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NASA's 161-second helicopter tour of Martian terrain


And the obligatory gloat

Linux runs on more planets!

More than half of UK workers would consider jumping ship if a hybrid work option were withdrawn by their company


The question is, have you replaced them? I would, as many others, have said would wait for the right ship to sail past then I would be bidding you a not very sad farewell.

But why that VPN? How WireGuard made it into Linux


Tailscale based on wireguard

As mentioned in the first post take a look at https://tailscale.com/ which is built on top of wireguard. You get 20 devices free and $50 gets you a further 80 for home/hobbyist users. I have one of my home servers set up as an exit node. This means when out and about can push everything through my home internet, you can also bring up VM's in the cloud quickly install and use that as an exit node from a region of choice. The DNS service means you can access home servers via name. It really has a lot going for it and is available on most mac/windows/linux/andriod platforms. Don't get me wrong wireguard is awesome, but, tailscale IMHO takes it to the next level.

Apple sues 'amoral 21st century mercenaries' NSO for infecting iPhones with Pegasus spyware


Re: National Security Letters

Think Apple have always been clear on this if it's on a users phone they won't help. If it is on their servers and you have a legal right to the data here you go take it. Same as Google, Microsoft et all. I don't like their stance on China, but, that's another matter.


Problem with this is ...

It's the fact that companies like NSO(which are stated sponsored) pay massive bounties for zero-day exploits. I seem to recall the bounty on Pidgin messenger was $100k that was more than the project had in finances for 3 years. So whether you like Apple or not at least their going after the likes of the NSO does help, the smaller devs can't defend themselves against this, but, Apple & Facebook etc can hit them hard, hopefully, hard enough to break them. Also remember apple will be going for discovery, which should make very interesting reading for all.

The M in M1 is for moans: How do you turn a new MacBook Pro into a desktop workhorse?


How come ...

People don't research the products they buy? They pay £1200 quid for a product that is no good for their use case and then moan on about how it does not work for them. Seems a bit daft to me :)

Apple’s premium TV plans – the hobby doomed to stay that way


Really get my goat...

The media companies just milk the consumers, really hate the fu|<ers, most of all I despise sky, I will never have any product produced by that company, I wish to go on a rant, but will spare my fellow elReg readers!

Ubuntu UNITY is GNOME-MORE: 'One Linux' dream of phone, slab, desktop UI axed


Took Balls to Give It a Go ...

bigger ones to know when to give it up.

now some focus, weyland as a nice just for me desktop that gives me seamless integration with my ubuntu servers, lovely, some of you guys may also like it, but hey I am only thinking of me :)

Folders return to Windows 10's Start Thing


Well a few months back...

Something went wrong and my last windows 7 machine got auto upgraded, I was going to keep windows7 but could not be arsed to reinstall, so I waved a 'fond?' farewell to windows.

Raspberry Pi Foundation releases operating system for PCs, Macs


Well, as long ...

as it has vim I can make use of it :-)

Apple to automatically cram macOS Sierra into Macs – 'cos that worked well for Windows 10


Apple also control the hardware

As Apple also control the hardware the experience tends to be a bit smoother, though do wait a couple of weeks before install just in case - but then even Apple waited a couple of weeks before it went in to nag mode :-)

Apple Watch craze over before it started: Wrist-puter drags market screaming off a cliff


Could be...

People are just waiting for the new model, must be due soon...

Use Brexit to save smokers' lives and plug vaping, say peers


Re: Not scientific, but true

Me also, stopped smoking started vaping was vaping nicotine free in about 6 week and now I use it from time to time(beer time) a bottle of ejuice lasts me about 8 weeks, my better half did the same on the same day and she never even touches the vape anymore.

I have heard this same story from everyone I know/meet that has tried to quit using vape, some quit others like to vape from time to time, none smoke anymore.

Bomb-disposal robot violently disposes of Dallas cop-killer gunman


Got to admit ...

Something about this makes me feel very uncomfortable, it does feel like an execution no matter what the circumstances, would hate this to become the norm!

Apple and Android wearables: What iceberg? It’s full steam ahead!


I like my Magellan Echo

it's nice and simple just echo what is on the fitness app from the iphone when I am out for a run, battery lasts months and I can skip music tracks, flick through stats with a tap and cost 37.50 new from Tesco ebay selloff site, oh that price included a BLE heart rate monitor. Now that is smart :-)

Now Google backs everyone's favorite trade pact: The TPP


Sigh ...

Spelling -- favor!

Got a Fitbit? Thought you were achieving your goals? Better read this


Also while I remember resting heart rate, max heart rate not too much of a worry we are all different, but heart rate recovery seems to be important, the accuracy is not so much an issue here just as long as it Is consistent in fact for safety sake being low is better.

