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Windows 7 gets built in XP mode


Definitions of better

I don't know about you. But it's pretty obvious to me that Microsoft are suffering because they keep ignoring what the words Operating System traditionally meant.

All the stuff that makes XP better than Vista are down to its simplicity.

Paying again to get the same apps running (presumably slower and with a larger memory footprint) with a new boot screen is not really a winner for the customer.

Skype to give away wideband audio codec



I would guess that the press release comment about 8Khz says "improving audio bandwidth going from 8 kHz to 12 kHz" Is referring to the bandwidth changing dynamically, not the frequency range.

Presumably there is some kind of low pass filter that will remove rumble and DC but a bandwidth of 8Khz would suggest that the frequency range goes from 0-8Khz

Extreme pron vigilantes are after you


Dear comment writers, you appear to have missed the point

I think quite a few posters here are missing the point.

Lately our glorious leaders seem to be churning out laws in case they need them rather than because of an identified and understood need.

If they were forced to follow through with the application of these laws as written, it may make them think twice about passing more of these poorly thought out pre-emptive laws.

Don't delay: Delete your DNA today




From the point of view of someone who is on this database and who is innocent I am in 2 minds about the whole thing.

On one hand I can see how a comprehensive database of DNA profiles would allow the police to better solve crime using less taxpayers money.

I am, however, against being on a database where a high proportion of people are criminals. Why?

Because despite the best intentions of an investigating officer, there is going to be an assumption that because I am on the database I am likely to be a criminal.

What to do...

AMD spins dual-core Phenom Cartwheel


The great chip shop dichotomy

I hear that these are in fact 4 core chips with 2 defunct cores turned off.

So effectively a Phenom X4^h3^h2

Is this down to yield being poor? or is this AMD trying to get rid of old 65nm parts before they introduce 4 core 45nm chips?

Either way, I think this shows how the chip manufactures are now serving the general PC user as a secondary concern.

It's pretty easy to see by looking at the metrics that the general public would get more benefit from a purpose designed higher speed 2 core chip (e.g. the now somewhat dated Core 2 Duo).

Meanwhile, the chip giants seem intent on forcing reduced cache multi core server parts at us whilst sidestepping questions about who really needs 8 concurrently executing threads.

Up until now, the majority of people buying new chips that are faster than their previous system. Soon though, Core 2 Duo users running at >3Ghz are going to be looking for a new I7 system and finding that they will have to pay upwards of 1k$ for the CPU just to get processor parity for single or dual threaded operation.

Will you pay for that?

Top transport plod to probe Tory leaker's arrest

Black Helicopters

The sceptic in me sees this...

1. Redefine acting on any disagreement with the government as compromising national security, therefore terrorism. Enshrine this in law.

2. Hoist some poor opposition MP on the new laws.

3. Require immunity from laws for MPs.

Goal? The politicians now have laws for keeping you, the public, in line if you actively disagree.

Meanwhile the politicians are immune from those laws.

You've got to hand it to them, they did this well didn't they?

Sony pitches blue-laser Compact Disc revival



The problem with CD audio is that the content is crippled by the mastering loudness war before it even gets near the disk.

SACD could have solved this if it wasn't so horribly DRM riddled and proprietary.

My vote for a suitable future would be compressed Floating Point PCM audio. This could use the same media as today and would cast the loudness war adrift in the normalisation of 32 bit Float -> integer DACs.

Times: US about to deploy Space Marines

Thumb Up

Fantastic Promo-vid

That has to be the worst concept video I've ever seen, for anything.

I'm especially fond of the Blackbirds in space bit when the camera panning sideways reveals that the earth is in fact a small slightly bump mapped ball close to the camera.

It's so sh1t it's almost brilliant ...almost

Hi-tech cops lose their website


@AC: Not A Crime

I think you are confusing unethical behaviour with crime.

He can be a scumbag without being a criminal, I'm pretty sure the inverse is true too.

As for whether he is a scum bag, I'm with the 'It's been three years why do people still reference the old site' crowd.

