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NSA warns that mobile device location services constantly compromise snoops and soldiers


Who IS NOT Location Tracked

Think about this: Prime Ministers, Presidents, Secretarys of . . . Everything, Bank Presidents, Stock Brokers, Wells Fargo Employees; you get the idea, I'm sure. Do they use cellular devices? Do they own and drive vehicles with satellite radios and bluetooth transceivers? Do their spouses and kids? Guards? Drivers? Advisors?

Does anyone really believe the various security services have not thought this through? And proceeded to design, build, buy only devices that are encrypted and which only use approved - separate - frequencies?

For example, the schedule of various world leaders and other not-really-so-important politicians are classified, to protect them and their activities from scrutiny. Yet their security apparatus doesn't even try to keep them from using cell phones?

Yeah, and I've got a bridge for sale . . .

Rather than reinvent the wheel, we should require that all cellular devices be provided with the same capabilities for privacy protection that government already has.

Though that would certainly defeat the purpose . . .

LibreOffice community protests at promotion of paid-for editions, board says: 'LibreOffice will always be free software'


WTF is Vignoli

"TDF's media relations and marketing guy Italo Vignoli"

So we now have a marketing type making decisions on the future of open-source software?

What is it OpenSourceSoftware.org says about that licensing process?

"Open source licenses are licenses that comply with the Open Source Definition — in brief, they allow software to be freely used, modified, and shared. To be approved by the Open Source Initiative (also known as the OSI), a license must go through the Open Source Initiative's license review process."

Hint: The keyword is "freely".

Happy privacy action day in California: If you don't have 'Do not sell my information' in your website footer, you need to read this story right now


California laws do not apply to anywhere other than inside the borders of that state. It's not my job, nor am I required by the laws I reside under, to comply with their edicts. If they wish to ensure that out-of-state/country websites are unable to serve pages up to people inside their border, then they are the ones who have to develop mechanisms/procedures to block outside traffic. Let them deal with their residents/businesses who suddenly find their e-commerce cut off. After all, the idjuts in California government have already demosntrated that they are incompetent. Not to mention criminals in almost constant violation of the US Constitution and many treaties.

Vodafone chief speaks out after 5G conspiracy nuts torch phone mast serving Nightingale Hospital in Brum


You Can Report Hate But . . .

Please - if we're going to task FB and every other provider to patrol & police "conspiracies", let's also task them with policing hate speech.

Which, if you think it though, may be just a little hard to do, because "hate speech" is a made-up crime. Speech may incite hate, but you either have free speech or you don't.

For example, I can say that black is white, meaning (specious: plausible but false) one color is the same as another. Very similar to what I learned in my days in the active military, that everyone is green, neither black, white, brown, purple, pink . . . Two statements which seem similar but have entirely different meanings. I guarandamtee you that someone somewhere will call those comments racist, hate speech, and the like. Yet neither is.

For another example, consider that many people will classify speech against conspiracies as hate speech. Which, under the false but generally accepted definition, it is.

So before you ask that speech be corralled and lassoed and branded by ISPs and various gov't agencies, think about the unintended consequences.

Plus, before "hating" on conspiracies, you maybe ought to ask yourself "How many conspiracies have proven to be true?" The answer, the numbers, will surprise you.

Interpol: Strong encryption helps online predators. Build backdoors


Helping Paedophiles?

Let us recall the many many instances where police choose to not prosecute so that the criminal can be retained as a source. And the times when law enforcement and other investigative personnel/agencies were found to have lost, destroyed, or otherwise manipulated evidence to shield certain individuals, activities, programs. Recall how government agents (police, etc.) have chosen to use and abuse authority to the detriment of those they are employed to help. I would say that insertion of backdoors into encrypted devices may help criminals, while it will certainly result in police abuse. Although I fail to see how it can be any more valuable to them (the criminals, on the force, and others) than corrupt police already are.

Second time lucky: Sweden drops Julian Assange rape investigation


Re: Assange® Leavin' On A Jet Plane?

Trying the charges separately . . .

Many things are illegal, but the question is: Are they lawful?

What Assange did (IMO) was to expose the criminal activities [unconstitutional, thus unlawful (but not illegal, according to the gov'ts interpretation)] of government. Naturally government says what he did is a crime.

