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Apple badmouthing of court's monitor proves it NEEDS him - judge

Mr. Peterson

I thought Mr Jobs was dead

apparently not

Microsoft to RIP THE SHEETS off Windows 9 aka 'Threshold' in April

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Re: Bring the start menu back

"I'm not sure I have faith in them."

I'm sure I DO NOT have faith in them.

Microsoft's next CEO: Who it WON'T be – Ford turn-around chief Mulally

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the way this search for a MS CEO replacement is going, SB will probably be reappointed CEO by June 2014

Samsung: Ta-da! We made $7.8bn. What do you mean you expected another BILLION?

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so...how's that market share approach to profitability working out for ya?

Party's over in Waterloo as BlackBerry pulls plug on 2014 Live conference

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"Failed in the hardware business?

Re-invent the business as software business."

otherwise known as The MS Corollary

British Second World War codebreaker Alan Turing receives Royal pardon

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why computers are gay

never mind the source, just enjoy the history & analysis


RSA comes out swinging at claims it took NSA's $10m to backdoor crypto

Mr. Peterson
Paris Hilton

we're not in it just for the money



'F*** off, Google!' Protest blockades Google staff bus AGAIN – and Apple's

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land of the free, home of the homeless



How Britain could have invented the iPhone: And how the Quangocracy cocked it up

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Paris Hilton

if it weren't for the nation's treacle-footed...

just curious: here in The States, 'like molasses in January' is an oft heard phrase - what of 'like treacle in January' in Jolly Olde?

Bjork, 500+ novelist pals ask UN for 1 bill of digital rights to RULE 'EM ALL

Mr. Peterson

wherever Bjork may lead, I enthusiastically follow

Beijing leans on Microsoft to maintain Windows XP support

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Re: You forgot one thing...

what color/colour is the sky in your world?

iPhone slips in Europe as Windows Phone claims OVER 10% market share

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high line EuroTrash™ automotive mfr's

have long established that the road to profitability does not equate to selling as many vehicles as FORD

Our irony meter exploded: Apple moans ebook price-fixing watchdog is too EXPENSIVE

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Shakespeare was wrong

first, we kill all the judges

Why Microsoft absolutely DOESN'T need its own Steve Jobs

Mr. Peterson

MS's future was sealed when,

for whatever reason(s), MS failed to retain Alex St. John

US govt cuts squeeze crucial computer science, shoot country in foot

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when the manufacturing base has been offshored anyway

Wintel must welcome Androitel and Chromtel into cosy menage – Intel

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vPro Technology

Remote and local monitoring...of PCs and workstations

terrific! just can't get enuff of remote monitoring in today's busy & complex world

Bill Gates orders hitman to kill right-hand man Steve Ballmer

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Re: Good Times with Weapons

Hare Club For Men!

Biggest quantum cluster does not compute ... yet

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if Mesmer were alive today

quantum computing would doubtless be his chosen field of study

Dark HEAVY METAL star fires up jets, vomits hot ROCK into space

Mr. Peterson

gotta luv the British sense of humor

said w/a straight face: "A black hole has been spotted..."

Microsoft fears XP could cause Indian BANKOCALYPSE

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it's what's for dinner!

Microsoft's EAT-your-OWN-YOUNG management system AXED

Mr. Peterson

obviously to be replaced by

"comes early, stays late"

Hyenas FACEBOOK each other with their ARSES: FACT

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they call it

Data Sliming

'Daddy, can I use the BLACK iPAD?': Life with the Surface Pro 2

Mr. Peterson

Really nice indeed, but will people ever care?


Wayback Machine hardware up in FLAMES (but interwebs' DeLorean WAS backed up)

Mr. Peterson

it's in difficult times like these

that one ordinarily turns to one's property ins agent

Google's MYSTERY barges floating off US shores: The TRUTH

Mr. Peterson

why am I reminded of the late Howard Hughes

& The Glomar Explorer?

10 Types of IT managers from hell

Mr. Peterson

interesting timing, this article

"The previous year Chicago magazine ranked him as the city's second-meanest person, and he complained about not being No. 1. (That was Michael Jordan.)"



Apple CEO Tim Cook v Microsoft's Ballmer: Seconds out, round two!

Mr. Peterson

Re: P.S.


