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Dixons and Carphone Warehouse confirm £3.7bn merger


Re: At least it saves me some effort

Too late, Dixons already own PC World, along with Currys

WHOA: Get a load of Asteroid DX110 JUST MISSING planet EARTH


Re: Fuck a duck...

I blame climate change!

Brit inventors' GRAVITY POWERED LIGHT ships out after just 1 year


In the Olden Days.....

I'm sure it used to be "Swing a light and pull up a sandbag....."

Here comes Windows 8.1! Microsoft grits teeth, pushes upgrade to world


Anti Virus

Before anyone upgrades, make sure that your anti-virus software will run on 8.1 as I've had a notification from Kaspersky saying that:

Kaspersky Endpoint Security currently does not support Microsoft Windows version 8.1.

The new Windows version 8.1 will be available for download (upgrade) starting October 18, 2013. The update process will be run at the user's consent.

If you decide to upgrade your Windows version to 8.1, in is necessary that you uninstall Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 before you start. Otherwise, you may encounter Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 and the Windows 8.1 OS malfunctioning.

Once you upgrade to Windows 8.1, you will not be able to install Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10.

Windows 8.1 support will be implemented in one of the upcoming releases of the product.

Reg readers! You've got 100 MILLION QUID - what would you BLOW it on?


Pay back (£29m) to the EU for Digital Region South Yorkshire, then I won't lose my current FTTC broadband.

Enjoy the weekend, sysadmins: Next Tues fixes 33 Microsoft bugs

Paris Hilton

Hopefully, they won't break running anti-virus programs this time.

Paris, because even she'd check first!

Microsoft plasters IE8 hole abused in nuke lab PC meltdown


Re: Typical MS behaviour.

By not updating IE for XP, it's another "Cricket bat around the head" to move users away from XP and spend more money on WIN 8.

O2 scoffs at call-centre outsource fears, forgets to rule it out completely


As they're owned by Telefonica, it will be outsourced...... to Spain!

Taxi for one..................

Microsoft squashes 9 bugs with Patch Tuesday fixes


Re: MS Update KB2823324 - Issue with Kaspersky Antivirus

Have been informed by Kaspersky that Microsoft have now removed the update from automatically applying from Windows update


Re: MS Update KB2823324 - Issue with Kaspersky Antivirus

Affected versions of Kaspersky are:

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Workstations / Server version, or Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows version


MS Update KB2823324 - Issue with Kaspersky Antivirus

The above mentioned patch was released yesterday by Microsoft and has been seen to cause issues with systems running Kaspersky antivirus, in that it disables Kaspersky and causes a check disk to run upon each reboot of the system.

It may affect other Antivirus programmes as well.

If you do find that you are affected by this, uninstall the MS update and reboot your system.

Kaspersky are aware and are working on a fix. They are currently advising not to install the above mentioned update.