No matter what the demonstrably corrupt U.S. Supreme Court says, the only valid test for a law is if it meets the written (not interpreted) words of the U.S. "Law Of the Land". There are many "laws", the vast majority of which exceed the authority granted our government under the Constitution. Of course the Court and law enforcement say otherwise; would you talk yourself out of a very well paid job?

Remember, the United States' Constitution places limits on government, not on the people. It specifically delegates and authorizes certain activities (only those activities). It is not a blank check as the Court, over the years, has made it out to be.

There used to be a time where they taught this in school. Now, schools teach little or nothing. Instead, they indoctrinate. Revive the old Soviet Union, anyone?

TP-Link 'smart' router proves to be anything but smart – just like its maker: Zero-day vuln dropped after silence


When A Guy from . . .

Funny! When I receive email from "a guy from Google" or "a guy from Microsoft", I automatically treat it as spam and delete it without viewing it.

Unless of course I have a case open with either. Which, as I recall, has not occurred for the last 10 years or more. Why? Because spending hours on a paid call with people who fail to listen when I detail the steps I've already taken and then ask me to take those same expensive time-consuming steps again was and is a waste of time.

Besides, everyone knows that Microsoft requires a credit card before going past "Hello", and that Google makes it so difficult to contact them, for any reason, that it's often cheaper to spend hours - or days - doing it yourself.

It’s baaack – Microsoft starts pushing out the Windows 10 October 2018 Update


Windows 10 v1809 ? Why so many problems? I've been running it since day 1, and the only issue I had was that it provided outdated NVidia drivers, but that was solved by installing the latest driver from the manufacturer's website. Why are so many people having so many issues? What other software are they running that may be causing their problems?

Excuse me, sir. You can't store your things there. Those 7 gigabytes are reserved for Windows 10


Re: 32GB HP Monstruosities

So you're saying it's a reserved space in Hell . . . .

Grab a bucket and spade: Sandbox open for Insiders again with fresh Windows 10 build


Try this:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search]





This let's you use a local search and restircts web search to your browser of choice.

Latest Windows 10 Insider build pulls the trigger on crappy SMB1


Re: As Windows 10 grows and matures...

Where are you downloading from? Compilations on the 'Bay'?

I ask because I just reloaded my machine with the newest and "greatest" release version downloaded driectly from Microsoft using the Media Creation Tool. After the reboot, it immediately started downloading two (02) Cumulative Updates, along with 3 or 4 other ancillary updatees such as Win Defender definitions, Flash, etc.

Even after I built my own install set, including integrating the latest CU's available via the Update Catalog, I still had to wait while a fresh install downloaded additional items.

FBI, NSA top brass: We've seen jack squat to back up Trump's claims of Obama wiretaps


FBI and NSA not innocent

Of course the FBI and NSA are claiming they "see no evidence" of Obama's ordered wiretapping of Trump. If they admit to it, they admit their complicity. Just who the hell does anyone think orchestrated the taps? Ask yourself who it was that proposed to "the One" that a wiretap might be a good idea in the first place? Imagine how inside info on Trump financials and plans could benefit some/anyone's personal pocketbook? Then examine records to see how many politicians - and Directors of TLA's- ad-infinitum - have entered government service much "poorer" than they are when they leave.

Antivirus tools are a useless box-ticking exercise says Google security chap


The Other Side Of The . . .

A flip of the coin; either the Goog is right in saying no one ever needs anti-virus, or - just maybe - the Goog is trying to psych us into lowering our defenses so even more info-and-financial data can be collected at lesser cost.

Kids today are so stupid they fall for security scams more often than greybeards


Re: Turn on the kitchen light ...

Hold on . . . isn't Self-Defense lawful? Even the great bastion of moral imperatives - unsullied by any least hint of scandal - the U.N., is on record as saying that it is a Basic Human Right. So any action to stop attacks - remember, in today's world, your smart phone, tablet, computer (all the same thing) is your life - should be perfectly acceptable.

What? Worried about unintended consequences such as shutting down the national power grid? Perhaps if such occurrences were more frequent, those making money off the scams would think differently.

And if "researchers" know where the botnet machines are, and by implication who the scammers are, can anyone doubt that our various "Spy on Citizen" agencies don't also know? So why do they let it continue? Perhaps we should follow the money trails. Maybe there's a reason why law enforcement prosecutes those who defend themselves . . .

