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The biggest British Airways IT meltdown WTF: 200 systems in the critical path?


Depends what they mean by "system". I read that as 200 applications, rather than interpreting as system = device/server.

In your interpretation, I'd completely agree, 200 devices/resources is not at all OTT.

But 200 applications, each with their own reliance on supporting systems and infrastructure, each application having their own data flows... I wouldn't fancy detailing that data model (unless it was for a fee, mind).

Obama: What will solve America's gun problem? What could it be? *snaps fingers* Technology!


Re: Simple fix - Do what Australia did and ban them

I don't like popcorn, but if the only red-neck response is to go to war because of the introduction of background checks and investment in new technology then go ahead - I doubt the outcome will be as desired for anyone in the US but the rest of the world will just look on in bemusement..

I don't even see how the changes restrict anyone's access to firearms or right to bear arms, so what's the problem as it relates to the second amendment? (Which also raise the question, what will the benefit be?)

Dell JUNKS public cloud in favor of partner tech



This only talks about their OpenStack adventures. What about the vCloud offerings?

(i.e. http://www.dell.com/Learn/uk/en/rc1050265/business~solutions~engineering-docs~en/Documents~vcloud-hosting-data-sheet_uk.pdf)

Angry Birds fire back: Vulture cousins menace UK city's mobiles


Re: share this article

Try the "Like" and "Tweet" buttons at the top of the article?


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