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Street View captures traditional British Christmas

Chris Jackson

Vomit guy

The vomit guy is here;


Wireless comms and the end of civilisation

Chris Jackson
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And the point?

What's your point? It seems that in one sentence you are saying that ... the network will continue with battery backup - so you can make calls... then "in an emergency the government will likely invoke ACCOLC".

So in other words, the net effect is the same... When 99% of the population dies - telephony is fucked.

Although this story is far fetched and stupid - it doesn't matter how many batteries you've got for backup - the network will die... What do you suggest they do... start dialling from 0111 111 1111 to see if anyone answers?

And RayNet?? Errr --- remember 99% of RayNet are dead as well FFS.

O2 gets UK iPhone deal

Chris Jackson

Is it just me...

Is it just me - or is it obvious to everyone that Apple and Orange go together best?


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