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Salesforce's new hires are less productive, says CEO Benioff


Re: A dissenting opinion

Not unpopular as you share some basic truths in a world of noise and bluster. There are absolutely a ton of jobs where WFH is both sensible and practical. But that does not apply to all jobs and a reality filter needs to be applied to the great WFH entitlement. Knowledge is gained via osmosis, which includes from your team around you. There are a good many jobs where being physically with the team, accelerates knowledge and therefore productivity. Work is an outcome, not a place, but in many instances, the place (and people) is required to do the work. WFH is not the great panacea preached by the Social Media masses.

IBM Hursley Park: Where Big Blue buries the past, polishes family jewels



I worked for I've Been Moved in the 80s and spent my life fixing the current systems at the time: 370, Midrange, etc.Until the day came when a "PC" appeared in our office to be fixed. We had to volunteer someone to learn all about his new 'thing'. I also had the privilege of being on a program where we were sent to Hursley, Winchester, etc on a regular basis, being shown emerging tech - just to open our minds about it all. No payback expected, just enrichment. Wonderful times. Hursley was always a maze, but full of wonder in each building - sounds like it still is.

IBM handing pink slips to Israel-based Diligent devs - reports

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Aww - most kind of you Sir. Anything to uphold England in the modern world, even though many are trying to dumb us (and our language) down.......


Pink Slips?

I am just going to miss the point and focus on something trivial - Pink slips? Really? Are we in the US now? You'll next be saying they should have expected this from the 'get go'.....

Cloud storage & legacy storage supplier vertical disintegration


Meanwhile in the real world....

I work for a large storage vendor, so this is an interesting topic to me. Some of the other comments echo my thoughts, but having been in IT for a very long time (I remember the birth of the internet) and more recently specialising in storage, I am not sure that world + dog will willingly host their data in the clouds you describe.

Thoughts I have are:

- That performance of access to the data in the clouds you mention, will never meet the demands of large databases engines. Unless of course, we all get as much bandwidth as we want - to anything - cheaply or free. Utopia I suspect. Can't see it whilst telecomms companies can make money from it.

- Businesses serious about their data will not look to put it in someone else's domain. Much is propriety and lodging your crown jewels elsewhere is a tough act to justify. Factor in the auditing requirements and it looks tough responding to a Sarbanes-Oxley based investigation, only to be able to offer "Err, Amazon has the data - honest! - we just can't get it out of them very quickly".

- I think that business or private clouds will certainly prevail, although they could be run by partners/SIs. The point is that it keeps the data 'in house'.

- Innovation. The capabilities these Cloud offerings use came from the storage vendors who collectively throw a lot of money looking for better ways of handling the huge volumes of data, securely and at the best price point. I have personally seen the "use the cheapest simple kit" approach in action - it is a nightmare to manage, which increases risk and ultimately cost. Keeping your data in kit you own/lease is a much safer bet - even looking out so very far ahead.