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We're going underground, and this time it's not an inebriated banker crapping themselves, but Transport for London


Re: That API is public

Beat me to it :)


Re: That API is public

use the realtimetrains website. already plugged in to that API.

IBM to GTS staff: Not volunteering to leave with a redundo cheque? We'll give you a helping hand


Re: So, Covid 19,..

Is Lotus Notes still a thing?

Serial killer spotted on the night train from Newcastle


Re: It is perfectly adequate technology for this

Address would also imply to me that it is RS-485. In which case, no CTS, etc. just the X-on/x-off

The time PC Tools spared an aerospace techie the blushes


I seem to recall "editing" command.com to disable del as a command., forcing use of erase. Somehow, typing the 5 character command rather than the 3 character command would give me just enough pause to dramatically the occurrences of erroneous delete, and reduced the workload on my pctools disk dramatically

It's a billion-ton, 14-million-mile long mysterious alien formation – and Earth is heading right into it


Re: Pure genius

Upvote from me for Arthur c Clarke. Also the author of my favourite riposte to people who want to “future proof” things. “The future is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.

Bose customers beg for firmware ceasefire after headphones fall victim to another crap update


Re: thank god.....

I’m well into my 50s and my gearing is fine. The general problem with such stereotomy is that It requires a little concentration to appreciate.

Heads up from Internet of S*!# land: Best Buy's Insignia 'smart' home gear will become very dumb this Wednesday


Re: This is inevitable

Buy a monitor with hdmi and a cheap august400 box. Works fine.

Defense against the Darknet, or how to accessorize to defeat video surveillance


Re: new fashion statement

... or berlin brigade camouflage.

Humanity gazes into the abyss to get its first glimpse of a black hole


If you ever wondered what the light at the end of the tunnel would look like, this is it.

(with apologies to Douglas Adams)

Belgium: Oi, Brits, explain why Belgacom hack IPs pointed at you and your GCHQ


Spy on your friends today, they are likely to be your enemies tomorrow (after John Le Carre).

Europe fires back at ICANN's delusional plan to overhaul Whois for GDPR by next, er, year



"I just love deadlines, I love the rushing sound they make as they dash past" - to quote Douglas Adams!

Set your alarms for 2.40am UTC – so you can watch Unix time hit 1,500,000,000


Time, as they say, is Relative....

What follows is arguably the most famous single sequence in any Goon Show. The show is The Mysterious Punch-up-the-Conker (series 7, episode 18). About 25 minutes in the show, Bluebottle and Eccles are "in the ground floor attic" of a clock repairers. After listening to lots of timepieces ticking, chiming, cuckooing etc. for a while...

Bluebottle What time is it Eccles?

Eccles Err, just a minute. I, I've got it written down 'ere on a piece of paper. A nice man wrote the time down for me this morning.

Bluebottle Ooooh, then why do you carry it around with you Eccles?

Eccles Well, umm, if a anybody asks me the ti-ime, I ca-can show it to dem.

Bluebottle Wait a minute Eccles, my good man...

Eccles What is it fellow?

Bluebottle It's writted on this bit of paper, what is eight o'clock, is writted.

Eccles I know that my good fellow. That's right, um, when I asked the fella to write it down, it was eight o'clock.

Bluebottle Well then. Supposing when somebody asks you the time, it isn't eight o'clock?

Eccles Ah, den I don't show it to dem.

Bluebottle Ooohhh...

Eccles [Smacks lips] Yeah.

Bluebottle Well how do you know when it's eight o'clock?

Eccles I've got it written down on a piece of paper!

Bluebottle Oh, I wish I could afford a piece of paper with the time written on.

Eccles Oohhhh.

Bluebottle 'Ere Eccles?

Eccles Yah.

Bluebottle Let me hold that piece of paper to my ear would you? - 'Ere. This piece of paper ain't goin'.

Eccles What? I've been sold a forgery!

Bluebottle No wonder it stopped at eight o'clock.

Eccles Oh dear.

Bluebottle You should get one of them tings my grandad's got.

Eccles Oooohhh?

Bluebottle His firm give it to him when he retired.

Eccles Oooohhh.

Bluebottle It's one of dem tings what it is that wakes you up at eight o'clock, boils the kettil, and pours a cuppa tea.

Eccles Ohhh yeah! What's it called? Um.

Bluebottle My granma.

Eccles Ohh... Ohh, ah wait a minute. How does she know when it's eight o'clock?

Bluebottle She's got it written down on a piece of paper!

Hundreds stranded at Manchester Airport due to IT 'glitch'



It did not appear to be the airport systems that had a problem, I flew from there on Lufthansa this morning and (apart from the crowds of Thomas Cook Passengers) it was about the same as usual!

El Reg straps on the Huawei Watch 2


Another Sony Smartwatch 3 fan. Its compromises work for me. I use Time, emails, agenda, step counter, music controller, calculator. I'd like an upgrade, but I've found nothing that really fits.

Sony smartwatch 4 please.

That being said, I'm a self confessed Sony fan.

BOFH: Thermo-electric funeral

Black Helicopters

Re: Surprising how much thermal mass there is in the cool head of a hammer

My favourite tool is the Gas Axe - for just about every task - except cooling something. A great data protection device for old hard disks..........