I am no doctor just interested in me and how I work, but if a doc wants to pipe in would be interested

Also agree with others don't need an ecg just take your pulse and check the average over time, technology is great but hey not always needed


I find the Fitbit resting heart rate out by about 10% to high my rhr is about 47 but fb is almost always > 52 but that is the alto as it reports the right heart rate, in moderate to high exercise when it's right it's right when it's wrong it's way off, but so are most optical monitors I use a chest strap for exercise the Fitbit is for day to day stuff walking etc, resting heart rate would be nice if it was correct, I checked when I first got it lots of people say the same it reads too high, Fb claim they have a special algorithm wtf average over 7 days on wake up is the accepted rhr special algorithm is stupid

The ‘Vaping Crackdown’ starts today. This is what you need to know


Re: So the bar is now much higher for e-cig makers

@Steven Raith

What you said, well informed and thanks :-)

SpaceX's Musk: We'll reuse today's Falcon 9 rocket within 2 months


Re: The plans are going to sound crazy

Could of been worse, the ship could have been called:-

of course I won't come in your mouth

The cheque's in the mail

call me Dave, I pay my tax



Re: Nicely done...

Awesome, I have watched planes and helicopters land on ships and you think now that takes skill, but a rocket, that, as they say takes the fuc|<ing biscuit :-)

Dear Windows, OS X folks: Update Flash now. Or kill it. Killing it works


It's dead to me :-)

Microsoft will rest its jackboot on Windows 7, 8.1's throat on new Intel CPUs in 2018 – not 2017


All this fuss...

over nothing, I did have a windows 7 pc but it started asking me to upgrade to windows 10, so I put linux on it, now it does not ask me if I want windows 10.

Remix OS: China's take on an Android operating system – but for PCs


Re: Disappointed


I assume it's the cost, you get estimates of anything from 1bn to 3bn USD and up to develop the 2.6 Linux kernel, it would take a lot of balls to start from scratch and try to leap frog iOS, Android or even Windows, better off with a new wallpaper job and a big marketing budget.

Western Digital spins up a USB disk just for the Raspberry Pi


Re: The price baloons. To what exactly?

@AC. Good catch yesterday was also pi day in the US

Linux fans may be in for disappointment with SQL Server 2016 port


Re: Perfectly understandable


Apart from others comments, I will add go and look up shareware

Cisco says CLI becoming interface of last resort


Re: History repeats itself

Reminds me of a quote

the gui making simple things easy and difficult things impossible

Bruce Schneier: We're sleepwalking towards digital disaster and are too dumb to stop



UK Politicians please take note

"Historically we are bad at defending against threats and very good at panicking about them," he said. "Panic is more dangerous to liberty than the threats themselves."

Microsoft releases Windows 10 preview for Raspberry Pi 3


Who cares...

if you need/want/works for you then go with Windows 10 IoT, but you will probably be in the minority, kids at school now have the RPi with a free OS that does not need a full blown desktop to program IoT, but if needed you can develop on a RPi3 and deploy to a RPi0 and when they go to Uni their development environment fits in a pencil case. I also get the distinct impression if you turned up to start a computer science degree with a windows machine these days you would be laughed at, it's Linux/BSD all the way in the Comp Sci arena.

Raspberry Pi celebrates fourth birthday with fruity version 3


Right ...

RPi w/Bluetooth LE built in, Heart Rate Monitor, Stride Sensor, treadmill and me, now that's what I call active programming :-)

Raspberry Pi 3 to sport Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE – first photos emerge


Re: Bluetooth YAAAAY [golf clap]

Do agree, BT needs some love, so I really hope the RPi 3 has BT as there is a good chance they will push the development as they have done in other areas.

Surprise! British phone wins Best Product at Mobile World Congress


Re: Great news

Bet you also think leaving the EU will mean no more VAT

Cameron co-opts UK mobile industry for EU Remain campaign


Re: BBC bias

The BBC have been really good so far, they have not yet managed to spin this as being direct evidence of global warming, still they have 4 months left :-)

Wee little ARM Cortex-A32 core design tugs at engineers' sleeves, wants IoT love too


Re: Desktop


And <$50

Facebook tells Viz to f**k right off



Didn't the Gypsy council take Viz to court, long before there was a facebook?

Now Facebook taking this action, can only mean this is the long term revenge of the Gypsies, Zuckerburg is a Gypsy, now that answers a few questions!

The Nano-NAS market is now a femto-flop being eaten by the cloud


Also agree, I have not got the slowest broadband, but having just closed down a 400gb cloud account it took a few weeks to get it downloaded, not doing that again in a hurry.

As most of these NAS boxes are linux based a couple of SATA to USB connectors with PSU is a much needed tool, pull the disk clone to spare hard drive backup done for single disk NAS, not a normal user operation agreed but not many here are normal users.

Most of the data I keep on NAS is not that important, the important stuff gets well backed up, but the rest as and when.

