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Microsoft Outlook sends users back to 1930 with (very) mini-Millennium-Bug glitch


Re: Y2K & Date Windowing - THIS IS NOT A BUG

Absolutely and not unique to Microsoft. LibreOffice does the same, which is recognised as Good Practice.

Broken password check algorithm lets anyone log into Cisco's Wi-Fi admin software

Black Helicopters

Re: I'd guess

Not the NSA backdoor. That still works after the patch.

FreeDOS puts out first new version in six years


And behind them, MVS. Integration was fun.

Gnu Nano releases version 6.0 of text editor, can now hide UI frippery


Re: Vi forever

What are these text editor thingies?

cat - > file.txt arranges all the text I need.

AWS announces new region in the Land of the Long White Cloud – New Zealand


All Normal

All part of the ebb and flow of ICT Strategy.

- Data is safe in the Cloud

- Data is safe if the cloud is in your legal jurisdiction

- Data is safe if the cloud is on premises

- Data is safe if you own the cloud/kit

Repeat for systems.

45 million medical scans from hospitals all over the world left exposed online for anyone to view – some servers were laced with malware


Re: Who is at fault?

You have been watching too much Billy Connelly.


I'll give you my passwords if you investigate police corruption, accused missile systems leaker told cops


Delusional Disorder

"A mental health nurse ...." is also said to have told the court that she discovered he had previously been diagnosed with "delusional disorder",

Shirley that is just a natural consequence of working in the IT sector....

If you suddenly can't print to your HP Printer from your Mac, you're not alone: Code security cert snafu blamed


Re: HP

DVD's, what is that about?


WTF is cloud-tethered compute? We're not sure either, but it just made a hype cycle for the first time


40 Odd Years Mature

I seem to recall one John Gage, chief scientist and master geek at Sun Microsystems, saying something about, "The network is the computer.".

What has changed?

There's Norway you're going to believe this: Government investment fund conned out of $10m in cyber-attack


A Legal Scam Coming

The bill for this "PwC is also being called in to do an evaluation for the IT security setup at the fund." may well be in the region of the original scam, once it is all over.

C'mon SPARCky, it's just an admin utility update. What could possibly go wrong?


Don't forget the 1G IPI drives. With Power Supply they are a challenge for one person.

ERP disaster zone: The mostly costly failures of the past decade


We/You Never Learn

Retired now, after 40 years in the industry. The same mistakes keep on robbing business of funds.

Lesson One - Never believe the vendor

Lesson Two - Use what you have

Lesson Three - Go to One.

I cannot get why organisations still have not understood the ERP, CRM etc. etc. will do nothing to make the business better. Only hard work and brainpower will do that.

It is unbelievable how large organisations continue to be rorted by vendors who know less about business principles than any half competent commercial organisation.

No it's not Russell Brand's new cult, it's Microsoft's Office crew rolling out their Save Experience


Missing So Much Intellectual Challenge

Since our small enterprise switched to 100% Mac OSX and LibreOffice.

Bad news. Asteroid 1999 KW4 flew by, did not hit Earth killing us all. Good news: Another one, Didymos, is on the way


Great Pool Shot!

So, in 2022, we Hit it.

18 months later, yes we can confirm we changed the orbital speed by 1%. Unfortunately it is now on track to hit Earth Dead Centre.

Driverless cars will lead to data-sharing – of the electrical kind


Re: First create the infrastructure for taxes

No, the EV's don't run on a renewables mix in New Zealand. This is a common fallacy. 70% of NZ's energy comes from renewables, the balance comes from Oil, Gas and Coal. The problem is that 99% of the time the renewables are served up first, so dino fuel is used for incremental load. So every extra load connected to the grid, over and above "normal" load, comes from dino fuel. Pretty much all the electricity for EV's is generated from imported coal or oil.

Fancy buying our aircraft carrier satnav, Raytheon asks UK


Does Raytheon provide spacial awareness and collision avoidance systems for US destroyers?

New Zealand carrier says Cu later, copper: we're giving customers a glassing instead


The story is a bit misleading. The area covered by the street a day scheme is a small part of the North Island, which is the area served by UltraFast Fibre. In most of NZ Chorus is well advanced in rolling out fibre to the premises.

And Spark is now a minority telco, there would be few streets in NZ where Spark has most of the retail customers, let alone all.

Register, you have polished up a press release t#rd, shame on you.

Samsung patches Galaxy Note 7 to not explode as two-thirds of phones recalled


Re: Hmmm

Going to be interesting when self driving car vendors force a recall. Thousands of them lining up and heading for the factory.

Was that a real recall or has the BOFH done his thing again?

Pop-up Kiwi CERT a shepherd for helpless hacked SMB flock


Re: The Shire has a...

He has leaked something the rest of NZ knows nothing about.

PC sales go OFF A CLIFF to under 300 million a year


Worldwide Is A Bit Different

World wide shipments look interesting for Apple - http://www.macrumors.com/2015/07/09/apple-us-mac-sales-drop-2q15/

BOFH: Stop your tiers – when it comes to storage, less is more


Re: How about the morass that was SCSI?

I quite liked the sound of the Sun4 IPI drives. They sounded like they had chickens inside, scratching around to find the bits. Maybe they did.

Forget hackers - storms and snafus are bigger threat, say infosec bods


Vendor Alert

CEO to developer staff - quick, develop software that can be marketed as protecting against storm attacks, there appears to be more money in it than anti-virus software.

New Zealand to bar software patents, again


Re: Naah

Which would be why Dotcom has been locked in custody, then promptly deported....


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