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Brit publishers beg Apple not to hurt online ad revenue


Re: banning mobile phones for under-16s, which is unmatched in stupidity

Teens and preteens are more susceptible to ads with sexual content. How many 50 yo's do you know that died of suicide due to sextortion?

China 'the most competitive market in the world' for the iPhone says Tim Cook


Re: How Competitive?

Android phones are a bit cheaper than iPhones for a reason. On Android, YOU are the product.


Re: How Competitive?

Androids are cheaper than iPhones for a reason. YOU are their product.

China scientists talk of powering hypersonic weapon with cheap Nvidia chip


I'm calling your bluff. Do you have any links supporting assembly of NVIDIA AI chips in China?

Devaluing content created by AI is lazy and ignores history


No need to bang your head for such legislation. All you need to do is wait for Apple to build gen AI into Final Cut and Margrethe Vestager will be right there to sue them for not having deep fake restrictions built into their AI-infused video editing app. She loves to sue Apple for anything and everything but does not mind the Big Five music labels all colluding to prop up a single music streamer to rip off EU customers and EU artists simultaneously. As long as a company is EU based, she apparently feels antitrust laws do not apply to them. But with her animosity towards Silicon Valley companies, it's only a matter of time before AI-infused video editing apps will be sued if they do not have deep fake restriction algo's built in.

Apple Vision Pro units returned as folks just can't see themselves using it


My wife had to go for one week without an Apple watch when we traded the old one in for credit and ordered a new one from web store. She was totally missing the watch. She used it to beep her iPhone all the time at home. Once during the week with no watch, she could not find her iPhone for half a day. She's a yoga instructor and had to borrow my Apple Watch just for the timer app for holding her students' yoga poses. Overall, once you've had the Watch, it becomes very difficult to live without it.

Apple has botched 3D for decades. So good luck with the Vision Pro, Tim


The article is reminiscent of all the nay sayers when the Apple Watch series 1 was introduced.

Braking point: Tesla has had quite enough of Trump's 'unlawful' tariffs on Chinese-made parts, sues Uncle Sam


Re: Good luck with that.

The effect of "the consumer pays the tariffs" is a transient one. Jim Cramer says supply chains can shift for many industries out of China within a couple of quarters. Other countries would be only too happy to step in and fill in the gap as has already started to happen.

For Apple's latest trick, the iCockroach – allowing it to survive while the smartphone sector faces a nuclear winter


Re: And about to fall off a cliff

Did not mean to imply that all ARM Macs will be cheap but just that Apple now has the capability to better go after the lower end mainstream consumer market since they don't have to pay the Intel tax. In another couple of years, they may not be paying any Qualcomm tax either.

What's the difference between an iPad and an ARM Mac anyway? The ARM Mac saves on component costs by not needing a touch screen but then requires some costs for adding the keyboard. Lower end iPads these days can be pretty cheap - sub $500.

The low end ARM MacBook Air I am guessing may be sub $1000, and prior year's model even less. Apple has a way of using previous year's models to penetrate the lower end markets. And these may still be more powerful than low end Windows notebooks.


Re: And about to fall off a cliff

There seems to be a bit of a change in Apple's attitude towards pricing lately as evidenced by the iPhone SE's success. The CFO Luca Maestri hinted this also when analyst W. Mohan questioned him on profit margins going forward. Lucas answer was that they are not focused on margins but more so on success of the platform. The margins may be something that they worry about later on after gaining market share these days. I think they will be priced fairly competitively. There seems to be a new drive towards a "street fight" for market share as Tim Cook told Congress this week. Let's see how it goes.


Re: And about to fall off a cliff

Not only will the ARM Macs out power the Intel PCs but the Macs may also undercut the PC's in pricing, WinTel monopoly may be about to take a hit. New sheriff on the way soon. Of course this shouldn't affect the Fandroids and their ultra low end Chromebook market for those on minimalist budgets. Google can have this all to themselves. I'm, sure Tim Cook could care less.

Video game cloud streaming shaken up as Nvidia loses more big names, Microsoft readies its market killer


It's only a matter of time before ARM Macs dominate the desktop and Arcade leads marketshare in gaming. Resistance is futile. Muwahahaha

Hongmeng, there's no need to feel down: It's patently obvious this is Huawei's homegrown OS


Re: Given what "choice" I have as a UK end consumer ...

@doublayer. You won't get too many upvotes from the Red Army trolls for that comment. Check out how many upvotes any pro-China comments gets you on this forum. Lol.

Russia signs Huawei deal as Chinese premier decries 'protectionism', 'unilateral approaches'


By the number of upvotes on any pro-Chinese comments it seems as if the Red Troll Army has about 23 trolls working this board. I guess The Register should be commended for attracting so much attention!

