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German court says 'Nein' on Facebook profile access request


Re: Minors should be different

The question is more why aren't kids and teens shown the appropriate level of respect for their privacy in the real world /and/ online.

Not all parents are good people, some are evil abusive bastards who are good at presenting the illusion of good parents when others are around. I speak from personal experience here. You cannot know if the request has the best interests of the young person at heart and it's a dangerous assumption to make, just because one is a position of power and the other has virtually no rights.

The safest way is to refuse the requests, this they have done and I hope they'd do the same with a living young person.

If parents want to know what their kids are doing on acebook, they might try talking to them like actual human beings instead of going behind their back and eroding any trust they might still have.

How one developer just broke Node, Babel and thousands of projects in 11 lines of JavaScript


Re: I think you mean 30 years ago

Oh please, 30 years ago was 1986, the year the Spectrum 128 and BBC Master 128 were released, they were hardly long in the tooth then, 4 years old in the case of the Speccy, 5 in the case of the Beeb.

Still a great fan of both platforms, the Sinclairs for bringing computing to people who coudln't otherwise afford it and the BBC for creating an excellent machine with a structured basic, an understandable accessible OS and a proper assembler, in ROM.

Still have one of each set up here (although rather modifed/expanded to make use of modern storage solutions, CF and Ethernet in the case of the Speccy, SD in the case of the BBC (Bit banged SPI using the user VIA to do SD access)), if curious see: http://kupo.be/tpics/oldsystems20160307.jpg

From Zero to hero: Why mini 'puter Oberon should grab Pi's crown


$180? I think not...


How is a $180 computer that does less than the Pi a competitor to the Pi?

Also, if you think kids can't use Linux, you are very wrong.They can not only use it but administer it and are doing so in increasing numbers from a very young age.

Free science journal library gains notoriety, lands injunctions




PLOS One will even waive the publishing fee if paying it would cause some hardship to the researcher.

Who would code a self-destruct feature into their own web browser? Oh, hello, Apple


Re: Nice to know..

Remember QNX

Got it on the front of a magazine

Was very popular with kids at a US school (whose name I forget) as you could boot from it and browse the web while bypassing the filtering they had in place.

UN fight for internet control lined up in Brazil


Re: Such a choice.


NO SALE: IBM won't cash in its chips with GlobalFoundries after all


Re: 300mm (= 1') fab

I think we call them shoes.

Bay Area plots Googlebus tax after local residents riot


Excuse me?

They shouldn't be paying a damn penny.

If the NIMBYs don't like it, they're free to move. (or more sensibly keep their noses out of things that are nothing to do with them)

The buses are a good thing, they reduce road use, reduce pollution, reduce emissions and cost the local authority nothing as they're paid for by the companies involved.

How about taking action against the gangs of roving thugs assaulting people/vandalising property instead of pandering to them?

Britain's costliest mistake? Lord Stern defends his climate maths


Re: one small problem : "both halves of the debate"

the ice fields are not growing, they've shrunk for years and grown a bit this year, these sorts of small variations from the trend are to be expected.

Also, there is no debate, anthropogenic global warming is a fact and given the massive latency any mitigation efforts will have to contend with it's not to early to start.

Short answer, the sky /is/ falling and if we don't do something about it now, we're stuffed.

Ubuntu unleashes dual boot tool for Android mobes'n'slabs


Re: xmas in US

Plastic cheese is not limited to the USA. Unfortunately.

Look at the ingredients list on this stuff I bought from the co-op the other day while not paying attention... (it's 89% not cheese!)


Parents can hide abortion, contraception advice from kids, thanks to BT's SEX-ED web block


Re: Is this all done by deliberate DNS errors?

I believe they'll actually null route the sites at the router, although I have no evidence for that, it's just how I'd do it if I were a censorious arse.

If they just do it on a DNS level that's laughable, heh, although perhaps they'll block connections to alternative DNS servers, probably transparently proxy them to their own.


Welcome to 1984.

George Orwell is long dead and he was about 30 years off but here we are.

(also, recently the conservative party engaged in the largest act of revisionism I've ever seen by removing pretty much all information from their time in opposition and calling it a site upgrade)

Remember to get permission from the police if you wish to protest this, because that's apparently what we have to do in a supposedly free country now.

Sweden is looking good.

Microsoft's licence riddles give Linux and pals a free ride to virtual domination


Shared kernel virtualisation is a bad idea.


Shared kernel virtualisation is a Bad Thing (tm) when offering Linux to your customers...

The moment a single customer wants to install a kernel module, they can't! Then the only way to actually do it is to ask the admin to install the module on your processing node and if my experience is typical (and the design suggests it is) this then involves either a reboot of the node causing problems for everyone else on it or more likely a wait for a scheduled reboot.

Once when with a VPS company who shall remain nameless, I had to actually wait nearly three MONTHS (paying all the while) for them to install TUN/TAP modules so I could use the VPS as the VPN endpoint I'd bought it for!

Shared kernels are bad for customers although good for sellers as they can shove more users on the node for less money.

Chromebook 11 CATCHES FIRE at last, FLIES off shelves


Re: Surely?

In this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!

Ten ancestors of the netbook


Re: Less is more @AC

HP weren't the only company to make good calculators...

My Casio FX730P pocket computer has been running for 25-30 years and will probably continue to do so for years to come. Simple design with a built in basic so what it doesn't do now it can be programmed to do, no idea why Casio stopped making those with the Z-1 GR...


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