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Apple, FBI: YES we're, er, looking into the NAKED CELEBRITY PICS. Aren't you?


I'm 95% certain these celebutards wanted their nudies leaked in order to get their Q Rating up, because in Hollywood, "All publicity is good publicity". They don't have any problem appearing nude before a camera with two dozen grips and lighting technicians staring. Tell me you've never heard of the casting couch where "stars" (lol) have to sleep with old men who run the studios and then - Voila! - she's the star of a movie.

What's the difference between Hollywood and the porn industry down the street? Not a whole lot.

The FBI and the Secret Service (not the drunk johns) can determine the IP Adress in a matter of a few hours. So unless someone is arrested today and ends up doing hard time, this is all a big publicity stunt concocted by attention hungry "starlets" who want to get on the front page. It's all bs.

Microsoft's Euro cloud darkens: US FEDS can dig into foreign servers


Welcome to Obama's America. She has one thing right, it's all about control with the Democrats. Control of your healthcare (1/6 of the US economy), control over your salt intake in New York. Recall the quote by Congressman John Dingell in 2010 about "controlling the people" (Google it) That's their mindset.

What do you think those five enormous buildings out in Arizona are for? The Obama regime admits they are keeping a record of every email, every word you type on chat rooms, on Twitter, and every email sent. And their justification is, "We aren't looking at them (wink wink) we're just keeping a copy in case, you know, sometime in the future we have to look through them to find out who the terrorists are".

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety ~ Benjamin Franklin

US Department of Defense throws lifeline to beleaguered BlackBerry


I'm sorry but what exactly is your title, other than a picker of nits. The article was very clear in delineating that they are the FIRST company to achieve this prestigious award.

It may have escaped your attention but only a few weeks ago a group of students from Georgia Tech demonstrated how ANY Apple device could be hacked through the charger! Wha?! Huh?! I'm excited that Blackberry has received this certification and have been informing people of Apple's limitations, namely: Watch out when you go through an airport, or cafe and some seemingly altruistic individual offers a weary traveler a chance to charge up for free, meanwhile the hacking has begun the second the traveler plugs in. And is clueless once he leaves. Stay informed and remember, if it good enough for the DoD, it's secure enough for you. :)

Review: BlackBerry Q10


Re: Qwerty

Not at all grumpy, I'm old school and like QWERTY with buttons, I remember the first time a friend showed me his Blackberry years ago and it had a slide out keyboard, don't remember the type, and I thought it was cool. I have three friends who are waiting for the Q10 to become available in a few weeks.


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