But of course the US and China's trade war is making those godDRAM oversupply issues worse


Re: Will demand really drop?

You are probably right to ask that question. I doubt demand will drop. Demand will just shift over to new buyers, i.e., the Samsung, et. al. group that manufacture their phones outside of Middle Kingdom. Users are not going to wait around for Huawei to create a new ecosystem, Lol.

Still sniggering at that $999 monitor stand? Apple just got serious about the enterprise


Re: Been Speaking to BlackBerry?

I was able to separate my work and personal categories and calendars on Palm Desktop long before Blackberry came along.

It's the curious case of the vanishing iPhone sales as Huawei grabs second place off Apple in smartmobe stakes


These iPhone sales slowdown predictions always come this time of year when Apple is working on new devices to be rolled out by Sept. Each year, it seems the media like to use it to their beloved "Apple is doomed" click bait. Foxconn already stated they are expecting ramp up in their phone production again in second half of year. Surprise, surprise. Move along, nothing to see here.

Prez Trump's trade war reshapes electronics supply chains as China production slows


Re: Allow me to remind you

"If the US really believes that China is violating WTO rules, then there is an existing mechanism to handle that"

The existing mechanism is a joke and takes years to get anything done. Trump's method seems to be hitting the nail on the head much faster.

Germany tells America to verpissen off over Huawei 5G cyber-Sicherheitsbedenken


Re: How about Apple's apparent deflation? The surgence of "cloud"?

$300 billion in the bank and counting. Don't hold your breath for Apple to go poof. With or without China, Apple most likely has a bright future

Lovely website you got there. Would be a shame if we, er, someone were to sink it: Google warns EU link tax will magnify media monetary misery


E.U's Qwant search engine needs to Embrace, & Extend before trying to Extinguish

The only way to really break up an entrenched incumbent like Google is not to try and replace it right away but to first embrace, extend, and only then slowly try and extinguish it. Essentially two relatively simple steps may be all that is required to accomplish this.

1) On the desktop, all search queries in browsers should be required to present double framed results page with left frame for Google, and right frame for say E.U.’s own Qwant engine. If users don’t see what they like in the left frame, they click on an answer in the right frame.

2) On smartphones require search results to be swipable so that user can swipe the Google results page if they don’t see what they want to have the same query run thru Qwant.

This allows enough traffic to be built up through Qwant to raise money thru ad revenues, perhaps by using differential privacy to protect user identity as Apple does. Qwant might then have a chance to improve and catch up to Google in search

France wants in on the No Huawei Club while Canuck infosec bloke pretty insistent on ban


Re: Again....

It's not iPhones with "doubled down" emphasis on security that are more likely to be compromised. It's the Androids: Security bods find Android phoning home. Home being China http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/11/15/android_phoning_home_to_china/

Intel's announced PCs packing 5G, and that's just plain wrong


Re: Two mobile data subscriptions instead of one

>Orange and now EE allow you to have multiple SIMs and provided you are on the right plan (£££) you can share the data on the master plan.

We have plans like that in Canada but the carriers still require an obligatory extra device connection fee on top of the shared data plan. For example, it's $10 per month connection fee for the Apple LTE Watch from Bell Canada. It makes sense for the Watch as it's a highly mobile device but for a notebook that will be used most of the time in a WiFi, it is not cost effective for most consumers. Some road warrior professionals may go for it but this is a niche. 5G won't change anything. Intel has good publicity machine but it's likely to remain a niche product IMO.

So... Nokia's taking a long, hard look at its health unit


If the Withing Watch does not do HomePods, HomeKit device controls, does not tap you on the wrist when it's time to turn on the road, and does not buy you stuff with a swipe of the wrist, then it's future is bleak. Nokia are smart enough to see that.

Apple iPhone X: Two weeks in the life of an anxious user


Re: I hate iOS - but......

Who the hell would want all your personal data in a phone by a search engine who has shown callous disregard for people's privacy in past?

Uncle Sam's treatment of Huawei is world-class hypocrisy – consumers will pay the price


Re: The American consumer will pay in a poorer market without Huawei

"So are you calling for Microsoft, Apple and Google products to be banned too?"

No, just the spyware from communists who seem to have a national policy of steeling technology from other countries.

BTW, you can tell which tabloid forums are frequented by the Chinese "50 center" troll army. It's the ones with all the down votes on any anti China comments. Looks like the Reg is popular across the Great Wall.

Can't find your motor? Apple patents solve car park conundrums


Re: A possible problem...

iWatch = back up key.