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Samsung gets KINKY with new Galaxy in 50 SHADES OF GREY


Apple, anything you can do....

...we can do better?

Misery for Virgin Media mobe customers over mysterious 'EE data centre gaffe'


Data seems to be back up and running here in Wales

Well after a week of no data on Virgin Mobile myself they seem to have now fixed the problem and I have a better data throughput than I had since getting my SIM back in April. Lets hope they keep on top of it from now on!

'No, I CAN'T write code myself,' admits woman in charge of teaching our kids to code


Bring back the ZX Spectrum and manual!

Cheap and cheerful, easy basic, assembly instruction reference in book for advanced machine code, fixed development platform and the ability to give a real appreciation of the need to backup.

Microsoft, Oracle name the date to consummate Azure deal


Re: "Please use us!"


I always find this useful for statistic reference on OS usage, Microsoft run about 33% of servers according to this, the rest split between Linux and BSD


Re: Now you can buy your vendor lock in from the cloud too

Bit like all the corporate vendors then including the top 2 most valuable companies.



Look at the profit...

According to the profit made per console ($18 for PS4 and $28 per Xbox one) the overall profit made is $4500000 by Sony and $4200000 by Microsoft, similar sales returns, initial sales don't necessarily follow through to long term sales.

I'm waiting till after xmas to get my console dose, more conservative buyers may be doing the same.

WHY didn't Microsoft buy RIM? Us business blokes would have queued for THAT phone


Re: That last sentence says it all.

There is a solution to this, make all your users standard/restricted users. See how many complaints you get then about not being able to install stuff. Only those technically competent should be given raised privileges.

I have full control of the my children's internet capabilities, even get reports of usage etc. automatically, not sure if other OS's offer this facility free of charge but I consider this a really useful feature and means I don't have to stand there all the time making sure they're not using the inappropriately.

iOS 7 SPANKS Samsung's Android in user-experience rating


The new inconsistent Operating System (iOS) looks like it's been designed in a meeting where loads of ideas have been put forward and just implemented without a UI designer being consulted. If you want to develop for Apple equipment you have to buy Apple, when will people see that this is a monopoly even greater than that of Micro$oft? I'd be more than happy to use OS X if I was able to use a machine of my choice to run it on, but then OS X would require device drivers etc. wonder how well it would fair against Windows then. At least M$ only had control of the OS.

Sony sucker-punches Xbox on price, specs, DRM-free gaming


Re: For me...

You could always sit there and gross out anyone who's watching by picking your nose!


Re: The reason why it must be connected to the Internet is......

At least they will provide system updates even new interfaces and OS's (look what happened shortly before Kinect was released)


I like how the comment "consumers can resell games and give games to their friends with Xbox One" is overlooked.

By the way I can't sell on my mobile games and software (spent a few hundred pounds over the years). I'm only keeping my old iPhone 3GS because it's got a full copy of TomTom on it that I use regularly.

If games companies get some of the sales money from resale and I can still sell on my game I'm happy, maybe it could reduce the constant flow of collapsing games studios?

If I were a games producer would I want to have a steady income from re-sold games or lose out to reseller stores like GAME?

Hmm food for thought...

Cold, dead hands of Steve Jobs slip from iPhones: The Cult of Ive is upon us


Re: Not quite as pointless as I thought.

With my Android phone I just swipe down from the top and turn WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, Sound, Powersaving, Mobile Data, and even App synchronisation on/off in a tap or swipe and tap, was available on ICS and my current Jellybean install.

Reports: New Xbox could DOOM second-hand games market


Locking software to an account is nothing new...

I can't sell on my Apple iPhone apps even though I no longer use it.

I can't get money back for all my Android apps I now have.

I can quite happily pass them from device to device as they're locked to my accounts.

What's so different about locking console games to an account?

37,000-machine study finds most reliable Windows PC is a Mac


As if a Mac user would run windows 24/7

Less crashes through less use...Hmmm