Debian founder Ian Murdock killed himself – SF medical examiner


Just Some Questions

From the article: "the officer could see the open-source guru lying face down on his stairs. The cop kicked down the locked front door, and found Murdock naked and lifeless with electrical cord around his neck."


Was there a place where he tied off the electrical cord; balcony, stair railing, overhead light fixture . . . showing abrasion from the wire? Possibly a piece of the electrical cord still hanging? Or not?

Any suicide note?

Is this indicative of incom . . . plete investigating, or of the usual piss-poor reporting?

Hackers: Ditch the malware, we're in... Just act like a normal network admin. *Whistles*


A Diagnosis which favors Implementation of Yet More Tracking

I suspect that the shotgun approach was used when aggregating and analyzing numbers - and systems. Consider . . . how many uses of Angry IP, NMap, et al, has been and is being accomplished by viewers, readers, customers who are wondering whose cookies, web bugs and other time-wasting bandwidth-stealing crap they are being bombarded with?

Even this page uses DoubleClick and Google Analytics . . .

Samsung: Don't install Windows 10. REALLY


Re: If proof is needed...

I seem to recall that somewhere in the fine print, the license agreement says "If you are not going to use or do not want or in any way are not satisfied, you can return the software license for a full refund of the software price.

Microsoft says:

How Can I Return a Product for a Refund?

•Return the product within 30 days of purchase date.

•Provide a copy of your original sales receipt, credit card statement, or canceled check.

•Provide complete contact information, including your street address (sorry, no PO boxes), city, state or province, ZIP or postal code, telephone number, and e-mail address (if applicable).

•Uninstall the software product from your computer and any storage devices and delete any backup copies.

•Include all related media and manuals.

•Provide the name and location of the retailer from which you purchased the product.

•Explain briefly why you want to return the product for a refund.

•Send the product, its original packaging, and all related materials via traceable means to our Return Center. For tracking and security reasons, all returns must be sent by FedEx, FedEx Ground, UPS, DHL, or insured U.S. mail with delivery confirmation.

Heavy VPN users are probably pirates, says BBC


Heavy VPN users probably pirates?

More likely that writers, "reporters", and editors at the BBC are probably clueless about modern technology.

FBI director claims that videoing police is causing crime uptick


"According to Comey, the recent spate of videos recorded by ordinary citizens that have shown the police acting with disproportionate violence are causing the police force to act more tentatively and that in turn is leading to an increase in the crime rate."

But wouldn't the decrease in police actually doing their job (not 'an increase in crime') be offset by the decrease in crimes committed by police, because they know they are now unable to lie effectively?

Lauri Love backdoor forced-decryption case goes to court in UK


Re: Don't know about UK law

"At least we don't . . ."

That you know of.

"Strange laws", such as the ones which prohibit anyone disclosing unlawful activities by government.

Half of people plug in USB drives they find in the parking lot


Maybe The Students Are . . .

Maybe those university types are smarter than we think.

After all, isn't it a truism that modern anti-virus and anti-malware software automatically scans devices as they are connected, and automatically scans each software package as it is run? And isn't it true that university IT departments are staffed with the most knowledgeable and capable personnel, who maintain the uni's firewalls, internal protection systems, etc?

Why, then, would plugging in a flashdrive an issue?

Or . . . perhaps . . .we've all been misled by A-V and O/S claims of protection?

Bigger than Safe Harbor: Microsoft prez vows to take down US gov in data protection lawsuit


What Price Lawful Boundaries

The USG wants everyone - and every country - to accept that its' directives apply everywhere and everywhen. They want us all to believe that US means "all of US".

The USG is wrong. Not mistaken; wrong.

U.S. Law, created by the U.S. Congress, MUST comply with the limitations and restrictions placed on government by the US Constitution. Laws which contravene those limits, which assume authority not specifically granted (in writing) by the U.S. "Law Of The Land" are null and void and of no force, and consequently, any agent who attempts to enforce such "laws" is committing a criminal act. (Fact: the U.S. Court has ruled that members fo law enforcement are "professionals" and as such, are deemed to know the laws under which they operate. They cannot claim ignorance of The Law.)

The point: U.S. Law cannot and does not - lawfully, at least, apply outside the boundaries of the nation. Unless there is a constitutionally-valid treaty making specific defined-in-writing statutes lawful. Why else do you think treaties exist? Rules & regulations just don't cut it, at least accordng to the plain-language words of the "Supreme Law".

