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AT&T takes on Google fiber, fixin' to give Texans GIGABIT GUNS



AT&T U-verse service around the Austin Area is spotty at best (Internet and TV). Their 4G service ain't that great either. I think it'll take upgrades they're not telling anyone about to get Gig out of the existing Uverse infrastructure.

Japan's unwanted IT workers dumped in 'forcing-out rooms'


This kind of stuff's been around for a while...at least since the 80's that I know of. They don't always have a room though. Sometimes they just get progressively demoted or their responsibilities are reassigned.

Osama Bin Pwned: Al Qaeda mocked in Twitter counter-jihad


Re: Whatever. Show me the fucking "terrorists" already.

War on Toddlers? There's a war I could get behind. Muzzle them all.

Bacon 'n' egg on his face: Hollywood heartthrob pwned by Twitter phishers


Re: Footloose? FOOTLOOSE!!!!

I don't know, I still kind of liked it when he got an arrow through the throat on Friday the 13th.

YES, Xbox One DOES need internet, DOES restrict game trading


Re: Big. Deal.

That actually sounds like an awesome idea. Dark Forces and Tie Fighter were great games.


Well, that cinches it

The pretty much required Kinect that's on all the time, the restrictions on used games, the blatant invasion into privacy beyond what I normally expect from Microsoft, the crappy price, no backwards compatibility and honestly the console's fugly. I don't mind the "always on" Internet required, I kind of expected that. The only pull they could possibly have at this point would be that the exclusives would have to be amazing. Like REALLY amazing. Like beaming a holographic Scarlett Johanssen into my living room that I could interact with amazing.

If I have to get another console, it'll be PS4. Or I'll just spend my money on my PC...I can emulate DOS on there and play the original XCom on that. How's THAT for backwards compatibility.

IBM puts supercomputer Watson to work in ROBOT CALL CENTRE


You know people will be screaming quotes from the Terminator movies into the phone...

Massive EXPLOSION visible to naked eye SEEN ON MOON


Last Starfighter?

Maybe there's a base on the moon that no one's telling us about....

"Fire the meteor guns!"

It's all gone to Schmitt: New OCZ boss rips 'n' replaces execs


I've got OCZ drives and OCZ stock. Hope they turn it around. I think they make some quality products. Kind of wondering if they saw it coming or all their debts hit at once before they had their "oh crap" moment.

Facebook crashes into networking with open switch




OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001 online.

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A bare metal switch that appears on the network like any other server...are you mad? You don't want the switch to be visible to the average rabble. I'm all for open source hardware, as long as it's cheap and still quality (a combination you don't find very often). However, some proprietary solutions are simply better than open source specifically because the hardware's designed around the software (my opinion).

It sounds like they want to create the perfect network switch that uses only industry standards (free) and open protocols. I can see it happening, even with an L3 switch and routers, but they'll have to work hard to make it robust enough where more people will want them...and I'm not sure if I'd ever want "Facebook" emblazoned across my routers -_-. I wonder who will manufacture them.

Plans for fully 3D-printed gun go online next week


Re: Brassed off

Amazingly, you can buy ammo in different locations.

Seagate: Who us... no flash cred? Check out our PCIe card, suckers



Not sure how they treat their enterprise folks, but there were two reasons I stopped buying Seagate 15 years ago: Their drives fail more than any other drives I've owned, and their customer service feels like you're dealing with the taxman.

Bad Microsoft patch trapped you in a boot loop? Here's your fix


To the tune of Camptown Ladies

Fdisk format reinstall, debug, debug....

Feds urged to probe four US cell big boys over Android holes



So the ACLU is taking those companies to task because people are running software that doesn't match up to security standards? Well they could certainly broaden THAT beyond Android.


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