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Buying a Chromebook? Don't forget to check that best-before date


Re: That's Chromebook right out of my buying list then

Easy solution to that is get a car next time with Android Auto or Apple Car Play. You can use the satnav from your phone then. Google maps is infinitely better than any car manufacturer satnav I've ever used

Shock Land Rover Discovery: Sellers could meddle with connected cars if not unbound


Re: Same applies to other vendors...

Correct, they do receive live telemetry but only if you opt into it.

Bargain-happy Brits snub big four mobile network operators


I'm not defending the big networks but chances are the average Utility Warehouse customer is likely to be a low user and not very demanding of the network. Perhaps the average Vodafone customer will be paying more in comparison and also expecting a lot more. Not necessarily fair to compare them all together. A better comparison would be to separate MNOs and MVNOs as customers will be different demographics potentially.

My Mum pays £7.50 on Tesco Mobile and I pay 6 times that on Vodafone. It wouldn't be a fair comparison to see who was happier with the service.

Sky customer dinged for livestreaming pay-per-view boxing to Facebook


Re: Card Number?

I thought it may have been more likely he had his broadband with Sky and they could tell he was streaming live to Facebook through that maybe?

'Driverless' lorry platoons will soon be on a motorway near you


All the focus seems to be on driverless cars and lorries. Surely driverless trains make much more sense. I know there's the DLR but the majority of the rest have drivers. If ever there was a vehicle that could easily be controlled safely with a computer it would be a train.

London cops bust fake Cisco hardware chain


So really none of this is fake hardware. It's all genuine. The only people getting conned are Cisco. They've effectively cut Cisco out the loop!

What is dead may never die – how to get a post-BlackBerry BlackBerry


£499 doomed to fail.

£250 they might get somewhere.

BlackBerry Hub app on my Android phone is fantastic though.

Exploding femtocells: No need for a full recall, says Vodafone


You won't be making a voice call over 4G with Vodafone yet. Your phone will be doing down to 2G or 3G as soon as you initiate a call.

Amazon looks between the couch cushions for US$70m for kids' in-app spending spree refunds


Any Amazon device lets you create profiles. If you let the kids use the kids profile it locks down to only allowing apps you choose. It also blocks any attempts at in-app purchases. Easy.

It's so will known that free apps have in-app spending I think it's time Amazon etc challenged these complainers in court or leave it to the actual apps concerned to see if they want to allow any refunds.

BlackBerry admits dying BB10 is in pain


Re: Support for Blackberry

Isn't this totally irrelevant though? With BB10 you effectively have the best of both worlds - Blackberry AppWorld and Amazon's Android app store. Whatsapp doing support only applies to the Blackberry app doesn't it? So you can just download the Android version from Amazon.

Am I completely wrong here?

Three drops £250m on UK Broadband


Re: 4, 3, 2...

Because BT was not a mobile network so buying EE did not reduce the number of competing networks. We have Vodafone, BT/EE, Three and O2. If Three bought O2 then we'd effectively lose one of the networks. We'd have Vodafone, BT/EE and Three.

This bot shorts stocks when Trump tweets (don't fret, the profit is used for good)


Re: Not very future-proof...

The "odds makers" also predicted he wouldn't win the election so I wouldn't rely on anything they say.

Samsung, the Angel of Death: Exploding Note 7 phones will be bricked


I wonder if customers buying as part of a contract have been allowed to end that too. Not heard any stories but would have thought most retailers will be trying to give them alternative handsets rather than walk away.

Fitbit picks up Pebble, throws Pebble as far as it can into the sea



Check out Vector Watch, easily get 30 days out of mine and does the majority of the smart things others do.

Three CEO confirms hack, 133,827 customers were exposed


All that and all they managed to do was steal 8 phones! 8 phones which would have had their IMEI numbers blocked post immediately. They would have been far better to ask the data to a mobile phone business that could have called them and legitimately offered upgrades (legitimately if you ignore how they got the data). That kind of data would be worth s fortune to them.

Sega MegaDrive/Genesis lives again, in Brazil!


You can buy a handheld version of the Megadrive in Argos for less than £20 with all those exact games installed. It's been available for years. Admittedly you can't add new games but can't believe there is a market for this new console.

Celeb-backed music TV phallus Electric Jukebox finally ready for launch


Why would you need an iPad with the Apple tv comparison? Just Apple tv and the subscription would be enough.

