with their ideals."

Problem is your experiences are contrary to what most developers are finding, yes WP is prob OK for hobbyist devs, but the real developers go to ios and Android, you can't argue with the cold hard facts.

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Re: RyokuMas

I looked up one random game (I'm sure others are the same) - Blade Force Rescue


It doesn't get great reviews (in WP store), lets be honest, with comments like Rubbish, S**t. Simple as that, Very rubbish idea of gaming. etc

My observation is that you probably did make more on WP as they have very few apps and WP users are more likely to try your game, Android is full of up to date AAA games, so they are less likely to play lower rated games

I think your comments say more about the poor state of the WP app store than the quality of your "games" ?

Acer enters Windows Phone fray with cheap Liquid M220 mobe

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Re: Backing the underdog

NOT ONE Windows OEM ever made money from Windows Phone...............hardly surprising tbh though.

Huawei ditches new Windows Phone mobe plans, blames poor sales

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"MS are just being strict about installing crapware. Good job too.".....they don't need to install crapware....their WP Store is full of it


Nokia Camera guru: I'm finished being Finnish, and off to 'the company you're thinking of'

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@Doug.......They could also make your post the 2nd one to save idiot fanboys complaining about an awkard truth. You wouldn't happen to hold APPL shares by any chance ? You must be concerned by Apples steady decline, it's just history repeating itself, but instead of Windows destroying Apple it is Android. Im pretty open minded tech wise, having owned everything from Atari & Commodore onwards and use both Linux and Windows, Symbian & Maemo etc, but Apple....it's just so meh. (BTW I owned all iPhones until the 3 and then I woke up)

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Just Wait.........

For the headline.........."Apple patents Cameras on Smartphones"...after all they have invented *everything* ?

Best budget Android smartphone there is? Must be the Moto G

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I was about to buy a few Lumia 520's for friends and family for Christmas, thank goodness I held back, the Moto G is 100 times better. Amazing phone at an amazing price.

Here comes Windows 8.1! Microsoft grits teeth, pushes upgrade to world

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I bought a £1000 i7 laptop. I really tried to like it I really did. But in a nutshell win 8 is the most frustrating POS I have ever used. Couldn't get it to dual boot with Linux due to UEFI. Installed Win 7 and could not locate drivers. So in the end disabled UEFI and fresh Ubuntu install....job done

Nokia tears devs' hearts out, shutters Symbian and Meego stores early

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"Symbian was in decline"

Nokia was actually growing in the Quarters before the burning platform memo

"Nokia were desperate and they hired Elop"

Nokia had 40% of the Smartphone market when Elop took over

Microsoft buys Nokia's mobile business

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Looks like the trojan horse theory was right after all.

Its a bit late but I will say it again, Nokia should have went android.

A pitiful end to a once great company. So sad

Nokia's PHAB-ULOUS comeback attempt: Huge WinPho 8 mobe rumoured

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I'm losing count of how many phones Nokia are releasing.....seems like every month

Problem is Nokia is just cannibalising other Nokia models....and lets face it they all look the same

This is a zero sum game if ever I saw one..........

And damn shame to late to release an Android.....

Oh well...

Nokia flops out its 4G, 4.7-inch WHOPPER: The Lumia 625

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NokiaSoft Lumia the new Spyware Phone


You have just been Nokooggled

Nokia wrings Lumia bling fling, but feature-mobes ding stings

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Re: My left testicle...

You sound like a fanboi

Pure boffinry: We peek inside Nokia's miracle cameraphone

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I prefer the 920 where you get a white van with a mounted camera and professional photographer to follow you around and take the pictures for you :)

I eagerly await more Nokia fake shots :)

Sleek Nokia Lumia details EXPOSED ahead of Thursday's disrobing

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Re: Oh Dear !


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Oh Dear !

Hmmm 32 Gb with no SD Slot !!!!

oh dear oh dear !!!

that is apalling since the "other folder" takes about 20Gb.............

As Nokia once said going Android would be like peeing in your pants to keep warm

Well It is clear to see with a line of uninspiring Lumia models, with WP only supporting 2010 chipsets that

Nokia going WP has been akin to them taking a massive S**T in ones pants to keep warm.

Hopefully Q2 will be the one that sees Elop ousted and then these once great company can at least restore some dignity if nothing else.............

Nokia in 2013 producing sickly coloured lumps of plastic phones....who would have thought :/

Nokia, Microsoft put on brave face as Lumia 925s parachute into Blighty

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Re: £37 a month?

NO !!!!!

"8.4% UK market share" - It had 8.4% of SALES from March to April 2013, this is NOT the same as having 8.4% of the overall UK Smartphone market which your post suggests.

The latest figures from Gartner put WP Global Smartphone Market Share at 2.9%, the UK I would expect would be somewhere in or around that figure.

Forget phones, PRISM plan shows internet firms give NSA everything

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I see Microsoft kicked all this off, which is not surprising

But what does concern me is it may taint their Scroggled campaign (sarcasm)..........

MYSTERY Nokia image-mangling mobe spotted in public

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Too big and too fugly imo.

However I do think some people really do want this sort of camera technology in their phone, problem is that they want it on an Android or Apple phone.

Windows 8.1 Start button SPOTTED in the wild

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A start button without a start menu..................facepalm

So glad I switched to Linux years ago.

This is just in MS's normal good os, bad os cycle......

Microsoft tweaks WinPhone YouTube app to fix Google gripes

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I wonder if I wrote a skype client for Linux that removed the advertising would Microsoft mind ?

I could use the excuse that Microsoft has consistently given Linux users a poorer application as opposed to other platforms.

I of course would call it Skype and use the official Skype logo as well.

Google tells Microsoft to yank its new WinPhone YouTube app

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Who feels sorry for Microsoft ?

For years they have been abusing the Linux community

OEM UEFI enforcement is just the latest in a long line of abuses...........

Microsoft wrote the rule book on how to play dirty....who can blame Google from borrowing a page or two ?

Despite making my living in the IT arena, not since my Amiga days have I actually been excited about IT as I am now with Linux/Android......the fun is back in computing.........I feel a Guru Meditation coming on :p

Lets face it, (I am mostly Linux based) but anyone who has worked on MS tech the last 20 years will tell you MS products (esp SBS server) are as exciting as eating flour.

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Re: Hmmm

"Sounds like the behaviour of a zealot to me. And an idiot for doing someone else's job for them for nothing in return."

I believe in honesty and integrity, I'm sorry if you don't

I work for the Lord, the pay is poor, but the pension is out of this world.

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Re: Hmmm

"Do you also have a telescope poking through your curtains and report people to the police when doing odd jobs for cash in hand? I'm glad I'm not your neighbour."

No but I would report someone I saw breaking into a house to steal something.

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Thats the reson I tell people not to buy Windows Phone

You go to bed and wake up the next morning and BAMMM Half your apps are gone !!

Last week it was facebook, today Youtube and next week prob InstaGram fakes

I also reported another fake youtube app called MetroTube to google today as well.

What makes Microsoft think they can steal from others ?? and deprive people who make youtube content of revenue. Their hypocrisy and arrogance is breathtaking

Windows Phone is not really worth all this hassle tbh, bettter just going for an HTC One or similar.