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Anti-piracy lawyers 'knowingly targeted the innocent', says law body

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I got not one but 2 of these from ACS in the space of a year, One telling me I downloaded some crapy film I never heard of and the other downloading some 'now thats what I call crap' album..

After wiping my arse on it - it wiffed a bit so I left it, never heard owt else about it....

Woman serves hubby really crap curry


Let's have a write-up of the Man United game, please

Awesome, chelsea were/are shit...

Russians tell aliens to suck on a fat one


If that spells cock!

If xyn spells cock I wonder what spells pompous bellend, Which is what most of these people complaining on the no IT angle are :)

Expert KOs Rocky's artificial intelligence


Get a grip.


That guy is a nobcheese, Why does he feel the need to tell us we cant do what the film did? Did anyone walk out of the cinema and say 'Gosh I must run off home to simulate fights between old doods and young doods' Only for them to be devastated when they found out they couldn't?

ROFL what a gimp........

Is it true that a woman's breasts can grow enormously overnight?



Imagine them badboys dangling in your face, WOW awesome...