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Megacorp GSK inks AI drug development deal with Brit firm


AI for Drug Discovery

Good approach. This is the way forward for future.

American HPC cluster kids feed data-nomming beast with fat nodes


Even over a decade after the availability, GPU clusters and in the last 4 years, Xeon -Phi clusters are still to take off on mass usage. Very few applications are available. Also even those ones that are running have very low real application performance. The cost advantage of a Accelerator provided cluster Vs the large CPU cluster is very minimal considering the real time application performances.

NASA tests crazytech flying saucer thruster, could reach Mars in days


Very innovative idea. If it can really scale up, we can extend this to create flying suits for humans and the then the whole gamut of transport will go through a see change.

WANdisco plunges into the Hadoop foam party, shakes its replication booty



Very interesting product. Can be of great value to Banking,, Pahrama and Research industry. This will enable the companies to achieve Geographical De-risking of their IT setup . It will also substantially lower the IT costs as companies with large data requirement can now opt for mid range / entry level storage boxes that generally have low scalability.

Analyst: Chinese buyers shunning IBM, EMC, Oracle and Cisco


Chinese IT purchases

Good approach by China. Wish even the Indian Govt comes out with sucha plan. Misuse of technological access by USA is very dangerous. On any day USA will always maximise gains to its own country rather than be global Goodie-Goodie.

Supercomputing speed growth hits 'historical low' in new TOP500 list


HPC Bussiness Head.

The market seems to be and will need to move towards applications availability and scaling rather than topping TF/ PF. in the real world except for some one off applications, there are not many practical research benefits that are accruing with the accelerator based systems. Also if we discount the benefits of reduction in foot print , the accelerator based systems are not really cost saving. Wider Application porting, scaling and availability is the crucial step that needs to be crossed before the market really makes the next big jump.

MIT boffins build 36 core processor with data-traffic smarts


HPC Bussiness Head

Potentially great idea. Particularly for the Xeio Phi and K40 architectures.

NetApp gives its FAS range a 4 MILLION IOPS dose of spit'n'polish


Head HPC Bussiness Development HCL, India

Seems to be a very promising product. Particularly in HPC arena if they do away with the need for storage nodes, by interfacing this directly in the compute cluster over multiple IB ports, this product will be a killer.

Oracle cranks up SuperCluster with Sparc T5 engines

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Bussiness head

No view on if these servers can be used for compute intensive applciations of HPC. Also data on how many TF it can cranck up will be useful


Bussiness Head

No data on if it can be used for compute intensive applications of HPC. Data like how many TF each rack can generate will also be useful.

Eye spy future HP Moonshot server nodes


Head HPC Bussiness

IBM Bluegene has not been a commercial success. Primarily due to the fact that they are peiced higher. Also the number of applciations that have been made availble on Blue gene is very very low. Except for some niche and IBM committed clients, there are hardly any takers for that. HP Moonshot is also likelyt o face a similar fate. While it sounds good on the space utlization front, many of the X86 ported applications may not perfoorm well on the Atom of ARM processors. HP shoudl explore the design option for putting multiple pure X86 processor blade cards in a chasis.

IBM considers System X surgery: Will it ruin its sexy HPC figure?


IBM-Lenova deal

While in terms of the overall bussines volumes, it may not make a difference to IBM, it will have an long term impact. There is an increasing trend towards open systems, particularly in the Non-US markets. Non US markets are going to be global drive engines in the HPC segment. Not having X-86 portfolio will sure hurt IBM. Also retaining a part of HPC bussiness may not work in the long term as IBM's clout over Intel to extract best prices on X-86 configured systems wlll drastically fall and hence they will turn out to be loosers in the competetive sapce. IBM has to pick one boat to sail