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Say goodbye to landfill Android: Top 10 cheap 'n' cheerful smartphones


MapFactor Navigator. Free, offline gps with turn by turn, tracking etc. Ran on Galaxy S4 on recent 2500 mile motorcycle trip. 2.5 GB of ofline maps stored on SD card for 6 countries. Can't recommend enough.


Re: Mmmmm.. Bicycle GPS

I just completed a 2500 mile motorcycle trip using MapFactor Navigator. Free application, downloaded 2.5GB offline maps of all the countries I was travelling through. Worked perfectly. Ran on galaxy S4. Headphones in helmet, turn by turn. Cant recommend enough.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4

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Well I like it....

...except O2's 24 month contract price of £650! Good job it's a business expense...

I bought a Note 1 when they came out in Oct 2011 and have enjoyed this for 18 months, however carrying around spare batteries was novel but a bit of a chore.

The S4 is a great compromise, for me smaller, lighter, faster, and battery lasts more than a day!

Loving the gimmicks/gadgets and the S View cover. The flip cover was a great feature of the Note.

Have ordered an charger pad & charger panel to slide in between the cover and battery for wireless charging with the S View cover (another expensive acquisition).

ISPs: Get ready to slurp streams from Murdoch's fat pipe


Independent ISP's

There are lots! Personally I'm with ADSL24, but at our IT company we manage 200-300 data only ADSL lines and ISP's used include A&A, XLN, Xilo, BeThere and FAST.

You will pay more (£25-30/month) but at least when things go wrong you won't be calling a NGN to speak with a numpty in India reading from a script!