Perhaps they should have replaced it with a 'Wrong Site, you want to go here..' type message for a year or so before they turned it off?

A third of Vista PCs downgraded to XP


Too much complexity

I'm guessing that the large enterprise user is probably the most important type to Microsoft.

Keep in mind your average enterprise IT manager....

He wants simplicity, he wants security that he can understand and trust, he wants a OS that's going to run office in a stable way whilst making the most of a hardware budget.

He's not going to get that when Microsoft keep piling rubbish in.

Am I missing something?

Phorm papers reveal BT's backwards approach to wiretap law


@Patrick (re: Virgin)

I went for 150, option 2 I think then picked that I'm going to disconnect option, was complaining about being mis-sold something else.

Bizarrely, it turns out I wasn't mis-sold anything, instead the 2 change-your-options people I had previously spoken to just didn't know that you could get on demand separately from XL TV.

After fixing me up with what I wanted the lady did say that Phorm was being used though. The variety of information given by the phone peoples is somewhat worrying.


But what about Virgin

I just this moment got off the phone from Virgin media and asked them about Phorm.

The lady I spoke to went quiet and put me on hold.

Her answer was along the lines of 'Yes we do use phorm, but it's just a general thing and doesn't target you personally'.

I asked if I could opt out but was told "No."

Finally when asked if it records any personally identifying information she also said "No."

Pirates because well, frankly, they operated for personal gain in spite of the rules as well.

American man too fat for execution


@Richard Neill

>Executing criminals (by any means) is barbaric.

Yes, not to mention the fact that it confuses justice with revenge.

Just look at the choice of drugs...

If the point really is to remove him from society, then why must they use excruciatingly painful death methods? Why not, as someone else suggested, O/D him on morphine?

AMD's Fusion details break from containment


Integrate to survive

I think it's great that intel has a competitor and all.

But AMD's advancement strategy seems to be about integrating traditional mobo components to give it's processors the edge. First the memory controller, and now the GPU...

Perhaps there is more to this? Perhaps this is going to be an architectural paradigm shift in the same vein as Larrabee.

But, perhaps, this is just a desperate slog towards System On a Chip to scrounge at reduced latency and market it as a processor improvement.

I'll look forward to the details, but if AMD want to stimulate market interest, they are going to have to give us more than this.

Security shocker: 75% of US bank websites have flaws


But what can you do when you have access?

I think the thing most UK readers are forgetting, or just ignorant of, is how woeful the whole US banking system is.

For instance the US has no equivalent to the 3 day online payment unless you own both accounts or you're a corporation. And the reason given for this? terrorism. That's right, because only terrorists would want to wire money to their mates.

The suggestion given to me by a US bank clerk was to "get the other party to give you a cheque". Useful, but kind of misses the point of on-line banking I feel.

Thus, once you have owned a US on-line account, your options for running with the cash are somewhat impeded...

Sun may or may not be about to obliterate Oracle and Microsoft


No George Carlin

An interesting topic, and the in your face tone is fine.

But... the swearing takes away from it.

Seriously, do yourself a favour, keep the imaginative cursing and loose the humdrum expletives.

Want to buy Jacqui Smith's ID?


Own Goal?

I'm not necessarily a fan of Id cards or the Gov't. But how is it that the Gov't are missing the point about the ID database?

Surely these were forgeries of the paper documents, not hacking data into the DVLA / Utility company databases?

Irregular heart rhythm? Try a Taser



So, electric shocks effect heart rhythm? Shocking (!)

Seriously though, cops need something more effective than a whistle these days.

So, if I must be accidentally taken down by a confused policeman, I'd rather Taser than gun or truncheon.

Brown brown-noses Google, Brin demands privacy


An analogue politician in a digital age

This is embarrassing.

Now that they've exhausted their life lines trolling Cannabis and Abortion there really isn't much left to distract the media from this idiocy.

Hyperion harbours building blocks of life, says NASA


Density vs phase

Just because an object is not dense does not mean it's not solid.

All the comment about density means is that a bit of Hyperion would float on water, just like a bit of expanded polystyrene (also much less dense than water).


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