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It's time for PGP to die, says ... no, not the NSA – a US crypto prof

Ihre versteckte Person

Re: He's right! PGP sucks to use!

... and there's the key point - "As soon as you start to build a monolithic "secure" system you lose that independence".

'nuff said.

Please work for nothing, Mr Dabbs. What can you lose?

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Shared Pain

Mr Dabbs,

An excellent piece, really it is. Keep up the good (paid) work ...

I have taken to professing extreme ignorance and a worryingly narrow field of expertise when pressed to "do freebies". Even that doesn't scare all of them off ... I fear it is time simply to switch fields.

Bah. Whisky.

AC - it is very much the "Freetard Generation"

Who's a Siri boy, then? Apple hoards your voices for TWO years

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Bravo etc etc ...

Well said, Sir/Ma'am/Neuter!

Just a quick seconding of your nano-rant!

While it'd be lovely if said Megacorps didn't rape one's personal data, it ain't about to go away. Now or ever. So yes, leave as light an online trace of yourself as is possible. And FFS, nothing is ever truly free (of some sort of cost). Siri free? Yeah. Sure. Same as Gmail/Google. And whatever it is people use from Redmond*

And yeah, I so have to give a mega-thumbsup to madra's tiny hint to remember how to think, to create knowledge from information, to critically question. Hell, just to remember HOW to work things out for yourself. At least that's what I think madra was suggesting?

"Ihre versteckten Person" (aka 'your privacy freak')

*Disclaimer: I have, on sundry devices, for sundry reasons, Win7, Win8, Linux (2 flavours), OS X (two versions) and, sadly also iOS (but buggerall Siri). Oh wait, also 'droid tablet lodged with a family member. So feel free to flame me :-)


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