Carl Icahn broadcasts his $150bn Apple shakedown effort to world+dog

Mr. Peterson

Dear Carl

iShare values are doing just fine w/o Apple doing anything designed exclusively to raise the value of your iShare holdings

Surface 2 and iPad Air: Prepare to meet YOUR DOOM under a 'Landfill Android' AVALANCHE

Mr. Peterson

devices and services is an exciting adventure for us

how utterly inane

& what a complete turnoff

any developer or product hustler using the word "exciting" when touting their latest and greatest needs to be put up against a brick wall and shot dead

Apple's Steve Jobs was a SEX-crazed World War II fighter pilot, says ex

Mr. Peterson

pregnancy entrapment?

does not compute

Bad for Bezos: Amazon's German workers threaten pre-Christmas strike

Mr. Peterson

in these Bizzaro World times

since 'zon is a nonprofit corp anyway, a strike would likely only serve to raise the share price

Microsoft investors push for Bill Gates defenestration: report

Mr. Peterson

it could be worse

Hello! Bill? Yeah, this is Carl. So how's it goin'?

Microsoft Surface 2 fondleslabs finally get off ground with airline order

Mr. Peterson

just out of curiosity

Show us an Air France Flight 447 sim run on one of these things.

The LSD guru, the 1980s pop-star and video games to reprogram your brain

Mr. Peterson

Full Cycle

In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal. - anon

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 region-locking saga CLEAR AS MUD

Mr. Peterson

Note to self:

bookmark this article as a reminder as to why to never purchase a Samsung smart phone - DONE!

Surface Mini on shelves NEXT YEAR – and it will run Windows RT

Mr. Peterson

if this were a flick: Zabriskie Point

Valve shows Linux love with SteamOS for gamers

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Re: Steam DRM luv?

Steam IS DRM

Mr. Peterson

Steam DRM luv?

"Zoos are full, prisons are overflowing... oh my, how the world still dearly loves a cage."

Oracle's Ellison talks up 'ungodly speeds' of in-memory database. SAP: *Cough* Hana

Mr. Peterson

Today, Lanai. Tomorrow, Borneo!

Microsoft: Surface a failure? No, it made us STRONGER

Mr. Peterson

That which doesn't make you stronger kills you.

Fanbois shun 'crappy plastic' iPhone 5C

Mr. Peterson

whaddaya mean we haven't got any money!

'British Bill Gates' Lynch laments HP's Autonomy 'botch-up'

Mr. Peterson

In memory of PT Barnum

"After the acquisition, Lynch and his Autonomy management team set up Invoke Capital with $1bn of capital.

Invoke on Monday announced its first investment, putting an undisclosed amount into a cyber security firm called Darktrace that uses mathematical research from the University of Cambridge in its software."

Wait! What? Per the recent NSA revelations & PC HW & SW supposedly all riddled w/backdoors, I thought there was no such thing as genuine cyber security.

Torvalds: 'We're not doing Linux95 … for a few years, at least'

Mr. Peterson

Reminds me of some U.S. auto-mag review of a mid-70's Saab Turbo in which the reviewer declared it "the Earth Shoe" of turbo-powered vehicles, claiming a somewhat less than impressive zero-to-sixty in an afternoon.

Carry on.

TWO can play this 64-bit mobile game, says Samsung, crossly

Mr. Peterson

Why don't I care? Because I am still content w/my Nokia 6126 flip phone as my sole mobile device.

Kids these days.

Dell, the man, prevails in quest to wrest Dell, the company, from Wall Street

Mr. Peterson

I wonder if over time MS will see reason to increase its percent ownership of the new DELL. Perhaps it is already their intention to do so?

Torvalds suggests poison and sabotage for ARM SoC designers

Mr. Peterson

better this than yet another developer mindlessly babbling on about how excited they are

David Attenborough warns that humans have stopped evolving

Mr. Peterson

"Britain's most popular naturalist has warned in an interview that humans have become the first species to effectively halt the influence of natural selection."

Considering the immense number of extinct Earth life forms, I think we can safely conclude that Natural Selection is highly overrated.

Apple spanked by judge in price-fixing injunction – but not too hard

Mr. Peterson

why do U.S. Judicial decisions, such as this example, bring to mind the notion of flaming monkeys pulled from one's butt? - that which was found to be illegal is now expressly prohibited for the next five years? WTF? have at it again in the sixth year?

Microsoft's Nokia plan: WHACK APPLE AND GOOGLE

Mr. Peterson

eagerly awaiting the inane WinPho ad campaign(s) sure to alienate most potential would-be buyers

Microsoft buys Nokia's mobile business

Mr. Peterson



it could happen - and it would be totally Cracker Jack™