Q.E.D. many acts of the USG are unlawful, criminal, and so too are the actions of its' agents.

Of course, lawyers will say otherwise, but then, lawyers are not exactly disinterested parties wehen it comes to maintaining their icome, salaries, perks, and power-base.


"The government can do so because it recognises no territorial limits to US power in its laws: everywhere in the world is the United States."

There is national law, state law, county and city law, school district law, and international law. Within the boundaries of the united States, and applicable to all American citizens regardless of where they are, there is the Law with which all others must comply, the Law Of The Land, the U.S. Constitution. Which specifically states that States and citizens retain ALL Rights and ALL authorities except those specifically delegated in the written words of The Law. Interpretations by Congress and the COurt which fail to comply with the written delegations of authority laid out in The Law are violations of The Law.

Then we have the fact that U.S. law cannot, by definition, apply to other countries, except as specified under treaties and Status of Forces agreements. Obviously, else why do we need such treaties and agreements?

The logical conclusion is that any attempt by the U.S. to apply its' law to other nations is a criminal act.

But then, the largest criminal organization has always been a government, and the largest criminal gang is always a government's enforcers.

Q.E.D., resistance against such criminal acts is a valid use of the Right of Self-Defense, and as we should all know by now, the best defense is a good offense. Remember, even the US Gov't has said that "terrorists" are just "freedom fighters" by another name. It's only motivation that makes a difference.

So if your government keeps encouraging you to stand up for freedom . . .; well then, remember who the enemy is.

Hi! Up here! I'm your Amazon drone. Do you mind if I land now?


How Long Before . . .

How long before a law is demanded which makes it mandatory that we cumbersome people give Right-Of-Way to drones? All in the interest of better customer service, of course.

I can see it now--a line of already-disgruntled people watching as a drone attempts to move to the front of the line. I can also guess what the reactions will be. (Is it self-defense when the assailant is a drone? Would it be sufficient to remove the drone from the equation or should it be more correct to locate and remonstrate with the operators - and their employers? If just the drone, sawed-off shotguns, wad-cutters, and fragmenting bullets may be due a resurgence . . .)

Reprogrammble routers axed by TP-Link as FCC bans custom firmware


Shell Games

Just as in the shell-game, attention is being focused on the worng issue. I think, rather than the manufactureres being the problem, the root cause is government. Of course, U.S. agencies do not want the consumer to have an ability to mod firmware. If we can, then absent the introduction of hard-coded chipsets, their widespread penetration of router - and thus network, home, and small business - systems would be degraded. Oh, big business? Professional-grade CISCO and other network gear? They were subverted long ago. The stories even made the news. But that was yesterday's . . .

New open-source ad-blocking web browser emerges from brain of ex-Mozilla boss Eich


New (?) Browser Concept?

Sounds as if they're describing Ghostery. The Android version is great at stripping out the unneeded parts of the web. The IE and Firefox and Chrome addins seem to also work well. If they could only provide the user a means of saving, printing, emailing the reports it creates . . .

Backoff malware attacks hit 'more than 1,000 big businesses', warns US government


Why the SS Wants To Know

Secret Service: If you've been infected, let us know. Even if you were successful at defeating the attack, let us know. That way we can aid the NSA - and its' sub-division, the GCHQ - in modifying target lists, and procedures.

Australian test finds robot essay assessors on par with human teachers


Software, uh, Intelligence, Optional

"Software has emerged as the equal of humans when it comes to marking essays "

I suspect the "testing" actually says more about the test designers - and administrators / proctors - than anything else.

Windows 10: What's coming in 2016?


Re: How long?

The subscription will start next year.

How do I know, you ask?

I have emails on file to and from Microsoft, where I queried their failure to issue me a standalone key for my retail version of Windows 10. I pointed out that their advertisements and support pages all state that the upgrade is permanent (for the life of that particular machine), and that those of us with full retail keys will retain our right to transfer that key to a different machine. I then asked why the auto-installed key for my machine was a generic non-retail key, and I even provided them a copy of my purchasing receipt for the full retail version. Purchased from Microsoft, I might add. They said that the free install was valid only for 1 year, and that if I ever had to reinstall after that year, even using my Win8 or Win 7 retail keys, that I would be required to purchase a full key because the "free" upgrade key would no longer be valid at the end of the "free" period.

