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One Windows? How does that work... and WTF is a Universal App?


where the fun really is

Forget the article. What's best about these publications is the kicking and screaming by Microsoft haters (a majority here) with an axe to grind. Every company uses mind control. It's part of marketing or in some cases by coincidence. Haters are just oblivious of [insert 'opposition name here] iron grip on their free will and are on autopilot. We're all sheep. Get over it.

Microsoft: The MORE Surfaces it sells, the MORE money it loses


It's amazing how it took almost 2 years for MS to undo the damage done by Apple Marketing to the point (the masses) have no chocie but to accept that the SP2 is a superior softaare/hardware machine to an iPad (at least that's something). Now, based on the responses on this article, the focus has now shifted towards sales/marketing trends. Hey, at least that's progress.

In reality, people who buy SP2's don't give a shit about what "The Register" commenters think and their ideologies. They want to get work done even at the expense of not being able to play the latest video hogging games or being the first on getting a hold of flappy birds apps. Don't get me wrong, some of us do find entertainment on being reminded on how stupid the multitudes are as they feverlishly fight their irrational battles, but that's as far as we go. Apple's Marketing iron grip has really gotten the best of you and that serves (at least) as a good psychological study - just as KIA did with their dancing hamsters approach as well as California Raisins - leading to their mass success.

You people are disgusting.


Re: Between a rock and a hard place.

The MS Surface IS a laptop. Sorry.

FBI offers $10,000 bounty for arrest of laser-wielding idiots


No reward necessary.

If l ever were to catch one of these shitbags in the act id report them for free.

Apple's secret 12.9-inch MONSTER needs a good fondle, say biz sources


Wow. It's been several years already and there are still people who have yet to learn that an iOS/Android platform is not the same animal as a full OS. And no, making a screen bigger is no substitute. Perhaps it will take a few more years for reality to sink in.

Apple tries to trademark the term 'startup'


Not surprised

After all, they already seemed to have patented several highly effective forms of brainwashing.

Four ways the Guardian could have protected Snowden – by THE NSA


Proper choice of words

How about we end all these problems through the right use of language, and call things what they really are to avoid misunderstandings. Let's start with the word 'Terrorist', which has strayed so far from its original meaning (Witch) that it can't even be called a euphemism anymore.

Steve Jobs' death clears way for '13-inch' JUMBO iPAD HYPEGASM


Re: Sorry,

The iPhone is already a small iPad and iPad a large iPhone.

100-metre asteroid 2013 NE19 zipped past Earth today


Another underachiever from space, big deal.

Right now people in Egypt are chanting for an islamic leader, people in the US are chanting for Trayvon Martin and in England people are obsessing over a "royal" baby. After all this, the best aim nature has is a few million miles?

Google flings another £1m at online child sex abuse vid CRACKDOWN


And so the internet war rages on

Forget the fact that there are people out there that are willing to post this stuff online. There's nothing more noble than sweeping things under the rug, in this case with censorship. It's this type of noble behavior that's inevitably followed by witch hunts.

We're losing the battle with a government seduced by surveillance


Old news.

Seems like the reality choo-choo train has smashed the sheeple awake once again. Joe Rogan brought this up in his podcast over a year ago after one of the older programmers leaked this information. I guess nothing is true until it's acknowledged by the mainstream media.

Apple unveils hints of Monday's new-product announcements


I have an educated guess

I think it has something to do with their Solar LCD patent, which also includes digitizer capabilities. Well, one can only hope.

Microsoft parades Windows 8.1, the version you may actually want


“PCs are still better at many things than tablets and smartphones, but I think that message has been lost and needs to be revived in order to get people focused on the benefits that PCs offer.”

Hmm so if there is a product out there that is a "PC" and a tablet simultaneously, then this would be rephrased as “PCs are still better at many things than themselves and smartphones....." I don't know why but this doesn't sound right.

