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UK's CASH POINTS to MISS Windows XP withdrawal date


convenience of our clients

Banks don't have customers or clients; they have prisoners. When I started work 42 years ago, you were paid cash weekly in a brown envelope with no need for a bank account. I know of quite a few friends who have landed a job, and been 'let go' two weeks later because they could not get a bank account due to all the document action and references required, so they could actually be paid for hard graft. My personal account gives me nothing, no overdraft, no interest, zilch. I get paid, take my money out and that is it. So 'financial institution assistants', please stop moaning about necessary costs that will obviously affect your bonus...

Valve pal iBuyPower touts cut-price Steam box as powerful as PS4 or Xbox


Brilliant. In the midst of all that technobabble, the voice of reality! It doesn't matter what its got or hasn't got, if it does what you want...

Need the loo AND need to build a website? There's an app for that



Templates? Free? My hand-coded website costs less than £80 per year including my domain name, which is less than the price of a half pint of beer a week. And try using PHP and MySQL with them! I used Dreamweaver a few years ago. Bad move. Ever tried to debug Dreamweaver generated code? And as for antisocial fb & Twitter? Rant over!!!

It's now or never for old sysadmins to learn new tricks


Re: What he said

Ha! Got the T-shirt...

Admen's suggested tweaks to Do Not Track filed straight into the bin



Picture the scenario. I just *accidentally* visited a porn website. The next evening my wife borrows my laptop and all the ads are naked women.......

Reg boffins: Help us answer this Big Blue RAID data recovery poser


Re: Error Correction For Dummies

Well. That's easy for you to say...


Cripes - reminds me of some relational algebra I did at uni a few years ago (I am 57) and I still haven't got a clue...

Windows 7 'security' patch knocks out PCs, knackers antivirus tools


Re: Windows Security Patches + Anti-Virus considered Harmful

I once had to install - I dread to say it - Redhat Linux - on my laptop. It was about 10 years ago. No modem driver available, no printer driver, don't even think Bluetooth or wireless mouse. I rest my case. As an os it was smooth, convoluted and minimum support. Basically my laptop was as much use as a heavy calculator.

I am not anti-any os, just a sheep who goes for the one with the most support and ease of use...

Moist iPhone fanbois tempted with golden Apple shower offer


Motorola RAZR's had that tape circle about 10 years ago. It was under the battery...


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