In other words, once they have slurped us all in to the Win10 pool, they will treat us as a captive audience, and kill off older O/S. How will anyone reinstall and validate Win87 or 8 once those platforms - and their validation servers - have been taken off line?


Re: A big year of shame for Windows...

I'm confused. My Windows 10 Pro, desktop & laptop & tablet, plus those of all my clients, are running Classic Shell with no issues. Of course, I have deleted or disabled registry keys and services to stop the blatant theft of personal identifying data and the slurping of personal use patterns, software lists, et al. I suspect it helps that I - and my clients - use machines for work and real communication, and do not download and install every social networking app as a substitute for real person-to-person "interfacing".

Just in case you're getting your Classic Shell from, uh, disinformation sites, here's the info:

Classic Shell



Requirements: Classic Shell works on Win 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and their server counterparts (WinServer 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016). Both 32 and 64-bit versions are supported. The same installer works for all versions. Note: Windows RT is not supported.

No, I do not work for them, own stock in their firm, sell them services, or profit in any way other than the wasted time their product helps me reclaim when using the abomination that Windows 10 is out-of-the-box.

Hillary Clinton says for crypto 'maybe the back door is the wrong door'


Appearance . . . of Integrity

Apropos . . . why are the vast majority of Hillary pics airbrushed to remove wrinkles, change the eyes, and otherwise make her look , umm, "better"?

Lying about one's appearance leads me to believe one might -just may be - lying about other things. After all, it's not as if we don't already have huge volumes of evidence demonstrating her talent for doing so. Though, in my opinion, she's not all that good at it. For much else, either.

After Burner: Sega’s jet-fighting, puke-inducing arcade marvel



"Puke-inducing" Really? Perhaps then you (the reporter and/or editor) should stick to baby carriages.

This entire article was nothing more than click-bait filler material and does not enhance the Register's "reputation".

Why Microsoft yanked its latest Windows 10 update download: It hijacked privacy settings


Re: The Shape of things to come

"so that at some point in the future they would be able to" capture the passwords, preferences, and viewing habits of the hundreds of millions of users who failed to realize the settings had been changed.

As everyone should know by now, data is money. Money is power. Information is power. Q.E.F.D., the more info you have, the more power you can grab.

How could anyone not understand this?

Gridstore going gangbusters


SQL Licensing Contradictions

Has Microsoft changed its' licensing policies?

You said "One of these bids involved, Gridstore says, a healthcare service provider, which virtualized its SQL Server instances, upgraded to the latest enterprise version of SQL Server, and funded it all with the cost savings in SQL Server licenses."

As I recall, SQL requires licenses for each real - and virtual - occurrence.

Swiss watch: Cuckoo-clock cops threaten Win 10 whup-ass can pop


Other Win10 - and 8 - and 7 - and XP - Privacy Issues.

Apps That "talk" to the Outside World All Day, Every Day

Control What Leaves, and What Comes In to your PC from outside

Start > Settings > Search > Firewall > Allow An App Through Windows Firewall

Disable (uncheck) the Public side for each app that you do not want communicating. Only Core Networking and Skype have to have the Public side enabled. All others work perfectly well if set to Private side only. And if you don't use Skype . . .

But make sure you check on a routine basis, as Microsoft has a nasty habit of re-enabling apps and ports without asking first.

Also . . .

Delivery Optimization makes your PC part of a Torrent network, and uses your bandwidth, your time, your processing power to send updates and apps from your PC to other PCs on your local network or PCs on the Internet. It’s basically how torrents work: your computer is used as part of a peer to peer network to deliver updates faster to others.

How do I turn Delivery Optimization off?

Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Update > Advanced options > select Choose how updates are delivered, and then use the toggle to turn Delivery Optimization off. When turned off, you'll still get updates and apps from Windows Update and from the Windows Store.


Stopping Services Isn't Enough

Won't help to stop services if you don't disable them. And . . . any Microsoft Updates could reset them.

So, create and use this registry edit. Keep it handy and re-run it whenever your system notifies you that an update has been applied.

(Assuming, that is, that MS doesn't surreptitiously slip one pass the notification settings.)