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 secrets REVEALED ... sort of


Re: So.. Stardock will keep getting business to fix Windows 8

I'm going to blacklist them too because you suggested it and because MS hasn't graced us with the eye candy commercials we deserve. I mean, who do they think they are? If they want me back as well as many others they lost they need to invest on commercials with the sexiest actors/actresses money can buy. Hiring someone like the hunger games whatsherface chic would be a good start. I'll even settle for dancing mascots (like California Raisins or Kia's hamsters). Now THAT'S what the angry mobs really want; no one cares about software updates.

Microsoft: YES! You can have your desktop back again for FREE!


Critique of Pure Animal Behavior - by MigMig-Johnson Kant

***My apologies for grammar/structure. I had no time to proof-read so I wrote this critique on the fly. Either way I should be working on a college essay due tomorrow instead of indulging on the age old practice of blind-leading-the-blind***

I own a Windows 8 touch laptop, which I dock when I get home to turn it into a desktop. It's come to a point where even while docked and used on a non-touch screen, I no longer miss the older interface. Every program works normally. The computer hasn't suffered from spontaneous combustion and all my porn videos remain just a click/touch/digitizer tap away. Actually, Microsoft at least deserves recognition for making the term "Fingering" a practical one (as in "I lost my mouse, but no need to worry, fingering my tablet is just as easy). Please, let this not catalyze the outdated claim that Apple invented fingering because they didn't. They just mainstreamed it in a package even a monkey with Down Syndrome can appreciate.

Digressions aside, I feel bad for these computer companies who sell their souls to cater to the middle of the intellectual bell-curve in this society and are left with no choice but to take responsibility for our culture's obsession towards mediocrity, which unfortunately, has made its nest somewhere in the middle of the aforementioned curve. One can express denial with anger, kick and scream as if the world cares, but in the end one can't hide the fact that the free flow of information has gotten to be inversely proportional with our overall intellectual progress. These is one of the many ironies that will probably always escape me.

But not all is gloom and doom, for Apple has managed to harness this information black hole into what is arguably the greatest fiat currency collector in human history. Such ingenuity is deserving of a coveted prize (please don't suggest Nobel because even Obama won one by doing little more than following Machiavellian philosophy to a T, leaving a permanent stain on what Nobel represents past present and future). Their astuteness of their Direct evidence can be found everywhere, from free advertisement provided by those with the iconic apple sticker in their car to the iron grip its marketing has over the pour souls who, having lost their ability to exercise any form of free will, also engrave their souls with a metaphorical Apple sticker. It's almost as if this act grants them any type of edge over those with a less religious and more practical approach to satisfying their gadget-thirst. I know that there are strong similarities held between Machiavellian philosophy and Apple's infamous marketing approach, but at least Apple gives us cool stuff while Obama gives us no more than 6th grade level rhetoric.

This leaves us with poor 'ol Microsoft, which unfortunately is far from being off the hook of scrutiny. Much can be said about this misunderstood brand, which was doomed from the day of its conception due to its forced dysfunctional marriage with arbitrary hardware manufacturers and their flaky corner-cutting tactics employed to stretch their every dollar. Some of their employees even find it impossible to hid their contempt for their jobs (a big shout out to my possibly stoned niggers [I’m half black so I’m licensed to use the word as long as I don’t pronounce it like a white man] in the Samsung Customer Service department, whom I recently had the pleasure of educating on what an ATIV 700T is). Even while being guilty of willfully dumping thousands into this company because of my addiction to digitizer technology which Apple is too thick headed to embrace, I leave enough room for the humility it takes to admit that, when compared to Apple hardware, in my opinion, the brand I sponsor with my my hard earned cash is no match for Apple. I sometimes wonder if they actually employ magical elves to put together their hardware, because when you hold an Apple product in your hands, you can physically sense the amount of love that each individual device was saturated with, as opposed to, say, originating from an assembly line manned for pennies by not-so-magical oblivious Chinese underage kids under duress from what is likely a demanding asshole morality-free boss. Furthermore, another case against PC's is the existence of the many masochistic systems administrators out there who derive pleasure out of beating their PC's into submission so they can perform simple tasks. Interestingly enough, many parallels can be drawn between these unfortunate souls and Apple's equivalent to "iSheep", one parallel just off the top of my head is denial of the possibility of being just another tool for a soulless materialistic corporation. Those who surrender and break from this chain are often tragically enslaved by another, as they trade in their masochism for a religious approach towards the competition. I guess this is fueled by a deep seated hatred towards the Microsoft brand because, according to them, is responsible for many years of aggravating driver installs, network tweaking, hardware maintenance and redundant computer restarts. Their anger towards Microsoft can reach such intensity that they are unable to at least appreciate the fact that the very demons they battled for years were also responsible for the same job security that kept them employed and often funded their children’s special ed courses.

