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Blind justice: Google lawsuit silences elected state prosecutor

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Great Googly Moogly


The Sony leaks (which is why I am glad that someone published them) specifically reveals that the MPAA is looking to delist what it calls offenders from DNS, that the AG in question was literally cutting and pasting MPAA position papers on official letterhead, and he has received thousands of dollars in campaign and in kind donations (The MPAA's counsel has been advising him) from the MPAA.

While I am not asserting actual legal corruption, it's clear that Jim Hood is acting as an agent for the MPAA, probably in consideration of the proverbial "Player to be Named Later."

The MPAA is clearly venue shopping, and Google's counter-suit, which has was law 101.

DARPA orders miracle motor for its flying car

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One Part of the Article is Wrong

Turbines require less maintenance, and are more reliable than piston engines, typically by at least a factor of 10.

BlackBerry tablet boots from 'floppy disk OS'

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Could I have that translated please?

What is the American equivalent of "right munter?

Tories to cut IT to keep National Insurance down

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Well, They May Be Right On This One

IT is famous for over promising on schedule cost and savings.

Esther '1st lady of internet' Dyson appointed NASA advisor

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So, a Dot Com Crash Profiteer Has Been Made a NASA Advisor

Oh, this has epic fail written all over it.

Mozilla plans to tie Firefox 3.7 pigtails in pretty Ribbon

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You Have No #@$ing Idea How Hard it is For Me Not to Swear About This

Microflaccid's ribbon really REALLY sucks.

Wall Street Journal wants your micro-payments

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How Do I Short This Idea?

Seems to be to have been tried, and failed about a gazillion times now.

Symantec hit by massive goodwill impairment

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I'm Confused

I understand that Symentec is a computer company, and what the word "goodwill" means, but this appears to lose all meaning when the two are juxtaposed in a single article.

Did TomTom test Microsoft's Linux patent lock-down?

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I'm Shocked to Discover that There Is Gambling Going on in This Establishment

Your winnings sir....

World's fastest production car to gain electric twin

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I call BS too

Too much current required at 110v single phase.

Halliburton seeks patent on patent trolling

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Well, if they get the patent,

Then patent trolling becomes prohibitively expensive for other patent trolls.

Wünderbra! German policewomen take 'Action Brassiere'

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A Tempest in a D-Cup?

What can I say....Men are pigs.

New York pressures more ISPs into child pornography crackdown

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AOL Drops Usenet?

The endless September is finally over!

King Arthur was English 'propaganda', French claim

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Ummm...He Might Be Roman

There is a school of thought that believes that Arthur was a Roman, and that Avalon was in fact what we now call Avignon, France.

Adobe swings out Acrobat 9

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So How Many Gig is the Download

Acrobat Reader has become so bloated.

AMD's new Firestream chip tops 1 teraflop

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At Some Point, A Network of PS3s Will Solve the Big Bang

Seriously, the GPUs our there are beginning to look like super computer nodes.

Hogging the Trough: The EFF Strikes Back

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You are missing a point.

Specifically that this was concealed from it's users, that they are still lying about it, and that it effects other applications, Lotus Notes for one.

If they have a problem, the sensible solution is to improve their (pretty crappy) network architecture in the long term, but in the short term, they need to have a competent strategy (phony packets ain't it), and they need to be straight with their customers.

Banksy artwork tops £200k on eBay

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Paint Stripper????

I have this image of some bird done up in a Goldfinger getup.

US laws restrict computer forensics to gumshoes

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This is bat%$#@ insane.

When you look at those cases, like that poor school teacher in Connecticut sentenced to jail for basically having a spyware infected computer, and the fact that it's law enforcement who doesn't get the basics of how a compute works and screws it up, this is insane.

This is like requiring that the person performing the autopsy to be a cop.

They don't need to be a cop, they need to be a pathologist.

Ballmerized Nigerian PCs might run Mandriva after all

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No Bribery Involved That's for Sure!

After all, we know that the Nigerian government, and Nigerian business are among the most scrupulously ethical in the world.

It's clear that Microsoft has been throwing around like a sailor on leave.

Sensory jacket deals body blow to gamers

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I'm waiting for the underwear version

And then the "Porn Star" play at home game.

US trade body knocks up disk drive, PC vendors

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Can you say patent troll?

Good, I knew you could.

Sprint Nextel and Verizon jury trials have Vonage on the brink

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Actually, it is the job of the Supreme Court

And the patent court to evaluate patent standards against the constitutional reason given for patents and copyright, "to promote the useful arts and sciences."

Israel suspected of 'hacking' Syrian air defences

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This Report is Self-Serving Contractor Agitprop

What happened was good, old fashioned mission planning and intelligence.

This is a defense contractor feeding a story out to generate business for themselves.

The Israelis determined where the sites were, how and when they operated, and set up the strike accordingly. Much less high tech than BAE's "Suter".

As to high tech, I would remind everyone that that F-117 Stealth Fighter that got shot down over Yugoslavia happened because it flew the same route, at the same time, 3 days in a row.

I go into this at http://40yrs.blogspot.com/2007/10/interesting-if-flawed-analysis-of.html

Terror police lock down Soho to smoke out 9lbs of chillis

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I want the recipe

Seriously. It's a true 5 alarm sauce.

Vonage trips $69.5m patent

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Yet another Bull#$@! Patent Helping the Big Guys

IP is there to promote the useful arts and sciences, not to maintain monopolies.

IP law is out of bloody control.

Yoga rug gets hi-tech overhaul

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You Know That This Will Be a Force For Evil

It will be a way to make people attend teleconference meetings while doing Yoga.

Yet another sanctuary done away with.

Scientists uncover lefty gene

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Lefties are Craxy, huh.

Well that explains why my left-handed wife married me.

Behind the Apple vs Universal breakup

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You are wrong

You say, "the income generated by the levy has been negligible because AHRA does not apply to the new generations of technology, including personal computers and MP3 players."

There has been negligible income because the levy, and the mandatory copy protection technology, killed the digital tape recorder by making media and hardware too expensive, and reducing sound quality.

Chinese fight rat plague with giant saucepan

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Story Misses the Big Point

It's that the 3 Dorges Dam is a bloody ecological disaster.

A serious browser vulnerability, but whose?

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If this Were any more clever

You could put a tail on it and call it a weasel!

Neteller founder Lawrence cops a plea

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It's not about prudery.

It's about meatspace casinos and state run lotteries not wanting competition.

Intel schemes to confound online gaming cheats

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A Backdoor to Hardware DRM?

Just wondering if this is a back door to getting DRM hardware installed on people's machines.

I would think that this technology might very well be a way of locking down machines at a later date, so that people can't back up DVDs and CD (and there is that whole Bit Torrent thing).

Solar-powered ion drive asteroid probe set for launch

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This Article is Better Than the One In Aviation Week

In that article, the writer drew analogies between ion and Star Trek, because both drives glow blue.

see http://fourtyyears.blogspot.com/2007/07/note-to-aerospace-journalists-star-trek.html

Talking Trojan taunts victims

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All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Kind of surprised that I'm the first to think of making that comment.