Once thing all of those options ignores..... You Tube.

A Firestick or just any smart TV and unlimited free music streamed via You Tube. Every song also comes with the accompanying video.

Surely the investors can see this is far too late to market

Florida man ran $1.35m hack-and-spam racket with 50m-plus addresses


The real story here is thousands and thousands of idiots purchased items as a result of spam emails.

If people stopped buying things as a result of an unsolicited email then down would soon stop.

And for our next trick, says Google while literally wheeling out a humongous tablet ...


Handy it's got NFC as can drag it to Starbucks and use it to pay for a coffee

The IRS spaffed $12m on Office 365 subscription IT NEVER USED


Hey at least it wasted the money with an American company.

Samsung halts production of Galaxy Note 7


Re: A lesson to be learnt

Expandable RAM? Has there ever been a phone with expandable RAM?

Premier League Sky card crims ordered to cough up nearly £1m


Also are the pubs guilty too? Did they knowingly pay for these dodgy cards? No mention of them getting into trouble

‘Inflexion point’ BlackBerry washes hands of hardware biz


Re: my son had a new iPhone 7 delivered today

£599 is not nearly £700.

The headphone jack is irrelevant as in the box you receive an adapter so can still use any headphones you like.

Analyst: iPhone 7 points to price jump


Re: Apple phone prices have rocketed!

That same old nonsense was told to me by an "Apple Genius" when I asked why their already ridiculously prices USB cable had gone up from £15 to £19.

They're like the oil companies, happy to increase due to a weak pound but I don't remember them changing the price so quick when it was the other way round.

London-based Yahoo! hacker gets 11 years for SQLi mischief


Yes wonder if I can get parking tickets charged concurrently..... Get 10 in one day and only pay for one of them.

If he's guilty of multiple crimes then he shouldn't be allowed to serve the punishment for all of them at the same time. The incentive is then why do one crime when you can do 10 and if you're caught you'll get the same punishment as if you'd only done the one.

Google's become an obsessive stalker and you can't get a restraining order


Re: Do people care?

Not sure that evidence would help. Your location services prove where your phone was. Your key card door entry report shows where your key card was. Neither of those proves where your car was.

Apple: Crisis? What innovation crisis? BTW, you like our toothbrush?


Re: iPhone7 - pay more, get less

Included with all iPhone 7 handsets is a small adapter which allows you to use any normal 3.5mm headphones so the removal the port is being blown out of all proportion.

Childcare app bods wipe users' data – then discover backups had been borked for a year


Once bitten.......twice shy.....hold on

"already going to have weeks/months of work to redo without not being able to do my current work too!!"

Even though they have been let down by them this person was saying they were annoyed as they are currently unable to use it for their current work!

That's like being thrown off your horse and in the process the horse injuring itself and then moaning about not being able to get back on the horse due to its injury.

Got to dash out for some rubber johnnies? Amazon has a button for that


When you press the button you are alerted on the Amazon app on your phone whey you have the option to cancel the order. I would have thought you could also change the quantity here too.

Huawei's pricey new Honor goes upmarket. Bold move when prices are sliding


Re: I quite like Huawei...

You might want to fire up the dictionary and look up the difference between brought and bought.

UK military buys third £4m Zephyr drone for 'persistent surveillance' trials


Re: You have to ask

Presumably the MOD wouldn't be surveiling the UK? If they are for what purpose?

Calling all Droids: BlackBerry’s giving away the Hub


First impressions I really like it.

Seemed a bit confusing the set up though, I downloaded the Hub+ and enter all my email account details but there seemed to be no way of accessing the "hub". I then downloaded the Hub (without the +) for email and that seems to work fine.

I'll give it a few days and see how I get on.

There's a mention somewhere (I forget if in the article or comments) that Blackberry better manage the data usage. I know this used to be the case with the old school Blackberrys but I thought since Blackberry 10 they use the same as any iPhone/Android would be emails. Is that not right? In not then does using the Hub use less data than any other messaging app?

Samsung eyeballs new Note


Most fixed battery phones although you lose the convenience of changing batteries on a day to day basis they can nearly always still be changed fairly easily. Just search on YouTube for a guide for any specific model.

What's ordered in Vegas, doesn't stay in Vegas? $6.7m of printer ink 'stolen by office worker'


How does anyone have $6 million going through a personal PayPal account and no flags are raised?

