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Radio nerd who sipped NHS pager messages then streamed them via webcam may have committed a crime

nigel watkinson

Re: Ham?

I was going to say the same thing. There's no indication that this was done by a licensed amateur and my bet would be that it wasn't. Licences can get revoked for things like this, so it's a bit risky.

It's unfortunate that anyone who isn't just a consumer of standard UK broadcast media is invariably labelled a "ham" by the technically incompetent press.

I expect better from The Reg though.......

Treaty of Roam: No-deal Brexit mobile bill shock

nigel watkinson

Re: So predictable !

I have and whilst for cars, it is indeed a simple affair - mainly making sure that a Swiss vignette is on display - it's a different story for wagons. Dozens parked up for hours waiting for inspection of their papers and in some cases, their loads.

Attention all British .eu owners: Buy dotcom domains and prepare to sue, says UK govt

nigel watkinson

Surely most organisations register a domain in their own country PLUS an .eu one? I agree it would be rather foolish to only have an .eu domain....... but then that's always been the case, whether a country might leave the EU or not.

nigel watkinson

Re: EU will be actively undercutting its own revenues

Surely the bigger worry is not the loss of the .eu domains but the fact that they could be snapped up by potentially dodgy organisations within the EU and then used to impersonate UK organisations? I also wonder if redirection to a non .eu domain will be allowed for a certain time or whether the cut-off will be absolute?

Avoiding Liverpool was the aim: All aboard the world's ONLY moving aqueduct

nigel watkinson

The only thing I'd add to this excellent article is that the aqueduct CAN get stuck in the open position on a sunny day due to expansion. Around 15 years ago I was on a trip along the Bridgewater from Castlefield to Boothstown and back, and we were held up for around an hour as the local fire brigade hosed down the ends so that it could swing back fully. Gave us plenty of time to admire the impressive engineering though....

Catherine Tate to accompany Doctor Who

nigel watkinson

Mme de Pompadour

Now, she would have been a great choice for a new assistant. Sexy, intelligent, brave and the added bonus that virtually everything she came across would have been completely new to her. How many storylines could that have given?


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