I hope that this philosophical perspective, which I so altruistically gifted humanity with, finally settles the intelligence-insulting battle of ideologies between gadget makers who ultimately see us as dollar signs. It is my hope that those exercising the amount of self-loathing required to read this piece in its entirety, eventually manage to improve their lives in one way or another because of it. If this manages to influence at least one soul into harnessing a sense of freedom that only comes from within, I'll consider my efforts worthwhile. In the unlikely event that this is the case, I might consider using this essay as a case in favor of a worldwide legalization of cannabis. I know, I know. You science geeks out there are probably thinking that even after more than 30 years since the airing of Cosmos, the ripples it made on waters weren't even enough for the Federal Government to downgrade cannabis from its schedule 1 title, but I see no harm that may come from an excess of optimism. On the other hand, in the likely event this is not taken seriously and even gets misunderstood as satirical in nature (which would actually be a plus at this stage), I want to make it clear that the purpose behind this essay was purely influenced by a genuine desire to bring humanity one step closer to world peace, which I believe can only be done by social awareness of our own irrational behavior leading us to behavior that should be beneath us by now.


*In the unlikelihood of anything within this piece is considered satire, I want to make it clear that it was purely accidental.

*I didn't go beyond reading the Original Post's title so take my wisdom with a grain of salt. I just saw the word "Microsoft" somewhere, and that alone makes this venue a magnet for expressing ideologies, suppressed emotions, finger pointing and arbitrarily guided frustration so I couldn't resist chiming in.

*As opposed as to what a clever reader might assume, I didn't spend an hour of my time writing this essay because I'm a attention whore, but because of my benevolent obsession with giving mixed with my tendency to procrastinate in regards to matters of practical relevance.

*Because I'm an attention whore, if this manages to draw any form of attention (be it love or hate), it would only result in stroking my ego.

Ok, Adios. I've stalled working on my college essay as much as I possibly could.

Plans for fully 3D-printed gun go online next week


I guess that means that certain powers that be (along with their supporters) will be forced to wake up a few extra brain cells in their heads to realize that the days of relying on regulations/bans to sweep problems under rugs is coming to an end.


Re: It's their political agenda we should be worried about

Don't be so paranoid. As long as you stay away from the west coast, for example, you'll be out of range from some ABS-gun-toting maniac within China's borders.

Bill Gates offends Koreans after sticking hand down trousers


The double edge of mental illness

S Koreans are by nature, obsessive compulsive and do toss fits about many things we consider trivial. Last time I visited, one of them called the cops on me for leaving some toilet seat up in some public restroom. But in all fairness, it's the same mental illness that gets them to make us such awesome toys.

Microsoft: Brits, grab our Surface Pro ten-incher for satisfaction in May


Free Microsoft hate

I noticed the Reg had something to say about Microsoft so I couldn't resist the temptation to come here and share some hate to feel better about myself, because like you guys, Microsoft has also been responsible for all of my life problems. O.K. here is my contribution:

Microsoft sucks!

Wow, that actually got me aroused. I think I'll just call it a day here, grab some baby oil and spend some alone time with my iPhone.