I dont know how it works in the US with the IRS but in the UK the HMRC would have been notified as soon as a certain threshold was hit.

No mention of where the cash went eg lavish lifestyle etc. Also did the company buying the ink think she was a legitimate seller or were they in on it too?

UK's climate change dept abolished, but 'smart meters and all our policies strong as ever'


"Research by British Gas showed that smart meter customers have reduced their energy consumption by an average of about three per cent for both gas and electricity"

Pathetic! You would probably save 3% by getting a newer tv and replacing a couple of light bulbs.

Haven't they already proven these ththis to be insecure and an easy way into your home network?

How to scam $750,000 out of Microsoft Office: Two-factor auth calls to premium-rate numbers


What a pittance he received. When he was offered the $500 he should have said er thank you then spent the rest of the day profiting from the scam until they fixed it!

AT&T: We wanna be a drone company, not just a phone company


I'm not sure you'd get much of an inspection of a transmitter done from a drone. You could check for overall obvious damage and birds nests etc but nothing more than that.

Maplin Electronics demands cash with menaces


Re: Cheeky bastards.

I think Staples or Rymans can't be far behind.

BlackBerry's turnaround stalls


In general people don't care about security. They want an iPhone or a fashionable brand of Android. The BlackBerry Priv is neither but they priced it the same or higher. It was always going to fail. Blackberry stayed asleep too long and by the time they woke up the world had passed them by.

That said there is still demand for a handset with a qwerty keyboard but they need to use an ounce of common sense when pricing it.

Apple and Android wearables: What iceberg? It’s full steam ahead!


Re: A broken watch tells the right time twice a day?

I have a Vector smartwatch, use it everyday and charge it once per month. It's not perfect but handy for a quick glance to see an email, text, call (see who is calling) etc without taking my phone out my pocket. E-ink displays are an obvious choice on a watch, no idea why the others insist on colour and touchscreen resulting in daily charging.

Vid: New 'The Office' trailer


Re: I will!

Persevere with the US version, it starts as a carbon copy of the UK version but soon establishes itself. A few series in and it became one of the funniest series I've seen. David Brent in the UK one you kind of don't like but feel sorry for. Michael Scott in the US one you end up loving.

Friends with benefits: A taxing problem for Ireland in a post-Brexit world


Re: "reject the referendum result"

If we stay in the uncertainty does not go, far from it. The scarier future may well be from staying in not leaving.

Thief dresses as Apple Store drone, walks off with $16,000 in iGear


Brand new iPhones maybe targeted buy I heard the opposite is true of ones belonging to people. Since icloud lock was introduced there was a massive drop in thefts and New York was mentioned in the figures. An iPhone with an icloud account on it would have a very low value to sell on as it is impossible to remove.

PC market sinking even faster than first thought, thanks to Windows 10


Re: Knew it!

"Although by the time it gets to blighty that will be £200, a bit like the NVIDIA 1080 is retailing around £550 in the UK and $600 in the US :("

£550 includes vat. Take that off and the price is £458. $600 will be subject to sales tax which varies depending which state it is purchased in. $600 in pounds currently is £421.

So those prices are not as far apart as you might think.

Shhhh! Facebook is listening


"Android: Settings > Privacy and emergency > App permissions. Find Facebook and turn off mic access. ®"

I've had many Android phones but never seen a privacy and emergency option.

Music's value gap? Follow the money trail back to Google


Interesting you mention Prince as maybe 10-15 years ago he gave away his new album for free in the UK with copies of the Mail On Sunday I think it was.

It seemed odd to guide it away for "free" but I believe there newspaper paid 25p for each or something like that and he made (or the record company) a lot of money from that.

Bay Area man forced out of his $400 box home


Re: fire hazard

True do it to your own bed and it would be fine. If you decided to put the bed in a box and charge someone a monthly rent for sleeping in it then it becomes a different matter as you'd have a healthy and safety responsibility to the unlucky tenant.

Tesla 3 orders hit $14bn


Re: Misleading

You just have to hope in the two year wait it doesn't go bust having spent all those deposits.

WhatsApp straps on full end-to-end crypto for 1bn peeps


WhatsApp recently said the app would be now free forever.

French mobe repair shop chaps trash customer's phone


Re: Fired?

Ha you beat me to it! I wonder if these clowns watch their TVs in portrait mode as well.



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