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Chick-lit naughty girl MP Mensch starts own web-jabber service

Rory Wilson

Mensh - meaning a person of integrity and honour

... and the site will presumably be bought by Rupert Murdoch in a few months time

Apple iPad 3 to sport 3D screen a 'dead cert'

Rory Wilson

iPad Head Tracking


Microsoft rallies IE6 death squads

Rory Wilson

Web developers?

I'll bet a large chunk of that percentage are web developers checking their site works in IE6

Brit ISPs censor Wikipedia over 'child porn' album cover

Rory Wilson

VIrgin Media in breach of it's own Use Policy

See http://allyours.virginmedia.com/html/legal/oncable/acceptableuse.html

12.2 We are not responsible for the content of materials and information published by others (including Users) that are accessible via the Services, and we do not accept liability or responsibility for any such publication.

(I don't think 12.3 applies to this case, since wikipedia isn't on their servers).

Man buys new MacBooks, pulls them to bits, takes pics

Rory Wilson
Jobs Horns

Jobs giveth and jobs taketh away

Good news that it's easier to get at the hard drive for ease of replacement, but now it's trickier to get at the memory...

Stil, it's an improvement...

Analysts slam iPhone security and battery life

Rory Wilson

New Firmware

The new firmware was released yesterday - the iPhone is comsiderably more spritely, and synching takes MUCH less time. Will see what effect it has on battery life (but yes, the exchange Sync does drain the battery a shedload).

Asimo conducts symphony orchestra

Rory Wilson

Big White Metronome

Not exactly conducting is it, more standing in front of everyone and keeping time. When it can do expression, real-time corrections of tempo and volume and expression by bringing out certain parts, then it'll be very impressive.

O2 sweetens its iPhone deals

Rory Wilson

Unlimited Data?

The existing plans feature unlimited data I thought - so by changing it to £1 a day surely these packages are worse? Or am I missing something?

How to be a failure at Guitar Hero III

Rory Wilson

How to be a failure...

Next in the series:

"Car Driver reviews Burnout Paradise"

"Skeet Shooters review Halo"

"Plumbers review Mario Galaxy"

O2 gets UK iPhone deal

Rory Wilson

Great, the worst data rates

O2's data rates are ridiculously expensive compared with T-Mobile and, latterly, Vodaphone. Hopefully they'll use this as an excuse to roll out a cheap data package.


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