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; All services have a setting controlling how they are started,

; either manually, automatically or disabled. This setting can

; be changed through the registry. Open your registry and find

; the key below:

; HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services

; Listed under this key are subkeys representing the devices and services on the system.

; Open the subkey corresponding to the service you wish to change, and modify the value of

; 'Start' to equal either "2" (for automatic), "3" (for manual) or "4" (for disabled)





; Telemetry, by Default, is enabled.

; "1" = Yes - Enabled.and "0" = No - Disabled




Sorry 'bout the double-spacing. I'm posting a plain-text file, and don't have time to work out why the Reg is corrupting it.

My name for this RegEdit? TelemetryServicesDisable

Copy the file, change the Start Setting parameter, and you can have TelemetryServicesManualStart and a third copy can be TelemetryServicesAuto-Default-Start .

US State of Georgia sues 'terrorist' for publishing its own laws ... on the internet


Re: This might help (or confuse)

I do appreciate the pointer to that quote, but let us not forget that Wikipedia is not an official citation of what the law actually says. Rather, it's a place where almost anyone can proclaim and edit to make their viewpoint prominent. Those, including lawyers and judges, who rely on Wikipedia are - one might think - criminally culpable.


Re: Major change needed

Ah, but the costs of any work performed by or contracted by government has in fact already been funded - paid for - by the collection of taxes. Though there is the recurring theft by government employees, mostly politicians and upper-level brown-nose bureaucratics, which contracts work that has not been budgeted for. I do wonder if proper analysis would show correlations between that and bank account growth of gov employees and/or their favored contractors.

'Just follow the damn Constitution!' FBI, DoJ skewered over demands for crypto backdoors


re TSA Locks as an Alibi

I forgot to point out that, as with TSA locks, so with government-mandated encryption. All you have to do to establish reasonable doubt is point out the huge number of organizations and people, government, criminal (yes, I know that's redundant, but . . .), corporate and otherwise who have the "keys".


TSA Locks as an Alibi

There have been many reports of individuals, after they arrived at their destination, discovering they had inadvertently left knives, guns, and even cans of shaving cream or mid-sized bottles of (insert liquid of choice) in their checked and in some cases carry-on luggage. Items which the TSA somehow failed to detect.

Remember this the next time you are accused. Just point out that the mandatory TSA Locks are like the marijuana found in a trash can ploy. Anyone could have put it there, since the TSA Lock is an open door for how many TSA security checked but not law enforcement and uninvestigated-yet employees, luggage handlers, ramp personnel, and so on.

It doesn't even matter what country you are in at the moment. The TSA-approved locks are so ubiquitous, in so many airport stores and such, that there isn't a government, or criminal organization, in this world who doesn't already have the master key.

For that matter, your personal vehicle . . . there are only so many mechanical keys and keycodes available. you'd be surprised how many different locks your car key will open.

Why the US government reckons it should keep phone network kill-switches a secret


Re: Fail deadly

Emplace device. Have it stay safe only so long as it receives a broadcast. (This isn't a difficult design.)

Voila! A clear and convincing demonstration of how government actions create the very danger it's claiming to safeguard against.

Economics prof denies digital pirates plundered €20bn from EU coffers


Piracy (on the web) and Social Marketing

Anyone who backtracks the IPs of certain "uploaders" could easily find that more than a few are the recording companies themselves.

And there are those who upload only to create opportunities to issue threat letters claiming they will sue if you don't pay up immediately.

Then, there are those who tell us that it would be a crime to target them, their companies and websites, with retribution (which the legal system says, when done by it, is "education").

Microsoft comes right out and says backup software is dead


So What Am I Using Right Now?

Backup Software is dead? Who knew?

I guess the package I'm using as I type this (on separate systems) is imaginary. Ah, well, if I had to reach the Cloud to restore, I'd have to throw the "being restored" system away.

Germany's BND muscles in on metadata mass surveillance


" the information hoovered up includes records of phone numbers involved in a call or text message, the time of a communication and the length of a call (but, crucially, not the content of a communication)."

" . . . NOT . . ."

You believe this? Because it came from a "trusted" source? Such as the BND? Or worse, some politician?

FORK ME! Uber hauls GitHub into court to find who hacked database of 50,000 drivers


They said: ". . . from an IP address not associated with an Uber employee and otherwise unknown to Uber . . ."

