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London PR outfit in sex-on-desk email shocker

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Confusing English

does the staff have a member ?? i thought staff was the member in itself....

Beer makes people have sex with you

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Thumb Up

ash... share ur secret..

how did ya do it man...

Amazon's $399 folly book reader

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Jobs Halo

today's concept tomorrow's common sense

i like the concept, in that, you can store 100s or maybe 1000s of ebooks in a small card and save up all the space at home... law, medicine, engineering etc wud definitely benefit from it.. the practical applications are nearly endless..

i wud give it another year or 2 and then maybe purchase "iread" from apple and subscribe to their "ibooks"..

Saudi prince blows fortune on A380 'flying palace'

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Paris Hilton

Flying Harem

I'm wondering how many of his beauties he would try to fit into the flying harem... its sure gonna be a bumpy ride from him....

.. might as well offer tokyo to paris

Swearing at work 'good for business'

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thats so nice

.. i got to learn soooo many beautiful words today... i wud request el reg to preserve these beautiful gems somewhere on their site so that i have an easy reference at hand...

The first rule of Reg Club is...

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aint fair...

can select not more icons than one in the list from....thou shall in the hell burn for it... smaller by a bit u shud make... larger by the numbers u shud allow...

Republicans hammer Brit artist's Bush

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monica lewenski....

....will be happy to have her old job back..

'Microsoft' to compensate 419 victims

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I knew you guys would make it big some day. My best wishes and congratulations for your....er.. excellent journalism..

Foxy Brown cuffed on Blackberry assault rap

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its so depressing.. only 2 additional stories in odds n sods today... come on el reg.. wheres ur professionalism.. u guys shud know that i refresh this page about every 10 mins during my ...er valuable, productive, n creative hours.. to keep abreast with latest technological trends.. only to realize that theres nothing happening out there.. dont you disappoint me...

PETA slams 'sickening' Hamas cat-torture vid

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am sure peta must have shit in their pants and farted atleast 1000 times before sending a letter to those al guys...

human rights n peta function only in a calm and peacful democracies.. those bunch of infertile retards have no guts to raise their voice in an unfriendly territory..

as for the felines...save the lions and shoot the cats.... my 2 cents... naah.. make it a $

Camera pole puts you in the frame

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Re: Monkey

ohh thank goodness its that ambiguous multiple entendre(sic) thing... for a moment i was wondering if u seen a mirror.. :)

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Re: Donkey

what was the most ridiculous thing that u saw when u had a bath ??

Many Facebook users expose all to strangers

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re - Of course

y wud i ever lie about my own stuff !!! i am simple kid going to a decent college and in my early teens.. care to be my friend ???

Telstra sex romp woman back on the job

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offering a helping hand

the way i see it streeter was just being helpful by opening the door to the loo and letting the ms. take a leak..

the ms. shud count her blessings else she wud be washing her undergarments in front of the romp later..and maybe pay the fine for spoiling the hotel's carpet

Texas porn actress stole classmate's name

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wer the f$$k is the IT ANGLE

cud do me good to see some digital photos n link to websites !!!

Enraged reader savages iPhone fanboys

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fingers & toasters...

replacing fingers with iphone sounds like a good innovative thought... any ideas on how toasters should be used ??