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Ex-HP VP predicts PC arm sell-off and life as IBM's number 2


Amazing views from a true industry veteran who can afford now to speak plainly.

Frightening fondleslabs branded Hannibal Lecter of UK PC market


Re: Punditry

Hey, hold on a moment. Get your facts right before you sound off about pundits. In CONTEXT's case, or "these guys" as you put it, it happens to be a massive effort in collecting data daily and weekly from all the major channel sources in the UK. So the data is what it is - it's not derived, projected or invented, it's what we collect down to SKU level. And the investment is several hundred people working to make sure we get it right. If we reported what's not there, we'd be out of business in a flash, the fact we've been in business 30 years means we've been doing something right, and will continue to do so.

It's easy to pan any research with slick comments and one-liners. Let me know when you'd like to come on down to the CONTEXT offices and learn how a professional research company works so you can get your facts right the next time you want to comment intelligently on research.