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Redmond probes new IE 8 vulnerability

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[reaches for sickbag]

Impoverished net user slams 'disgusting' quid-a-day hack

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Re: not nice

"...Is it really fair to moderate someone's comment "straight into the bin" and then use it to mock him in an article?..."

Of course it's not fair, but sadly par for the course. I find it's generally the sites which are the most self-consciously "maverick" which tend to be the most ready to abuse their editorial powers, when anyone calls into question their studied "cool".

Twitter snaps up ex-banker IPO expert - CAN'T THINK WHY

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Re: Ad-annoyed

D'oh! +1 for an edit button.


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Well, judging by the amount of spam adverts sponsored tweets that started filling up my Twitter timeline over the past few months, Twitter are already well on their way to transforming themselves into the latest "ad-slinging" social network.

After a few weeks of replying to the companies foisting the spam adverts sponsored tweets upon me, asking them questions about fictiious health scares with their products, I eventually gave up and closed all my Twitter accounts.

Any other 'despisers-of-spamverts' wanting to flee Twitter before it becomes intolerable should check out the ad-free alternative app.net. Although in theory it's a paid service [hence the lack of ads], it's pretty easy to score an invitation for a free account, with a bit of judicious Googling DDGing. The clientele seem a bit more "tecchie" on ADN [as its aficionados call it] too.

App gap flap: New York's e-cabbies FOILED AGAIN

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My thoughts exactly.

Greenhouse gases may boost chances of exoplanetary life

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Re: Oops!

You'd have more confidence if she'd written gibberish, instead of a coherent sentence?

Suspected Chinese NASA spy smuggled smut not state secrets

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Re: Chinese rockets @Colin Wilson 2

Oh. Well played, sir!

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After his visa expired he booked a one-way ticket home

or, as El Reg breathlessly put it when this story originally broke:

"...The Feds pounced after learning he apparently “was leaving the United States abruptly to return to China on a one-way ticket”..."


This followed by the obligatory avalanche of commentards pointing out that "... LOL!!! ROFL!!! China is teh stupid LOL!!! Idiot Spy Man should buy return ticket. Not so suspicious. LOL!!!..."

See how easy it is to be manipulated? Remember that, when you read the next a-whoopin' and a-hollerin' news report about the next bogeyman.

BlackBerry 10 passes US defence department tests

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For a completely different spin on this...

...see this story on the beeb:


Which suggests that, far from being a success story, this is desperate spin by BlackBerry, who in reality are losing market share in this sector.

You think Macs are expensive? Get a load of this $260,000+ Apple

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Antique Hi-Tech

Logically I know that items such as this will, one day, be the priceless antiques of tomorrow. But I just can't get over the mental block of associating plastic cased electronics with throwaway junk and landfills.

Obviously my forebears shared the same lack of vision, which is why none of the bastards had the decency to pass down intact through the generations, some everyday objects from the 1700s, and solve my present day financial woes.


Would you trust crowd-sourced maps? Skobbler releases satnav app

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or... several other free or paid for apps that use OSM.

Even by El Reg's recent standards of unthinkingly recycling press releases, this is a total non-story. You owe me a minute of my life back!

P2P badboy The Pirate Bay sets sail for the Caribbean

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Court order?

Trying to access thepiratebay.sx from the UK throws up the usual error:

"...The page you're looking for has been blocked.

We're complying with a court order that means access to this website has to be blocked to protect against copyright infringement..."

Now, did the infamous court order require ISPs to block thepiratebay.<any TLD>, or are the ISPs self-censoring? If the former, how can that be legal? If the latter, then it's a sad indictment of the spinelessness of the ISPs in question

Barnes & Noble bungs Raspberry Pi-priced Nook on shelves

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For thirty quid you can't go wrong!

I've just ordered two and have received three confirmation emails up to now, last one giving shipping date as today. So hopefully mine are on their way.

I've been pondering getting an eReader for a while now for reading outside, as my iPad screen is no good in bright sunlight. I always thought it would be a bit of an extravagance to have a fondleslab AND an eReader, but for thirty quid a pop, it's a veritable no-brainer —I paid more than that for a leather case for my iPad.

Review: Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 WinPro 8 tablet

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For a lot less money you could buy a decent tablet [fandroids and fanbois choose as appropriate] and bung it in an armoured case. My iPhone 3GS has withstood about 4 years of being rained on, dropped, covered in oil and muck, etc. with no ill-effects, thanks to being inside an Otterbox Defender case. I've never understood the point of building the "armour" into the gadget itself.

Pirates scoff at games dev sim's in-game piracy lesson

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<i>"...Do you want to know what annoys me the most about Game Pirating?..."</i>

No. Not really.

Is this the first ever web page? If not, CERN would like to know

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Unfortunate choice of letters

I wonder did they ever regret choosing those Ws, given that "double-U" is alone in the alphabet as requiring 3 syllables to pronounce the name of a single letter. Thus making the acronym WWW only three letters, but a hefty 9 syllables long... which is presumably why most folks seem to come out with something like "wu-wu-wu", when telling someone else a web address.

[interesting factoid: In Spanish W is called "ve doble" meaning "double-V". A more angular viewpoint on the letter-form]

Reduxio plots 'revolutionary' hybrid array tech: It will need it

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They deserve to go bust for coming up with another of those risible cod-Latin business names. Oh well. Could be worse. At least they didn't opt for Reduxio Solutions.

Texan stitches stratosphere into stunning panoramas

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6 GoPros

...at £300 a pop. Not exactly in the spirit of 'string and sealing wax back shed boffinry", is it?

AT&T debuts 'Digital Life' robo-home and security tech

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I made my own robot hub

I covered my butler in glue and then wrapped him in tinfoil.

What work? Tablet owners prefer to slack off with their slabs

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<i>"...I have to fight my son everytime I want to use my playbook. He's too young to play with apps but watches lots of videos..."</i>

Not really a problem. If he's that young, you should be able to beat him pretty easily in a fight.