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Got $50k spare? Then you can crack SHA-1 – so OpenSSH is deprecating flawed hashing algo in a 'near-future release'

Chris Wilson

Pretty sure Ubuntu have already done this in 20.04....

Neither diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 nor diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 are available with the ssh client provided by 20.04 without explicitly turning them on per the Legacy Options link.

Huawei Honor 8 Pro: Makes iPhone 7 Plus look a bit crap

Chris Wilson


You couldn't figure out how to install a different launcher, if you didn't like it? It's not hard!

BBC clamps down on illicit iPlayer watchers

Chris Wilson

Why all the concerns about API kets?

Why all the concerns about the API keys - all the offical iPlayer apps will contain their API keys, just extract them and use them. If get_iplayer is presenting the Official Android iPlayer app's API key then how is Auntie going to know any better?

I thought I was being DDOSed. Turns out I'm not that important...

Chris Wilson

Stop wasting the Police & your ISP's time

You're not being targetting.

Every address on the internet receives scans from all sorts of places looking for things like open SMTP relays. Some of these are malicious (those trying to send SPAM) some not (hopefully your ISP performs such scans so that they can warn their customers when they're stupid) and some academic etc. Get used to them, they're not going away.

Such scans should be pretty quick (a few seconds each), but it sounds like yours are not - this will be down to some misconfiguration of your mailserver - either you're waiting for DNS to return RDNS results, or you're doing something stupid like accepting mail to other domains (whether you go onto deliver it or not).

'It’s called capitalism. We are proudly capitalistic. I’m not confused about this'

Chris Wilson

"That's right Reg readers, unless you're some sort of a dirty socialist, you should be totally cool with firms avoiding any sort of payback to the customers, economies and countries that guarantee their success."

Errr what? Who said that? I completely support Schmidt's statement - he's completely right. But does that mean I don't think that Google should be paying more tax in the UK, of course not! To blame Google for operating within the law is plain stupidity; Politicians calling them "immoral" are simply trying to shift the blame from their own incompetence when it comes to setting the tax rules that allow this.

Cloud storage giant Amazon cuts S3 prices, waits for rivals to die

Chris Wilson
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Of course you can get *much* cheaper storage...

... particularly when it's part of product that's kinda designed for something else:


Microsoft Surface ad targets preppy, Glee-watching youngsters

Chris Wilson

So sounds like it doesn't actually do anything.

Love that at the end they just send you to microsoft.com where Surface's only presence on the front page is a tiny little one word "Surface" link at the very bottom right.


WTF is... NFC

Chris Wilson

The Orange San Diego is another UK NFC enabled phone. Unfortunately Orange don't seem to support Quick Tap on it. Pretty lame eh? .

Researcher offers quick fix for Samsung remote wipe vuln

Chris Wilson

Another option

A slightly more user-friendly option:


VIA outs $49 Raspberry Pi-alike

Chris Wilson


It'll only do 720p? It's obsolete before it's launched.

O2 launches On & On mobile tariff

Chris Wilson

But only on 24 month contracts?

But only on 24 month contracts?

iPhones get multi-sim capabilities

Chris Wilson
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Can someone explain how this is different to buying a second phone and gluing it onto the back of the iPhone? I take it that you can't use MMS or data on the "second SIM"? Looks like an awful product.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 13.3in Core i5 notebook

Chris Wilson

Damn right on the TouchPad comment

I'm similarly stuck with ThinkPads because of the TrackPoint; why has everyone else stopped doing them? Is there anyone else still doing them?

That flap on the side would like about 30 seconds if I bought one.

What's not in the iPhone 4S ... and why

Chris Wilson

Awful article.

"So if you're a European hoping your 4S will work across the USA you'll be disappointed."

It'll roam just fine on T-Mobile, AT&T or any of the other GSM networks. You won't notice.

"450MHz band so popular around the Scandinavian countries and across Russia"

So popular??? There are *zero* CDMA mobile-phone networks in Scandinavia (there's one mobile broadband one, but that's not really the same) and sod all 450Mhz subscribers in Russia too - which is predominantly GSM, just like the rest of the world.

BT Home Hub 3 ADSL Wi-Fi router

Chris Wilson

ipv6 support?

Any IPv6 support yet?

Apple scraps 'never-formed plans' for iPhone SIM in 2011

Chris Wilson

Which law

> In Europe, all mobile phones are required to conform to the GSM standard.

Which law?

UK operators have previously sold phones without removable SIM cards (they were superglued in place). Were they breaking a law?

Google revives dead Nexus One store as Android 'gallery'

Chris Wilson
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Information is incorrect (Desire is on 2.2 now on most carriers - but they list as 2.1), and misses loads of phones - where is the Pulse & Pulse Mini and the excellent budget phone the ZTE Blade (aka Orange San Francisco).

2009's Top Android Smartphones

Chris Wilson

Pulse is cheaper than that!

Get with the times - T-Mobile took £50 off the price of the Pulse yesterday!

Why would anyone run their own base station?

Chris Wilson
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"To which the answer is: to replace the Wi-Fi network you're already running."

What complete crap. Utterly bile. This product has *NOTHING* to do with data; does the author remember what a *phone* is?

The purpose of this technology is very simple - it appeals to people who don't get even coverage throughout their home. If you've got nice thick walls, and don't get coverage in certain rooms then this technology means that you can fix things so that when you go into the kitchen, or wherever, then you don't miss all your calls to voicemail. No more having to leave the phone on the windowsill to receive calls, no more sitting by the window because the sofa is out of coverage. Simple.

Asus dropped hard disk from Eee PC at eleventh hour

Chris Wilson


"First, Asus' engineers don't understand that a solid-state disk doesn't actually possess any moving parts"

When did an engineer ever have *any* involvement with writing manuals????

Nice pic.

Simpsons mobile content to sell direct

Chris Wilson

You sure?

You sure? From what I can see all that Jamba have said is that they'll not be using operator portals to acquire customers - have Jamba actually said that they'll be "creating a direct billing relationship" with customers?

To me that sounds extremely unlikely since:

a) They're selling to kids - so that's kinda gonna make credit/debit cards a bit of a challenge.

b) The network operators won't stand for it.

Surely Jamba will just be using premium rate SMS or similar to bill for the content, piggybacking on the existing operator billing relationship with the end user?


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