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Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid: Eco, economy and diesel power


Re: How Much?


Okay so my tariff is per KWh, so how many KWh does it take to charge this car then?


How Much?

I know it's a hybrid, but as a Yorkshireman, how much does it cost to run the thing on electric only?

i.e. if I'm lucky enough to have a round trip within the 30 mile limit, how much does it cost to charge the battery up from the mains over night? I'm curious what the pence per mile is from an electric charge is in comparison to a fuel only car.

Bloke straps shed to Ford Zephyr and chases it on bike


@ Nuke

That maybe, but it doesn't detract from the fact that their inventions have helped change the world around us.

And how many R&D jobs are still in this country BECAUSE the company is still around to employ people at all?

As for Trevor Bayliss, just look at the number of wind-up torches, mobile chargers, radios et. al. And all based on his simple concept, of course he'd want to protect his ideas wouldn't you?

Both ideas were the snowball that started an avalanche of progress.


Re: who invented Trevor Bayliss?

I'm assuming his Mum and Dad ;-)


"I feel the need, the need for speed!"

I'll get my coat ;-)

Seriously though, they say invention and adventure is dead, well wake up British media (present company excepted) it's out there, you just have to want to show it instead of the reality drivel that clutters our TV from morning to night. Raspberry Pi, Dyson, Trevor Baylis, Thrust SSC and things like this are what make Britain great

IT bloke publishes comprehensive maps of CALL CENTRE menu HELL


Please Enter Account Information

What really gets my goat, is the bit where it asks you for your account number to be punched using the key pad, then the first think the operator does is as you for your details.

'No discernible increase in piracy' from DRM-free e-books

Black Helicopters

Re: No surprise here - It is DRM that increases piracy

There's also VAT to consider on eBooks, but then if eBooks cost the same as hard backs, then how could they afford to drop the price when paperbacks come out?

Once the initial outlay of formatting and testing has been made, no additional outlay (other than the usual sales costs) needs to be made. No more reprints, no additional dead trees, just a file sitting on some storage somewhere.

I agree with K, if publishers made the pricing reasonable enough, I think more people may be willing to buy eBooks they may not usually read. As an avid reader, I've often trawled second hand book stores for cheap paperbacks and often picked up authors that sounded interesting, then gone on to buy other books by them, I'm not going to do that with hard backs at full RRP.

Scramjet X-51 finally goes to HYPER SPEED above Pacific


Reminds me of Spaceballs

What's next, Ludicrous Speed???


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