Met Police wants to keep billions of number plate scans after cutoff date



Nope, there will be no "nice shiny storage farms" they will store the database in the cloud and Amazon/Google/MS/American Cloud Company will take all the tax payers money and say the deal was done in Ireland and no tax will be paid. The database will be out sourced to an American company who will charge a fortune, make it look shiny but it won't ever work properly, the Met will continue to claim that it is absolutely necessary as part of their crime fighting arsenal and tax payers money will continue to be lost :-(

ARM pumps fist as profits soar, warns of weaker hand in 2016


Re: "It had a bumper year, but expect losses for this one"

I think el reg got a bit confused, last paragraph is about imagination posting losses, including this year, nothing to do with ARM. As you say just because ARM has announced, It may not have as good a year as last year, it does not mean it is going to post a loss.

Canonical reckons Android phone-makers will switch to Ubuntu


Not Sure...

They can persuade the general populace to move, they are comfortable with iOS or Android why move? On the other hand I would have one, just to try it, I use Linux every day having a convenient package in the shape of a phone that I carry with me works for me, but it needs to support heart rate monitors, bike speed & cadence, audio books as well as the normal apps otherwise no use to me, as I may as well stay with the laptop and that's the problem with breaking in to the market, you can cover 95% of peoples wants, but most of us have devices already that cover 100% of our wants, why downgrade?

I really like the idea though, so do wish them all the best.

Windows 10 will now automatically download and install on PCs


Re: Sue 'em

@Mr Damage

Consumer wise same in the UK, unless it is against your statutory rights, basically at point of sale you and the retailer enter into a contract and all terms and conditions that need to be adhered to must be clearly displayed at that point, not 10 meters back on a wall in white text on a white background or sealed in a box, otherwise your statutory rights apply and anything else you can get away with.

English contract law, as used by most countries, even the old colonies :-)

As an aside always wondered about these "No contract" terms the local Gym, TV on demand, Mobile operator etc. go on about(and then list a pile of conditions), because as far as I am aware everything in the UK that is sold to a consumer is under contract and to deny it would be against the law, wouldn't it? After all "No Contract" means none, zilch F*** all, or is it like "Unlimited Broadband"!

Land Rover Defender dies: Production finally halted by EU rules


Landrover Defender...

Because you need ear defenders to drive them, difference between a 90 & 110 = 20dB, still you have to love them, they are just so British!

Safari iOS crashing: Suggestions snafu KOs the Apple masses


Re: Not sure why but it didn't affect me


The wife, who hits upgrade the second a new iOS version becomes available, has been complaining about Safari not working since the upgrade. I did my normal "let me know when it is working and I will upgrade" :-)

Microsoft herds biz users to Windows 10 by denying support for Win 7 and 8 on new CPUs


Re: Ah, my good IT firends...

>> I don't need to know all the intricacies of LDAP, KERBEROS, and NFS and SAMBA to have a working network.

Ah, Windows Admin click, click, click config method

click, check if working, nope

Click, click, working? nope

Click, click, click, working? nope but that nearly always works

Click, click, click, click, click click, panic, panic, panic, click, click, click ....

Do here they are getting power shell, new windows admin interview question -- can you type :-)


Re: Anti-Trust suit impending.


Don't have any windows machines now, but in the past when you first boot a new laptop you get the choice to refuse the license agreement, once you have done this you used to be able to ask for a refund of the license fee. People need to start pushing back, if you can't get the license fee back as they say it is part of the deal send the whole laptop back as unfit for purpose.

2015 was the Year of the Linux Phone ... Nah, we're messing with you


It works...

Well for me on the desktop, anyone else YMMV

On the other hand it Fuc|< off excels on the server not just for me, but just about anyone who is worth mentioning, even MS.

In other words if you don't like Linux desktops, get windows, chrome or osx the choice is yours, if you don't like Linux servers, I understand there maybe some options available for you, just don't ask me :-)

2015's horror PC market dropped nine per cent


Re: Who buys from them anyway?

@A Ghost

You could view Chrome Book/Box as a standard Linux desktop, they do what most users want and don't need much in the way of support and as you point out they are cheap.


Re: Possible explanation

I know what you mean, two of my personal laptops are circa 2008 upgraded to 4gb memory and SSD, run Linux and are more than fast enough for most tasks, why replace them?

Microsoft’s Get Windows 10 nagware shows signs of sentience


and the winners are...

Apple & Google

Or so it seems to me, chromebook/box will suit most consumers and for those that need a bit more a Mac will do the job.

Me I will stick with Linux, not playing the MS game any longer.

Boozing is unsafe at ‘any level’, thunders chief UK.gov quack


Can someone give me...

The risk assessment for working -- suspect it is way higher than the odd beer.

HPE's London boozer dubbed the 'Hewlett You Inn?'


Re: Oversized Packaging

Traditionally yes, but today's downsizing means all pints tend to come in bulk packaging of 9 or 18 gallons Firkins & Kilderkins, I prefer it by the Tun and maybe HP would prefer not to be the Butt of such jokes