Land Rover Defender dies: Production finally halted by EU rules


60 % of land rovers are still on the road

the other 40% made it home :)

Why was the modem down? Let us count the ways. And phone lines


Ah- the joys of email over dial up


I remember in the mid - 90's travelling, and collecting compuserve email using PSTN dial up.

Those nice little sets of plugs, complete with screwdriver, leads and croc clips to connect directly to the phone line if you didn't have a compatible plug.

The worst was trying to collect email from Taiwan - I'm not sure what the delays were, but it was horrifically slow. Using a credit card directly to pay for the phone call made the dial up string enormously long.

Things improved with Nokia mobile phones with wired connection to the laptop - also late 90's.


Weight, what? The perfect kilogram is nearly in Planck's grasp


So - it's about balancing one's spheres on a length of 4 by 2??? Maybe.

Gemalto: NSA, GCHQ hacked us – but didn't snatch crucial SIM keys


Re: Another predictable line of comment....

I don't think I'm smug. And you've never told your boss you believe something that you hope will be ok when you're not completely sure? Did they say "certain" No.


Another predictable line of comment....

Not bothered to go anonymous - I'm going to get downvoted to the max anyway.

I'm not a Gemalto employee, to be clear.

But, unlike the armchair conspiracy theorists on this page, I have actually visited a Gemalto site, I know several Gemalto employees, and I've had demo's of a number of security related experiments that they undertake. This is all in the period up to about a couple of years ago.

I know the lengths they go to to test the protection of the private key inside SIM cards- they employ techniques far beyond the means of the average hacker to protect the private keys. I can't believe that they would miss something as obvious as not properly airgapping their network. They were intensely aware that their business relied on their security precautions. They provided superb resources to some very bright guys to try to penetrate the SIM cards and their systems. By the way, the best drive firmware hack in the world can't get data through a true air gap.

When I say i visited a site of theirs, I mean I was allowed into a meeting room outside their secure perimeter. To get that far into their site meant a passport check and being pre- notified to their site.

Yes, they would say that the hack did not penetrate. And It's possible that NSA/GCHQ targetted an employee to get at the data, but the security precautions I saw would have made it very difficult to get the data out.

There is one (theoretical) exit path for the data - if the phone network was presented with the private key data for the SIM's they bought (so that symmetrical encryption was possible), then the transfer of that data may be a risk. And that would account for the 2G statements. if the report names networks that were not supplied by Gemalto then it's more likely that NSA/GCHQ compromised the private key data at the entry to the phone network, rather than within the SIM manufacturer.

It's always fun to believe that the NSA ex-employee is telling the truth and Gemalto is lying, though :)

World, face Palm: PDA brand to RISE FROM THE GRAVE


Re: Hmmm...

I used a Pre 3 and Touchpad tablet, and they were nice devices. I'd happily go back to webOS if the range of apps was up to spec. And I think this would be the big problem for a relaunched webOS - the iPhone and Android OS's dominate the thinking of companies that want Apps developed, with Windows a distant third place. webOS would need some fantastic positioning to break through the mindset of companies paying for App development.

UK.gov sinks another £1.6m into Internet of Stuff spec HyperCat



There's a massive IoT standard development effort going on worldwide - called oneM2M - some parts are already published, some nearing completion. This is supported by seven standards bodies, including ETSI, etc, and there are many of the big hitters in communications & data participating in the work.

There are a number of other initiatives around IoT going on. Many of these are based on participation by a number of multinationals.

Yet UK government persists in the idea that we have something radical to add? It may be true, but with all the big commercial hitters backing other specifications, I doubt it will come to anything.

Sensation: Chinese Jade Rabbit FOUND ON MOON


Re: Most

If it aint broke, don't fix it :)

Sysadmin job ad: 'If you don’t mind really bad work-life balance, this is for you'


Reminds me of a job I once applied for - under 25 year old graduate with 5 years sales experience :)

Oracle sued over $33,000 bill for SaaS: STRIPPERS as a SERVICE


Not sure I agree,

I think that it's because the charges for AmEx are higher than the charges for other credit or debit cards. After all, visa delta cards are charge cards, not credit cards.

IETF floats plan to PRISM-proof the Internet


Ho Hum.

I seem to recall that the initial purpose of the computer was to break machine ciphers. Why is anyone surprised that people ( governments, etc ) would use them for that?

BOFH: Don't be afraid - we won't hurt your delicate, flimsy inkjet printer


Re: That's why they put WEEE recycling symbols on them

I used to "work" for Bryans - we made A0 flatbed pen plotters. I could set one of those up and watch it draw all day....

Sir Maurice Wilkes centenary - 'Flash-Gordon' tech


I thought the pun was unnecessary "Flowers, who overcame resistance from colleagues,", but an interesting article. On the subject of tubes, they disappeared much more recently than the article would indicate - CRT's are, of course, valves :), and there are probably still some of those in use in some places...

UK.gov blows a fuse at smart meter stall, sets new 2020 deadline


Re: At least

Key meters can update the tariff on the key. When you put money on the key, you will get a new tariff.

Master Beats: Why doesn't audio quality matter these days?

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