Taking them at their word, if they don't know, how do they know it was not associated with an Uber employee? Just because it wasn't an IP address assigned or controlled by Uber doesn't mean an employee couldn't have used a Proxy or a computer not associated with the Uber network.

Any judge with even a smidgen of tech savvy would laugh the suit out of court based on that alone. Given that they "believe" the GitHub post contained a key, the entire thing is nothing more than a fishing expedition. Where is evidence - amounting to proof under Rules of Evidence - that this had anything to do with GitHub? Or that a "key" was ever made available on the site? More likely an employee had possession when he or she walked out, er, drove out the door.

As I said, any Judge not willing to be laughed out of court would laugh the suit out before he or she becomes a part of the countersuit.

Logic is a bitch. If A=B and B=C, then C=A. I wonder how many judges passed their logic classes? Or even took one?

Live a day in the life of Jennifer Lawrence: Tell Reddit to delete your stolen nude selfies


"if a photograph, video, or digital image of you in a state of nudity, sexual excitement, or engaged in any act of sexual conduct, is posted or linked to on reddit without your permission, it is prohibited on reddit."

Let's see . . .

What is nudity? In different places, the laws are different. Some say pasties are enough; some say otherwise. So Reddit is setting itself up to violate laws in differing locations by censoring freedom of speech? A Right protected in the U.S., and also recognized under the auspices of the U.N.

What is sexual excitement? Laughing, smiling, eyes sparkling, cold nips, uh, "nipping"? In that case, would it not be the one who is wearing the thin T-shirt, bathing suit, or dress who is at fault? And no, that's not sexist; even men - and some "undecided" - wear dresses nowadays. Too, let's not overlook the "excitement" which happens to a man in revealing clothing who sees a "sexually exciting" person (of whichever sexual disposition).

Engaged in any act of sexual conduct? Like, for instance, being male or female in public? Or private? Modelling for a photoshoot? Acting in a movie or play?

Careful, Reddit Censors-in-Chief. I see lawsuits galore; lawyers getting rich, property being seized pending investigation . . .

C’mon Lenovo. Superfish hooked, but Pokki Start Menu still roaming free


Re: Pokki is fine

Classic Shell


Requirements: Classic Shell works on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2012. Both 32 and 64-bit versions are supported (the same installer works for both).


Classic Start Menu is a clone of the original start menu, which you can find in all versions of Windows from 95 to Vista. It has a variety of advanced features:

•Drag and drop to let you organize your applications

•Options to show Favorites, expand Control Panel, etc

•Shows recently used documents. The number of documents to display is customizable

•Translated in 35 languages, including Right-to-left support for Arabic and Hebrew

•Does not disable the original start menu in Windows. You can access it by Shift+Click on the start button

•Right-click on an item in the menu to delete, rename, sort, or perform other tasks

•The search box helps you find your programs without getting in the way of your keyboard shortcuts

•Supports jumplists for easy access to recent documents and common tasks

•Available for 32 and 64-bit operating systems

•Has support for skins, including additional 3rd party skins

•Fully customizable in both looks and functionality

•Support for Microsoft’s Active Accessibility

•Converts the “All Programs” button in the Windows menu into a cascading menu (Vista and Windows 7)

•Implements a customizable Start button (Windows 7 and 8)

•Can show, search and launch Windows Store apps (Windows 8)

•And last but not least – it's FREE!

Pick from 8 default skins, download more from the Internet, or make your own! Check out the Skinning Tutorial

Google, Amazon 'n' pals fork out for AdBlock Plus 'unblock' – report


Re: Bought it already

"Google et al charge per eyeball, then they don't care that you've already bought, and such a button would cost them millions, and that's the last thing they want"

That seems to imply that Google, et al, are deliberately defrauding their customers . . .

Which times in closely with the business model of supporting the U.S. Gov / NSA while telling the public they're not. Is it any wonder Snowden's on a enemies list? Anyone who costs politicians money . . .


Adblock Edge a better choice

Adblock plus has "acceptable ads" enabled by default. Adblock Edge however does not have acceptible ads and blocks ALL ads by default.

It's probably time to make the switch . . .

Ugly, incomplete, buggy: Windows 10 faces a sprint to the finish



"we'll be keeping it current for the supported lifetime of the device""

Who decides what the "lifetime" of a "device" is?

What's a "device"? Motherboard, daughterboard, external peripherals, printers, etc, etc?